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  1. flyingtaco

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    So far as the sigma if its the same as texas it may feel better because of the turret spacing. I don't know how shell flightvand such is modeled so far as salvos go, but it seems likely that two groups of 5 would feel tighter than 2 groups of 4 widely spaced and one set of 2. The shells themselves might fly the same way but having to turrets spaced differently might effect groupings despite correction for parallax with a gun laying computer.
  2. flyingtaco

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    wonder what the feature balanced out.. not her speed, nor her armor, or her pen values. I am in the minority probable... i like the play of the us standard bbs. all of them. except this one.
  3. flyingtaco

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    It makes so much more sense now that we know they balanced this ship in an echo chamber
  4. flyingtaco

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    i have the ship now. the most valuable part of the ship is port slot that she comes with. It feels like I am peppering a high tier german cruiser with tier 5 American DD AP when i use the Oklahoma's AP against a battleship. The HE is also bad. I am reminded of the scene in Shawn of the dead where they are rummaging through the shed trying to find an effective weapon against the undead. Every battle is like that, but no matter how many times you switch from AP to HE and back, you never find a tool thats really effective against anything. then you get sunk... either burned or APed by enemies that you can't offset in any way. The ship when turning averages 16 knots. not an issue if you have good guns and can bleed enemy groups as they advance. a good player in a slow ship can kite and deal damage along the way and often come out on on top (since slower ships tend to be better armored). Not here. Virtually any ship you run across will be able to outmatch your damage output and even with the better repair party, the combination of slow rate of fire, universally poor damage, and slow speed mean that you always lose an attrition battle. it is not unusual to have 1500 damage from an AP salvo in this thing. its a psychological experiment not a battleship.
  5. flyingtaco

    California Shows Promise

    The guns are very situational and I have trouble at range with her so I used a secondary build and am having some fun with that.
  6. People hate it and the other standard bbs because the way they have to be played round counter to pretty much every other ship in the game in the sense that you can't rely on them to get you out of, only into trouble... if you avoid the latter they are great ships.. but not everyone can adapt.
  7. shoot you coul use that fancy harbor you built for PR to name and launch each new ship Always thought it would be neat to use it for a long term mission like earning halsey
  8. flyingtaco

    Reporting SuperTesters?

    Eh I can see both sides but its situational as to whether it should be reported... pulling up behind a dd and drawing fire and torps while he's trying to stealth to an island is different than a tier 5 sitting behind a tier 7 bb might be annoying but somewhat understandable. But I'd someone essentially makes you ineffective by their play in a intentional manner. I'd report in a heartbeat. Sitting behind someone constricting their movment is just kind of being a jerk and if it forces someone to sail broadside to an enemy bb ... they might as well be on the other team.Some peope are selfish. I dont know I really buy that it's just competitive... you may want to do your best but limiting your team's potential by throwing teammates under the bus doesnt help you or the team... unless you stat padding but then win loss is a stat so ... yeah I mean if you want to play competitively against your own team... coop is a good way to do that.
  9. flyingtaco

    California HYPE

    At this point I think they think we have forgotten about it and they are trying to get California to roll off the radar like that bill from 10 years ago that never got paid but just rolled off your credit report.
  10. flyingtaco

    A Bachelor's Guide to Ship Seduction

    I try to dress formally in measure 21 as much as possible ... but wargaming keeps giving me clown make up.
  11. flyingtaco

    New USS Arizona

    Yes the non aegis and often nuclear cgs. Good ships that were retired when they were up for refueling due to budget cuts
  12. flyingtaco

    New USS Arizona

    There is a bit in... maybe debt of honor where that is alluded to ... seems like a bunch of boomers with names mirroring the battle line at surigeo strait end up in the same spot.
  13. flyingtaco

    How should the PR event been built?

    I dont mind the concept but think that it would be much better executed as a campaign like the ones for halsey etc .... I dont know that you could use the same building all the time mechanic .... people would do one task and just wait... but even tying each stage of construction to a task is more predictable and fair than the voodoo economics at play currently
  14. Yeah I wish they would stop making Krazy Kamos and at least give us the option of earning/buying historical ones a permanent camos
  15. flyingtaco

    Hate Smolensk? Blame DM

    There is a difference between postwar built and postwar designs. Ticonderoga cg-47 is a postwar design. Gearing , des Moines etc all were being built while shooting was still going on. The issue is they are running out of ways to make things different for each ship/nation. The ships are starting to to resemble those figures they made after they ran out of variations for the tmnt line... a duck with a leather jacket cool... um what else... uh...we can do an ant eater but he is former NYC DJ... there is only so much they can do since they went down this road. Every single Italian cruiser feels like a battleship in maneuverability, an Omaha in durability, a russian cruiser in accuracy , and a Japanese cruiser in reloads. How many times can they juggle things like this before they cone together in some horrible combination that everyone hates?