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  1. Yep they are severely lagging vs their counter parts from tier 3-7.
  2. Basically yeah, the mindless HE spam/Fires all the time killed this game for me, I can't bring myself to play anymore. Just too frustrating and linear in nature.
  3. As far as I'm concerned the Lower tier Brit BB's have semi broken low tiers, they can kill everything easily from any range and any angle, they are OP vs. their counter parts. Simple as that. One of the reasons I quit playing for now.
  4. The HE on steroids with the British BB's has only served to make all Battleships even less willing to close the distance and engage than they already were imo. I stopped playing this game shortly after they dropped, it felt all screwed up and broken to me. Everything had sunk to the lowest level tactics and gameplay wise so why bother. I may revisit in a few months to see how things have panned out.
  5. Colorado is definitely the easiest Tier 7 Battleship to damage/kill in short order. 90% of it's surface area is only 25mm plating and it has a huge citadel that despite having a thick belt get's penned easily do to it's very soft and huge bow. It's also extremely slow so it's very easy to hit repeatedly and close the distance on or kite it. The ship can be okay when used by a good captain but the fact remains, it's still not a good ship overall. It needs some help. Many of the American BB's need help in my opinion. They have not withstood the test of time/new lines very well. To soft, too slow, too low of HP, no national flavor of any redeeming quality. They just don't shine in any way.
  6. Yeah a guaranteed 1-3 fires every salvo isn't a good gameplay mechanic, it's far too easily abused. To compound it even more, it's equally effective against everything. The amount of times I have watched enemies get hit at 15km with large damage/crits and 2-3 fires, repairing "no choice" followed by getting hit again with another 2-3 fires and a bunch more damage and crits... it's just wrong. I honestly don't know what WG was thinking. It's just way to consistent/dependable.
  7. From what I understand, he's saying they seem OP to him and that he understands why people like playing them. However they are not fun to fight because you are always on fire with no way to effectively counter them.
  8. I can't play the hood anymore, it's dispersion is just too frustrating. That being said, no ships make me want to stop playing, just overall game play mechanics and meta that do.
  9. The more I have played, the more I believe that the British BB HE was a huge mistake. Having something that is extremely effective against literally everything regardless of the situation or angle isn't good for the game.
  10. Yeah it's really messing up the game play as it's a beat all at any range regardless of angle tactic. People know this and are forced to run away or just be on fire constantly without being able to effectively fight back. It devolves the match into more passive play and your team constantly breaking ranks. Not digging it at all.
  11. Yeah the guaranteed ensuing fires is really messing with the flow of the game. People all just kind of run away because they know if they don't they are most likely going to be on fire the whole time and die quickly while not being able to counter effectively. I've had enough for awhile. I'm going to take a break from the game and come back in a month or two and see if things have worked themselves out as right now I just don't find myself enjoying the meta anymore. I enjoyed getting into AP slug fests with other BB's because it took skill and armor mattered but now it's devolved into bleh.
  12. I agree that battleship HE should just be nerfed across the board. It takes away all the skill involved in BB's fighting each other and it just lowers everything to frustration and boredom. Causing 3 fires, doing 8000 damage and knocking out modules in 1 salvo is just disgusting. I especially don't approve how powerful British HE is against cruisers. Citadeling them twice, doing several fires, knocking out their engine, some guns and their rudder in 1 salvo isn't cool.
  13. The HE on this ship is stupid OP.
  14. Weather patterns are all screwed up, west half of north America is hot with no rain, east is cool with a deluge. All of our forests in the west are burning down from the U.S to Northern Canada. Is it the end times? Probably has been for awhile, sixth great mass extinction and all.
  15. I agree with this summary.