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  1. Hangoverhomey

    Update will not complete download

    I guess so Mine is 1mb left stuck at 42%.
  2. Hangoverhomey

    Musashi Monday - The Last Call

    I just bought mine last week. Happy to have her in my port.
  3. I just bought the Mushy 2 days ago with coal. Can't buy the Kron in time. Ah well, can't always have everything.
  4. Hangoverhomey

    750k FXP, what to do with it?

    Agree. Run survivability and concealment build. Stick at mid range and smash whatever you can score reliable hits on. Fun ship and I'm glad I bought one before they go away.
  5. Hangoverhomey

    After 8.0, why take a Cruiser?

    Exactly, I was extremely annoyed because it's just stupid. You shouldn't be able to farm free damage off the most protected part of a ship with no skill he spam. It's a terrible idea for everyone.
  6. Hangoverhomey

    USS West Virginia '41 Announced [Updated v2]

    Yeah, Wee vee is too squishy for it's slow turning, slow speed, trollish dispersion and bad concealment range. You constantly die from HE spam in a very short period of time with like 6+ fires to deal with and absolutely nothing to do but sit there and wait. Just not worth the hassle. It gives up way too much for guns too few in number with too meh of accuracy to depend on and balance it out. The reason why the Warspite works despite being squishy "slightly less so" and having a low HP pool "slightly bigger" is that it CAN rely on it's dispersion not letting it down. It turns better, has slightly better top speed and it's Concealment is much better which means it's not being he spammed as easily from long ranges. It still overmatches and has a high shell damage with the same amount of guns. It also has a better heal. Enough said in my opinion.
  7. Hangoverhomey

    My biggest problem with WV..

    I honestly can't stand it, just like all the other slow and soft plated BB's. It's always the same crap, getting spammed and lit on fire a bazillion times. Why play them when I can just hop in a DD gun bote or CL and consistently have monster games without even breaking a sweat. Especially in the DD's.... it's just SOOO easy to be able to deal with any situation and spam everything with impunity. No thanks, weevee and all the others are just way too situational and easy to negate/defeat In this meta now. It also handles horribly. I'd rather just watch paint dry. Why do I give you my money WG? I'm such an idiot. I hate your company and I'm done with you.
  8. Hangoverhomey

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    I bought it and haven't even bothered trying it yet. I'm kind of scared to. I figure it's going to be painful most of the time. Too slow, too soft, easy pickings for cv's. That 1.8 sigma is likely going to be really annoying as well.
  9. Hangoverhomey

    USN BB Buff!

    Yeah I have to agree. I'm not really sure what the solution is here. Maybe they want the CL's to be anti CL/DD for the most part and leave the BB roasting to CA's.
  10. Hangoverhomey

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    I foresee this as well. They are going to be absolutely terrible to play.
  11. Hangoverhomey

    West Virginia 1941... almost

    Yeah they really dropped the ball on the Camo. It could have been stunning like the Arizona but yet again we get more ultra overplayed and boring dazzle. Bleh!
  12. Hangoverhomey

    PSA: New Code

    Thank you good sir.
  13. Hangoverhomey

    USN BB Buff!

    I'll take anything I can get. The usn line is lagging behind. Just too slow and soft for this meta. Half the time you spend the whole match sailing and do almost nothing while being a free spam magnet for ships you cant even see. Just trash gameplay.
  14. Yeah the "buffs" they came up with for the usn bb's is just depressing. Instant soul crush. The only change worth mentioning is the NY reload change. Unfortunately it will still be a floating citadel free spam burning garbage patch of a ship. Just make an artificial reef out of it already and put it out of it's misery
  15. Hangoverhomey

    Dev Blog, "German" T4 BB Viribus Unitis,

    Ikr... just gross. Already have enough dispersion lottery depression ships to play with, don't need another.