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  1. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    I was around from the beginning and I barely play anymore because of what you have stated. They have gimmicked and dumbed downed the game to such a level that its both too boring and too frustrating to play anymore. I often will log in and then log out. Can't even make it past my port because I get flash backs of all of the horrible matches I wish I had never bothered with.
  2. Blanket nerf BBs

    I kill BB's all the time and vice versa, working as intended for the most part. What I would have no issue with is some BB's getting slight nerfs to damage control and others getting slight buffs. Battleships need some rebalancing versus each other. The power creep is real.
  3. In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    I'd be willing to let in some Cruisers from the Era provided they don't have torps. But yeah, that would be a lot of fun. The torps I would allow in this game mode however are bow mounted lol.
  4. In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    Yeah we need a Borodino for sure, at the very least, please WG. I have no problems with paying for one, but if you make it an event ship, I'm sure that would get lots of people playing too, just like the mikasa event you ran.
  5. Hood worth buying?

    I honestly wouldn't buy it because of how rng/unreliable the accuracy and shell penetration is. I bought it because of the historical aspect and I love to look at it from time to time but I rarely play it. It's such a chore to score good hits on anything but the most noobish of foes.
  6. Should you purchase premium ships?

    I mostly play my various premium ships and get a lot of enjoyment out of them. I do not regret my purchases.
  7. Armored Cruisers

    Really? It's a game though. Lot's of ships fighting each other in this game would be left smoldering or exploding wrecks with ease. Like I get what you are saying and the history of them and how primitive they were is interesting but again, it's a game. One that currently even has a pre dread battleship and many people wish to have the Borodino as well despite us all knowing how that went.... Anyway that being said. I think this French armored Cruiser Edgar Quinet would be a good one. Has 14 X 194mm guns. 5.9" belt, even thicker turrets and casemate armor. Pretty cool from a gameplay standpoint if you ask me. The Sister Ship Rousseau seen here 1922, even survived 2 torp hits.
  8. The Toxicity recently?

    I have found it pretty good lately to be honest.
  9. Steven Seagal

    I use him as my Colorado Captain currently, nice fast turret rotation.
  10. Stop Being Useless!

    We live in a sea of idiots, that includes ourselves, this makes players feel better.
  11. French BB Bretagne awesome

    Thank you, precisely what I found as well.
  12. French BB Bretagne awesome

    also the main belt armor is always stated online as being 270mm thick yet it's only 250 in game. Also the secondary casemates are stated as being 170mm when in game they are 160. Not huge differences I know but when your armor already is too thin, every little bit helps.
  13. French BB Bretagne awesome

    Yeah, the long range AA is bad which really hurts it. Also I agree on the accuracy, it's very trollish. It's low HP, bad armor, slow turrets, meh pen and damage per shell, wonky dispersion, slow top speed, meh AA, terrible torp protection, good secondaries "with no armor" to back them up with. It's a battleship that is bad at being a battleship, best I can describe it. Useable, but a bad choice.
  14. French BB`s

    Yeah I want a Borodino or something. Why on earth WG only ever gave us the Mikasa is beyond me.
  15. Citadels

    I took the Okhotnik out and got all my cit hits on a british cruiser in the first match ;)