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  1. your the one who is toxic here though...
  2. How pathetic can this site get?

    the crew nick named the bow McKeesport after it broke, which is like a small town just outside down town burgh
  3. How pathetic can this site get?

    broke off in a typhoon, 100 foot waves 70 knot winds. i think she was left in the storm for an additional 6 hours after this occurred. The crew sealed the bulkhead, and none were lost.
  4. subs are not confirmed for PVP yet...
  5. How pathetic can this site get?

    this is USS Pittsburgh. you may have noticed she has no bow in this photograph. damage saturation is a thing, sort of. you cant expect to sink a ship by hitting superstructure with HE shells do you? .
  6. anything larger that was actually put to service, and it wouldnt matter what ships armor you put there.
  7. a measurable advantage would be overmatching 30mm plates, as well as an increase in sigma. now is that worht the 4 lost shells. probably not, but it does have its advantages.
  8. Designed to counter the rumored B-65 (which was actually up gunned in the plans after they found out Alaska existed), as well as the Scharnhorst and Gniesanau. In none of the literature I've read has a normal cruiser been her desired target. Regarding IJN 8" shells she is completely immune on the belt past 8km, i would assume the deck would be strong enough to skip shells off the the armor. Immunity zone is listed on the plans.
  9. Alaska AFAIK is designed to withstand her own 12" guns
  10. if you look at the IJN proposals laying around theres some interesting boats that are waiting to be added. Amagi is one often considered the jem of the IJN line, and they basically just add a continuation to it.
  11. a few cruisers have 30mm upper belts. the 457s also have better sigma by .2 putting them well above average.
  12. no one is going to mention the 30mm overmatch on the 457s????
  13. surprised they dont have splash damage implemented like WOT. id be surprised if they didnt make the torp rooms mags. question, how does one handle flags on a sub?
  14. its not like you need to hit, you could still splash right?