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  1. Hanger_18

    Ap rockets....CV's in clan battles???

    umm yes? its not f2p. its a 1 time purchase.
  2. Hanger_18

    Ap rockets....CV's in clan battles???

    ultimate admiral dreadnought.
  3. I would make it a running joke. Make him a cameo.
  4. Hanger_18

    Operation Lifeboat NA Stream

    It's great that WG is doing this. Suicide is a huge issue in this country, and has gotten less attention than it needs. Suicides and drug overdoses have overtaken car crashes in the top leading causes of death. Our life expectancy has dropped for the past 3 years.
  5. Hanger_18

    The Wager: Fire & Citadels

    20 fires sure. 20 citadels...im usually happy to get 8 in DM game...
  6. Hanger_18

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    i get the idea of clean install. but shouldnt he just be able to get it from ge force and call it?
  7. Hanger_18

    What is Goliaths point?

    IFHE rework might make it good for clubbing CLs if they get 16mm of bow armor.
  8. Hanger_18

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    he should have ge force experience, which should make install super easy. its literally as he said, you click install.
  9. in fairness, these ships could have been straight up garbage and thered still be people crying about russian bias. sorry for the triple post everyone.
  10. its a record high turning circle for a tech tree cruiser iirc. so theres that. despite all the crying and whining over smolensk. what i didnt see was more of any of the following counters: conq,henri, DM, salem, moskva, Stalingrad, puerto rico, yoshino, azuma, Alaska, Kronstadt, jean bart... in fairness the ru bbs are still dumb...
  11. Hanger_18

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    @LittleWhiteMouse I saw that shout out to me in your Smolensk review! Many thanks, it really made my day. I will say afterwards, i was smug 100%
  12. kleb, grozo, DM, hindi,moskva, krem, yamato, venezia, henri, daring are all competitive, on the tech tree side. thats a pretty good spread.
  13. I only play high tier games.... I don't really have the same problems. Sure a match can snowball, but you should try to make sure you start it, or stop it. Caps don't mean much to me if you throw multiple ships and thousands of HP away for it. The worst thing you can do when getting hit by an HE spammer that has you well within range, is turn out. Turning out and coming back means losing HP all over again, you're helping get his dpg target. Push them if they can't kite away. Or don't push near them if you can disengage once. Play ships that are actually good. Ships that don't allow mistakes to be made against them. Stalingrad, DM, Henri would all be examples. It's hard to play a mistake free game of wows. And you should aim to punish other people's mistakes as much as possible.
  14. Hanger_18

    Explain IFHE thresholds?