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  1. Gearing to counter shima Kremlin after Henri dominance monty to counter DM (after initial release at least) Zao being the counter to yamato Hindi being a counter to GK Conq, YueYang and asashio after months of BB dominance Radar after DD dominance
  2. It sounds like you are being too aggressive. Moskva is a support ship, you really shouldnt be front and center. what modules are you running? what captain skills?
  3. dispersion is garbage on petro, and the HE is also bad.
  4. Hanger_18

    Time to add voice to the whole team WG

    The smart ones would turn it off the moment the patch hit.
  5. Hanger_18

    Time to add voice to the whole team WG

    I've seen a lot of bad suggestions here. But you've managed the worst.
  6. Hanger_18

    Aircraft Carriers underpowered

    because midway and haku are idiot proof. the german CVs should be the standard.
  7. Hanger_18

    WG please buff the Odin...

    Do you really understand how fuse times work in practice?
  8. Hanger_18

    German AP Rockets - discuss

    pictures or it didn't happen.
  9. Hanger_18

    When is the Petro getting nerfed?

    imagine for a moment that it was Russian.
  10. Hanger_18

    When is the Petro getting nerfed?

    That'd be pretty hard, Stalingrad's guns are real.
  11. Adding to this, there is literally no way to mitigate damage. Even if you shoot planes down another from that flight just replaces it during the attack run. Making AA in a short term case effectively useless. If you shoot down 9 planes in a single run, and the CV has 12, you're still taking damage.
  12. Hanger_18


    @Hapa_Fodder dope contest! Is this from you? who's idea was it?
  13. Hanger_18

    Need terminology help from new players.

    talk about Russian bias, That's almost certain to cause a ruckus out of a few people myself included.
  14. Hanger_18

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    Good guy^ It's not a matter of disagreeing, it's a matter of them intentionally stirring the pot for clicks. Which they absolutely do. They ignored the horrid concealment, rudder shift, and turning circle. Skipped right over it, just an accident though right? But at the same time the talk was "muh dpm" while ignoring nevsky having a massive dpm loss vs DM for instance. It's why I really only take raptor and mouse seriously. Mouse brings the numbers Mason...