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  1. I generally just stop playing for a few hours or a day or so and come back if I lose more than 5 matches in a row. Once it starts to annoy you, you don't play well or enjoy yourself anymore so your performance will just suffer even more.
  2. French BB Bretagne awesome

    I like it but I still think it's a bit on the weak side right now, wg should implement some minor buffs and then it will be fine.
  3. I think with some minor buffs that it will be fine, it feels a bit on the underperforming side right now but not too bad. I'd say slight buff to its rudder shift or turret traverse, or perhaps buff it's concealment. even with the commander skill and camo it's still 12.8km, that's pretty bleh imo.
  4. Austro-Hungarian Battleships

    I always say the more types of ships and more nations they implement, the better. They don't need to do full lines even, partials are fine in my opinion.
  5. Armored Cruisers

    These old cruisers are so cool.
  6. Armored Cruisers

    I think Bayan Or Admiral Makarov would be cool ones to add.
  7. Armored Cruisers

    As the title says, Who else would like to see some of these added to the game? They could be made to fit into tier 3 without issue and would add a more heavily armored flavor of cruiser besides just the st louis.
  8. question about french AP

    I would have to say that when I was shooting at the broadsides of german BB's I was getting some pretty hefty damage rolls in the Bretagne yesterday.
  9. Without a citadel mechanic, the devs would have to restructure the entire damage system in wows, never going to happen imo. I don't think it's the right route to take anyhow, besides, if a battleship sized shell lands in your engine room it's bad and should be bad in game.
  10. What in the world is this?

    I took a picture of the same thing, I was like what? Then after I did a battle, it was gone.
  11. Bretagne Issues

    Yep it's a known bug, I have the same issue. Mine is always just stuck at 16.5km
  12. Bretagne gun range bug

    It's definitely a bug. Same on my end. There is a thread in the bug report thread.
  13. Earned one of the 4 French BBs

    My main issue with the Bretagne is that you just can't seem to rely on it's guns to get it done and that is a huge problem when you have thin armor, are slow and have a low HP pool.... Could use some buffs WG.
  14. Questions about Matchmaking

    I'm on a 6 loss streak so far today despite doing my hardest to win. Just sometimes you get lumped in with a bunch of mouth breathers, nothing you can do about it but rage really.
  15. No it's not that, I get the HP boost with the second hull along with the rudder shift buff and better AA etc. When I'm in game, my map even shows my gunnery range as 18.1km but you can only shoot 16.6 with the sights. It's definitely a bug. Not like these guns are useful at that range anyhow but still doesn't help the matter. This battleship is going to need some slight buffs imo.