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  1. It's been a while but it seems like you need to angle in it and m ok st ships are weak in the stern .. but now tanking I've outlasted Missouri's
  2. Lords of the sea by john hale does not exactly mesh well with the others on this list so far as time period, but it is a very accessible book that introduces the first modern navy (by modern I mean the ships were used as the weapons to fight other ships, rather than a platform to throw thing from or to get to land where people jumped off) and along with the modern navy... modern navy problems. The Athenian Navy sort of set the stage for AT Mahan and the concept of Pax Britannia etc. So, it worth reading even if you have no interest in the 5th and 4th century bc.
  3. flyingtaco

    Is the line blurry between a Destoyer and a Cruiser?

    didnt read through the entire thing, but it really depends on the navy and the timeframe. a modern Burke is sort of a scaled down tico cruiser (the vls version), but the ticos used the same hull as the spruances.... so yeah. With VLS you can change your loadout and your mission might change too. Back when, a cruisers tended not to have depth charges, but now now a cruiser tends to be able to hunt subs as easily as a ddg with their helicopters at least. Some stuff wont fit into the mk 41 vls though... but the U.S. Navy has basically cashiered all the non vls ships that are ddg and above, even those what were relatively new when retired. But those ships also tended to be non-aegis ships as well...so thats a part of it too.
  4. flyingtaco

    Most decorated/celebrated unrated vessels?

    say... the Hannah a schooner put to sea during the siege of Boston which captured a brit supply ship that supplied the Continental Army for several months.
  5. flyingtaco

    Premium Ship Review: Alabama

    The weird slow shells are a distressing revelation given that it has the exact same guns as the north carolina
  6. What is is your favorite taco ingredient?

  7. sleep... probably didnt need it anyway

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      People still sleep? That's so 80's.