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  1. well brace yourself because they are 100% coming... also everyone put the torches down for now !
  2. glorious RU battleships are next after RN DDs probably. I actually thought they would come as the next line, but RN DDs managed to beat out the napkin dispenser
  3. B-65 design started in 1936 and died in 1941 Alaska wasn't even laid down until mid December 1941. its the other way around, Alaska was designed to take on any other "super cruisers" and the scharnhorst you arent hugging islands with a Alaska im betting, it would be sort of like hugging islands in a Montana or iowa. you're going to be further away from the front line, so the chances of it getting shot down are slim. it also works for longer, and detects just about anything that fires. it is overall a better choice for team play, you dont take a spotter for the range alone, that just a bonus. . if its released as a steel ship then riots are certain....at least as steel has been shown so far.
  4. subs wont happen on the basis that the subs torpedoes will never actually get into range of a target. and if they did somehow get into range, they would be insanely slow... the game isnt modeled for depth either, they would have to rework the entire engine. its not going to happen, it shouldnt happen, stop trying to make it happen.
  5. just ask marshawn lynch... dont throw it, run it in
  6. thats 100% possible. but i doubt if they went t10 (which iitbh, id have a hard time seeing) they'd give a free exp option EDIT also, cant help but notice you cant say [edited] on the forums. I could say this in school but not a online forum. what if i want to talk about [edited] Cheney, or [edited] van [edited]? i can at least undstand why the first was censored...
  7. here ya go also im not that much of a [edited] soooo... https://clips.twitch.tv/BraveFastArtichokePupper
  8. tbh....im pretty sure i've read the article before. possibly more than once... i don't have a problem....
  9. the armor percentage is much closer to cruiser. pre ww2 battleships? why compare it to something of a different era? why not use an Iowa? its not exactly a secret that between ww1 and 2 that ships of all classes got larger.
  10. like best mouse said, we dont know much about steel. the only thing we do know is that you can get it in CB, ranked and the slot machine that is SC. theres been no news how to obtain it outside those, and thats why people are stirred up. WG could easily go any direction with this...
  11. so most likely we're in modeling stage? probably won't hear more until decemberish then?
  12. with the upcoming cv rework, which will also encompass how AA works, WG likely doesn't care. edit: doesnt really bother me, also AA isnt a reason to uptier a ship
  13. huh? i just meant over the prospect of the ship being bought with steel.
  14. too late for that, we already heard t9/10 cruiser...where she belongs anyway
  15. are we rioting too soon about the possibility of the thought that it will be a steel ship? or should we get this over with now so WG don't have to waste time thinking about it?