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  1. Tonight was the first chance I've had to play since the patch dropped. Tried a couple matches and.... nope. Good God what a sh!7show..... Spent a LOT on this game over the past few years. Won't be logging in again until (if ever) it's fixed. I play for fun, and this is neither 'fun' nor 'engaging'... I'm seeing DD's sit BEHIND friendly CVs in game. AA means squat, CV's have already figured out how to dodge the worst of the flak bursts, CVs have endless waves of planes to permaspot and rocket DDs to death, and stack floods on BBs. What a joke.
  2. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    Just tried my first few matches since the update. Won't be back. Has been my favorite game for almost 2 years. I'm a crap player so no loss to WG other than my 'whale' status for spending on this game, and they've gotten plenty. DDs are useless, AA builds are functionally useless and CVs have unlimited ammo. What horse s**t.... F-U WG.
  3. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    When does WG typically start their Xmas sales?

    IMHO this is the first year the WOWS crates have been terrible for ships. If you want a premium ship, buying crates is stupidity. If you want the chance (just like winning the lotto) at a ship and don't mind getting flags and camos 90% of the time, then by all means go for it. I've bought 40 mega crates, 20 big crates, and gone back and bought 5 more megas and 10 more bigs. I got Kryspy, T-61, Monaghan and Sims for my ~$250 outlay plus 7,000 doubloons. You can buy 5 T8 prems for what I blew on crates (and got 2 T5s, a T6 and a T7). So if it's ships you want, just buy them when the sale hits.
  4. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    Best Ship Santa Crates

    Based on my own experience, none of them but as you'll see in other posts, luck is the biggest factor. This year I spent $150 on 40x Mega crates. I got Monaghan, Sims and Marblehead, along with 6k doubloons. I spent $50 more on 20x Big crates and got another 1000 doublons, zero ships. I believe Lert said the Big boxes have the best odds in an earlier post. Unless you're trying for a ship no longer sold, it would be best to wait on a sale and buy it outright imho.
  5. I was a [edited] and bought 40 Megas - only ships were Monaghan and Sims in the first 20, and Marblehead in the 2nd 20, and 6k dubs. I bought 20 Big crates and got another 1k dubs... no ships. I feel like I've had a phone pole wrapped in barbed wire shoved up my [edited]. Done spending on this game. Yes, its a gamble, but f**k me...
  6. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    Yeah. I've never done that bad in that many crates in WoWs or tanks. I'll find something else to gamble on this season. That was more than too much...
  7. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    I know there are several threads on this but I either missed or didn't see one where most folks are listing their loot hauls. I figure I'll kick one off.... In the past I've done well with crate loot, but this year's $125 outlay is positively 'meh' -TL;DR version : 0 ships in 20 Big crates, 2 ships in 20 mega crates, 3,300 total dubs, plus flags and camo. Given that the ships were Sims and Monaghan, I for sure came out on the losing end this year. It is what it is. Here's the skinny: 2x Santa's Secret crates: 300 dubs 10k fxp 20x Mega crates 30x Ouroboros flags 30x Dragon flags 20x New Year Streamer camo 12,500 coal USS Sims 30x Leviathan flags 30x Red Dragon flags 30x Red Dragon flags 30x Ouroboros flags 2000 doubloons 5x Asian Lantern camo 30x Hydra flags 30x Ouroboros flags 30x Dragon flags 30x Ouroboros flags USS Monaghan 20x New Year Streamer camo 30x Dragon flags 20x New Year Streamer camo 20x New Year Streamer camo 20x Big crates: 10x New Year Streamer camo 10x New Year Streamer camo 15x Scylla flags 10x New Year Streamer camo 15x Red Dragon flags 15x Hydra flags 1,000 dubs 10x New Year Streamer camo 10x New Year Streamer camo 7,500 coal 15x Scylla flags 15x Red Dragon flags 15x Leviathan flags 15x Red Dragon flags 15x Dragon flags 10x New Year Streamer camo 15x Basilisk flags 15x Basilisk flags 15x Hydra flags 7,500 coal
  8. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    Opening 12 Black Friday Containers

    Playing 1 game in the Tirpitz B should unlock a mission for you where you play the normal Tirpitz for 10 games and each game (win or lose, doesn't matter) you get 250 doubloons. So even if you don't care about the ship you can get 2500 dubs for playing the old one. I know that's the mission I got for playing the Mass B and Asashio B I got from crates so I assume the same applies to Tirpitz B and Atago B as well.
  9. 6 crates 20 Shadow Lurker camo 20 Shadow Lurker camo 10 Type 59 camo Mass B Asashio B 20 Shadow Lurker camo I was only hoping for Mass out of a crate and was lucky to get her. I already had Asashio, but her black twin sister is soooo sexy. For $30, absolutely worth it for me.
  10. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    HMS Lightning - Initial Thoughts

    Lightning does have a wee bit of AA - I have shot down 3 whole planes in the early going - so it may be enough to take down a nearby spotter, but you won't be dispensing with a squadron of CV planes with anything resembling speed lol
  11. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    HMS Lightning - Initial Thoughts

    Agree 100%. For those times you end up on top of another ship (happened to me once last night, I stumbled across an enemy Icarus I hadn't accounted for at <4km coming around an island), the gun turrets have very generous fields of fire, rotate quickly and like you said, make it easy to keep all 6 on target even while weaving.
  12. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    UK DD reviews?

    It's not necessarily a full blown review, but I posted my thoughts on the Lightning a little while ago having run it through a handful of matches. I have had Gallant for almost a year, and got the Acasta, Icarus and Lightning from the RN crates. I like the Lightning quite a bit, but it makes certain demands on your playstyle (ie; you MUST stay out of radar range - there are no quick ways to escape in this boat). Here's the link to my thread on Lightning Lightning - initial thoughts
  13. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    HMS Lightning - Initial Thoughts

    Precisely. That's why I can't recommend strongly enough that it's critical to know where the enemy radar is, and if you don't know, give cap circles a wide berth until you do - focus on ferreting out said radar instead. This ship has no gimmicks to escape if you're caught deep inside detection range. Tbh I feel learning to play this style of DD well will honestly make you a better DD player in general. Or at least other DD's will feel easier to play afterward.
  14. Over the weekend I was blessed by the RNG Gods. I bought 5 of the Premium RN crates and got the missions for Acasta and Lightning (and since gotten Icarus from rolling the soverigns over into more crates). Lately I've been having more fun in DD's than anything else, and their playstyle is really starting to click with me. Maybe it took so long because I'm old, who knows, but I am really enjoying the challenge they offer as an 'average' player. That said, I've taken the Lightning out for a few spins and had ok success with her so I thought I'd share my thoughts because even last night I was still getting 'What ship is that' in chat during randoms. TL,DR: It best compares imho to LoYang, with better detection, maneuvering and 2 more guns, but worse hydro, AA and torps. That said, here are some of my opinions on some of the boat's specifics: The guns have a decent rate of fire (4.5sec reload) but shooting anything farther than 7km is a waste of time. You could swim to an enemy boat and punch the captain in the face in the time it takes to lob shells out to 9-10km. Up close though, gunnery is comfortable enough to use and while not a knife fighter Lightning holds her own against a fair number of ships in her MM spread. The torpedoes are the same Mk IX torps found on the Gallant, with the same exact speed, 8km range but with an extra 434 dmg per fish. Maybe there's an extra half-pound of explosive in there, who knows. I'd like to have seen even a 9km torp, as with the radar meta getting in close enough for torp kills often means dodging radar. That being said..... This thing handles like a sports car. Even with the speed flag equipped you won't hit 40kts, but this little boat hits max speed quickly and turns on the proverbial dime with quick rudder shift and a tight turning radius. This makes it very effective at dodging enemy fire if your find your tailfeathers exposed and need to escape with haste. Even better, this boat bleeds off nearly zero speed while maneuvering. You'll still be running 34-35kts even with the rudder hard over. Stealth? Yes, please. With CE and the concealment module her detection range is 5.5km. The only boats that can currently outspot her are Asashio, Kagero, and Harekaze. Of those, only Harekaze is likely to post a threat to you if it comes down to a gun battle. This makes Lightning one of the best scouts in the game, and combined with her agility turns her into a mid to late game assassin with few peers. Hydro. All I can say is meh. It's great for advance spotting torp walls, and so far that's what I use it for. It has limited (3km I think) detection range, so pretty much any other hydro equipped DD has you beat. For my money, I'd keep it for use when you're advance screening for your team as they push. Stay in front of the charge and run this when crossing open water near choke points to spot the torp walls before they find your BB's Smoke. Meh. You'd get more smoke if the captain stood on deck puffing a stogie, but it is what it is. I've seen several posts disparaging the RN smoke, because 'you can't sit in it and spam HE/torps' due to its short emission time and duration. Again, and this is my opinion only, smoke is better served to mask movement or escape. Just pretend you're David Copperfield and use it to disappear from stage at will and little else. If you do this you'll be fine. I can't begin to tell you the amount of games I've seen where DDs are easily torped because they choose to camp in their clouds. It's silly to give up a DD's primary benefits (speed and agility) because you'd rather camp in smoke and shoot your relatively feeble guns and a torp or two. If you're camping in smoke, you aren't spotting for your team and you are depending on your teammates to spot for you. If smoke camping is your thing, I'd recommend the RN cruiser line. Some DD's (Looking at you IJN Akizuki, Kitakaze,Hargumo) can put out a lot of fire sitting in smoke but most don't, and even then you are giving up the one thing that gives you the most value to the team. Spotting. /rant off. So now that we know what the limitations are, how do we play this boat? It is absolutely ESSENTIAL to look at the enemy team comp before the match starts and see where the radar boats are and what enemy DD's you are facing. If there's more than 1-2 radar boats, it absolutely changes how this boat has to be played. You also need to know what the enemy DD's are, so you have an idea of how likely it is you can win vision/cap control. Lightning has no speed boost and limited smoke, therefore she has very few tricks up her sleeve should she get caught with her skirt up somewhere. If there are multiple DDs with as good or better vision, and/or multiple radar boats, it's best to hold off rushing into cap circles, period. Yes, you'll always have idiots spamming you in randoms screaming at you to cap as soon as the match begins, but until you know where the threats are there's a higher chance than not you'll be sitting back in port quickly. In these cases, flank caps from 3-4 km outside the circle. This will put you at/near max detection range for most radar boats. If a cap starts getting taken by the enemy, look for a likely spot that DD will be parked in and see if you can get in close enough to light him up. Some matches I will be on the enemy side of a cap circle before I move in so I can spot any lurking CA's before hunting their DD. That will usually flush him out, and enable your team to get shots in. It also will usually cause any nearby enemy to open up fire, causing them to be spotted as well. If the cap hasn't been contested, and others on your team have spotted the enemy radar boats/DD's, hop right on it and cap, but DON'T slow down. You have an amazing turn radius and lose almost no speed in turns. Just do donuts by your team's side of the cap if you want, but speed and agility are your best friends in this boat. Popping smoke and sitting down for a beer and stogie for 40 seconds is just asking for a torp wall and trouble. Best to keep moving so once the cap is taken you are already on your way to the next objective. If there are limited/no radar boats, and few/no DD's with better vision that are truly threats, then cap away. I still prefer to hold back from capping until I see the enemy start taking one. In this game, information is everything. If I let an enemy DD start capping uncontested, I can zip up to him just outside the cap circle and spot him much more often than not. Nothing is more fun than lighting up an enemy DD who thought he was capping solo, sitting dead still while you're zipping along at 35 kts with guns already bearing on him. This is where you can use/abuse the vision advantage Lightning has. Unload some shots, or torps and relieve said DD of some HP or his life, and let your team help finish him off. Pop smoke and disappear. Use Lightning to SPOT first, CAP second. Who cares if you spend the first 3-4 minutes of a match down on points because they outcapped you. You're about to get them all back, plus some.... If you've done this in the early game, and your team has weeded out most of the enemy DD's and radar boats, this is when Lightning comes into her own. Go back and take any caps you don't have. This stops the enemy from getting free points and by now most threats should be neutralized. If not, you need to go back to spotting them until said threats are toast. Now that you're worked your tail off for 5-8 minutes for what will likely be <10k in damage and hopefully a lot of spotting damage, it's time to eat. Your stealth gives you ample room to go snuggle up to those big enemy BBs and send a few fish their way to show them how much you love them. I feel they are too short ranged at 8km, but once you remove radar threats it's honestly not hard to get in close and create some mayhem. And get in close you must. Lightning's torps aren't speedy at 62kts and take what seems like forever to get to target. I'm debating on taking the torp speed boost skill and living dangerously with 6.4km torps at 67 kts - it still leaves you almost 1km of range to fire from stealth but would give the torps a little more giddyup. Just know you almost always need to have targets sailing toward you for these fish to be effective. They aren't going to hit BB's 6-7 km away that are heading away from you before they run out of steam. One final note. You have no AA of any real consequence. Yes, there are AA guns, and yes you'll see tracers fly up from your boat if you enable them, but all it does is make you a bigger target while the enemy pilots laugh at you from on high. Don't waste your time. If there are any enemy CV's in game it is imperative you stay away from their planes because staying undetected is life in this boat 90% of the time.
  15. Attack_Dog_Corgi

    SC from the 3 year anniversary, what did you get?

    50 Gamescom camo... I'm never going to complain about free stuff. I'll use it all eventually on something or sell it.