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  1. Explain why you would take a YY over a gearing post BB AP and radar change. For randoms there isn't really much.
  2. Here's an idea. Let's wait for the BB AP, and radar change to go through and see what it looks like after those major changes before we Nerf a ship into extinction.
  3. what if i told you different people work on different things and that the balance, historical, and art dept workers do not deal with bugs?
  4. Hanger_18

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Its behind everything except the shimakaze and Z, which is to say, most everything. you have a smaller healthpool as well, so its completely dishonest to suggest its not yeah sure you go ahead and pretend you can manage a .1 bubble. lol k they are the exact same mk 17 torp, and most gearing players will take TA with them, and they will be relatively speaking pretty close to the same. we know the radar change planned, no change for the ship activating, delay in render for allies. armor is literally an armor profile. thats not how AP fuseing works...at all the daring leads at ALL levels of play including the top 5% of players. its very easy to prove this. in fact the daring leads over the YY by 4%. if you think whales are inherently better players, then thats on you... the best players are by definition the top 5%. the YY will certainly be a downgrade from the chungmu if this goes live. better guns and torps. no lost utility in smoke, and with the radar changes thats dubious at best. answer this. If the change is because its just a better gearing. why are we now nerfing the YY so the Gearing is just a better YY? You have solved nothing by this nerf. it doesnt balance anything.
  5. Hanger_18

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    False, the daring leads at every skill level, and balancing off WR alone is kind of pointless. it still will, its taken for the radar, not the guns, not the torps. >its a superior gearing ok so now the gearing is going to be superior to the YY, see how this solved nothing???? why should the YY be a straight downgrade from the chungmu????
  6. Hanger_18

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    besides the shima and the Z it would be behind everything else. .2???? are literally the same torps as the gearing with a longer reload. the trade they make for detection is not hitting DDs. radar change coming will make it much less effective but less resistant when it is hit sure. you can angle this bit... 21mm is an advantage, as to arming AP, thats simply not how that works, you dont just get to arm. the effective thickness is what arms shells. 21mm is already enough to arm AP from DDs, but the plating present on the YY can do the exact same thing if its angled.
  7. Hanger_18

    Dispersion chart for all ships & ranges

    off hand i can tell you yamato cannot get plunging fire until like 24km.
  8. Hanger_18

    Your outlook on stats?

    there now there is no good metric to follow, so imo as is, all stats are meaningless to an extent.
  9. Hanger_18

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    way ahead???? .5% but 10k damage is close?
  10. Hanger_18

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    uhh no its not, this is pretty easily disproven. on any distribution its behind the daring. and even though it is in second, its not ahead of 3rd by much. Its not a wild number by any means. You also cant straight balance a ship on WR... The YY certainly isnt the largest damage dealer, and more than anything that will be impacted, sure WR will fall after that. And then itl sit down towards the bottom after the radar and AP changes.
  11. i wish the old bug where water wasnt being calculated correctly made it to the game as a feature.
  12. Hanger_18

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Consider the change to BB AP will be a decent buff to the gearing, and the radar changes will certainly be a nerf to the YY. why would anyone play a YY at all after this change? just play a gearing, it'll be better in every aspect. The change is not only premature since major changes are about to effect the ship, but unwarrented and unwanted.
  13. they tested the LOS model and it failed. the model for the change thats in testing is instant view for the ship activating, and a delay for other ships. (which to me sounds exactly what we have no with the render delay)