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  1. Hangoverhomey

    So...Tier 8?

    Except for when that's all it ever is and there is no point anymore because you are the only tier 8 on your team because everyone else caught on but you.
  2. Glad they are buffing the usn bb's. They have felt lack luster compared to their counterpart bb's for awhile now. Easy to melt, easy to citadel, slow, slow reload, slow everything. Just what exactly do they offer? AA? woopty dooo. The other battleships are better.
  3. Still some good Super containers out there guys. I always choose the more resources option and have won 2 SC's in the last week. First was just 50x camo but today I got 30 days premium time. Thanks WG.
  4. Hangoverhomey


  5. Hangoverhomey

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    Just so much wrong with this change. Thank you mouse for making this statement.
  6. I sure as heck hope it never makes it past test. It's beyond a ridiculous idea/fix to a problem that never mattered which in turn messes up a bunch of ships protection profiles, often ones that's are already very squishy and to solve what exactly? the odd no damage pen ribbon... Ribbons? I just can't even wrap my head around it. Ships have armor, They take fire, that's what they do. Only you have the power to fix the none damage pen issue, aim better.
  7. Hangoverhomey

    Say hello to your new german overlords.

    Thank you. If they make it so no matter what I do and how I try to use my armor profiles to mitigate oncoming damage and yet still I'm just a free xp piñata. That's not logical WG. Nobody wants that. I don't even consider myself to be a BB main anymore. I really enjoy all of the classes. I never even thought or cared about the ribbons. Just get rid of the ribbons, don't get rid of a bunch of large protection zones on the sides of a bunch of ships that rely on those sides to absorb some fire like irl. can not compute.
  8. Hangoverhomey

    Is it worth grinding past the Bismarck?

    I hear you. I don't play my Bismarck either. Even with my 19pt captain with various builds now, I just can't be bothered. It gets rolf stomped most of the time due to the MM and the main guns are pretty bleh so the rest is history. Secondary builds are fun but pretty impractical most of the time and overall just lack luster. You have to give up way too much survivability in return which in this meta isn't worth it IMHO.
  9. Hangoverhomey

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Wrong thread, my mistake.
  10. Hangoverhomey

    Montana — American Tier X battleship.

    Same, just got the iowa today, free xp'd all the upgrades except gun range. I dont shoot past 20km anyway. Montana here we come.
  11. Its free double xp, im not complaining.
  12. Hangoverhomey

    T8 MM is Broken and everyone refuses to believe me

    Im going to just say that the ease of producing damage whole taking none may have something to do with using the belfast. Lol