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  1. Hanger_18

    Hood AP change. Buff or Nerf?

    mathematically speaking, there will be very little difference.
  2. Hanger_18

    IFHE for Secondaries?

    use the wows fitting tool, should show it in there.
  3. Hanger_18

    Amazing Skills?

    that module only saves you from detonations, not citadel hits. you really should remove that and use the flag in its place.
  4. Hanger_18

    How to kill the fat man?

    a priest wont do any good here. From the compass' cardinal pointsBurn the sacred oil,And with the ashes you'll annointArrange the symbolsOf the wizard and magician.Light the candles,Place the parchment paper in positionBetween its leaves placeThe lash from a black cat's eye,A straw of a broom,Fold, burn and centralize.
  5. Hanger_18

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    OMG things make so much more sense?
  6. Hanger_18

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    getting multiple hits is still going to do catastrophic damage.
  7. the entire line has exactly the same dispersion. Every ship line sits on the same dispersion curves. You are right that they are balanced in their precision int heir poor sigma. but the dispersion isnt any different.
  8. Hanger_18

    Large Cruisers Legendary mods? 8.0

    no you have no idea what youre talking about, please stop... At this point i dont think you know what a linear line is. Those ARE linear lines. it isnt done by dispersion over meters. You can test this yourself. go ahead and tack range mod on something and watch that whole idea go out the window. these numbers are easily testable. and if you mean to tell me that the dispersion test mouse did is 12M more and not 32, then i dont even know what to tell you, thats just youre eyes going bad the rest of what you posted is pretty useless. you can even see on dev blog WG AND the mouse review Stalingrads dispersion as identical to the graff spee curve, if you do your dispersion/range then you will see it doesnt match.
  9. thats not how dispersion works...
  10. Hanger_18

    Well, well, well! The Alaska is real!

    understand i read the sub reddit and the forums all the time. At this point i cannot distinguish between people that are just that stupid, or are being sarcastic.
  11. Hanger_18

    High tier USN 152MM AP Pen

    no it doesnt kronstadt has a 230mm belt which will keep 8" shells out until below 12km. the 152mm guns on the worcester can only pen the nominal thickness at 4.5km and under. kronstadt has one of the better cruiser armor belts in the game. You need to shoot above it, where you should get a lot of damage.
  12. Hanger_18

    Well, well, well! The Alaska is real!

    you really need an /s
  13. Hanger_18

    Large Cruisers Legendary mods? 8.0

    OK so you just don't know what you're talking about. Dispersion isn't done by by a simple dispersion/M. Thats not how the game works. Each ship line (or some exceptions) follow certain formulas which determine their dispersion at certain ranges. Dispersion at max range is literally the same formula as the rest of the ranges, so when you say that the max range dispersion doesnt matter, youre just wrong, its the same formula through all ranges you really have no clue how dispersion works. you probably shouldve opened that spread sheet i posted, because you would have seen that the dispersion isnt close. at 10km its a 32M difference. The further you go the wider the gap becomes. This is all happening BEFORE the massive sigma difference kicks in.
  14. Hanger_18

    Well, well, well! The Alaska is real!

    not sure what ships youre playing...