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  1. 0.6.11 Bug Reporting

    anyone having issues with the game not loading at all? the launcher loads, I hit play, and I just get stuck in the loading screen.
  2. 0.6.9 Bug Reporting

    everytime i start the game i have to go in the settings and change it back to full screen, for some reason it keeps defaulting back to windowed.
  3. The intro video????

    Sorry for the late replay, but thank you very much.
  4. The intro video????

    when you first get to the sign in screen theres that big action sequence going on in the background, anyone know where i can get that video? HD if possible? I just think its a really cool vid and wanted to make some gifs from it but obviously without the sign in stuff in there
  5. Montana armor....

    so i cant face one, I cant show my side, so should i just back in my Montana when fighting a yamato?
  6. Montana armor....

    anyone who doesnt agree that the Montana armor is crap is a Montana fanboy, you know how I know, cus i used to be one. been playing Montanas for a while and loved it, always assumed it would get buffed a lil since everyone knows how easy it is to blast a Monty if youre not careful. apparenlty it will never get buffed and you should not waste your time on any American ships in this game.
  7. Montana armor....

    hey check it out, another condecending prick, oh cus WOWS doesnt already have enough of them. YAY FOR YOU!!!!
  8. Montana armor....

    yes it is competitive, it just pisses me off how they can take chunks of health off of u and u got to sit there lil by lil pickin at them
  9. Montana armor....

    is that a thing? does it exist???? I heard somewhere that the Montana is supposed to be a tier X BB. FFS when is the Montana armor ever going to get better, how do yo ujustify playing for months to get the Montana and then fidure out the armor is garbage, I actually like the Montana, the guns are great, secondaires are ok AA is good, but the armor come on, the i get so frustrated trading blows with other tier X ships i just lose my patience and try to ram them. if a Monty and a Yammy are both bow on... you know the yammy will win, u get to get around it or ram it. shouldnt the tier X ships be competetive with each other? wth!!! /end rant.
  10. so WG took time and resources to make a sub and put it in our ports that we cant even use.... instead of using that time and resources to fix the bugs in the game?
  11. u must be lucky, theres people running their mouths in almost every ranked game i ever played. its ussually whom ever dies first. they go charging up the middle or something , die then complain that they didnt have support the rest of the match, there should be a way to mute the dead players
  12. i should just type ranked thats it just one word, ranked and post it. but seriously this season of ranked made me hate playing so much, i quit playing the game altogether! anyone else have this happened? for the record i used to play every day until i got my 3 containers, now i go days without playing
  13. theres a replay system? only one ive heard of is a mod
  14. some guy torped me a few weeks ago and started cussing at me saying it was my fault, then somehow said i was unamerican because of something so i said something along the lines of "I'm puertorican which makes me american by birth, not to mention 13 yrs in the USMC and 3 tours in Iraq" the only thing he heard was puertorican and started throwing every mexican or hispanic slur he could at me! apparently the whole team reported him but it was pretty messed up