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  1. truecanuck

    Survey Says “Not if you’re WG Lover”

    I rated it an 8 survey ended. It's not a conspiracy it's only 1 question. The game is better but more to do, no game can sit on its laurels so there will always be ups and downs. Personally I think people ask for too much. You cant please everyone and there is always a choice. I made mine, I play ships and not tanks ( i have 42k battles )
  2. truecanuck

    How much bloody Twitch must I watch?

    I figure my time is worth about 20 an hour. I gladly pay for a container and my time is my own. I get people cant afford it. But there are much easier ways and contests available. Only linked prime to tanks as the rewards are easy. Just log in.
  3. truecanuck

    Looking for clan

    Maybe we are what you are looking for. Mostly older. Play for fun lots of div and ops. Plus started clan wars. Look us up. Oh ya we sometimes swear and been known to drink
  4. truecanuck

    Fly-strik-wins ends when?

    I did recieve the Edinburgh and when cashing out looking at about 40 million credits
  5. truecanuck

    Naval Wars

    I was just wondering if anyone received their rewards from the weekend bonuses "Rewards Credited By: Tue. Mar. 19 3:00 PM PT / your local time: Tue. Mar. 19 6:00 PM"
  6. truecanuck

    I think I'll End Exeter after Round 2

    Not sure when Russian BBs are coming but looking forward to it. Torps will be their weakness I think and as for HE I believe after tier 6 they are immune due to stalin armour layout. I hope to free xp to tier 6 and see.
  7. I referred a friend and when they accepted they recieved nothing. A ticket was put in and the reply was it wasn't activated properly, nothing they could It seems like they are indifferent to the player returning. Note I play ships and tanks, the support for tanks has always been excellent