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  1. Hanger_18

    ST, ships balance changes

    This is some kind of joke... I dislike large balance swings, but this has literally zero impact on other surface ships. The ship is blatantly overpowered, and should change. I would suggest reducing the plating to 50mm to start.
  2. Hanger_18

    Ridiculous underdamage

    as long as you hit a main armor belt, thats certain. which i swhy my bet is on OP not aiming right.
  3. Hanger_18

    Ridiculous underdamage

    i have a feeling you're correct.
  4. Hanger_18

    Sub. Wow just wow

    I like the concept.
  5. Hanger_18

    The Church of Hindenburg

    IFHE Henri??? I'd like to hear any merits hindy has over it.
  6. YES put in a ticket to support. people sell premium ships all the time by accident.
  7. its a terrible meme, a holdover from the earliest days of WOT.
  8. Hanger_18

    Manic American Girl Captain.... Please?

    you had me at the references are pretty top quality too.
  9. This is just ignorant. ST does NOT dictate when a ship is ready. the testers have literally no say what so ever. They provide feedback, nothing more. Ships are altered post release because ST is still a small sample size. Or ships fall behind because they have been power creept. Power creep means that something new is just better than things that are old. for example, henri outright replaces Zao and Hindenburg. Kleber replaces Khaba. It has literally nothing to do with skill. its purely a measure of how much stronger new things added to the game are compared to old things. The most atrocious example would be kremlin and GK. Kremlin is better in literally every measurable aspect. Thats called power creep.
  10. They are. which makes OPs rant a bit more amusing.
  11. please keep this opinion. Theres no need to add frustration mechanics. WOT always had +/- 25% and it was infuriating for good players.
  12. according to the above though thats not whats going to happen. excellent point about gearing.
  13. I don't think it will be a large impact, but Alaska's armor is somewhat devalued by this change. One of her unique points was giving her a historical 28mm of casemate armor. Mechanically this only changes for ships with 130mm guns and IFHE. with the new rule to how HE pen works, that break point becomes entirely useless. I would also argue the ships armor is somewhat devalued as a whole since every other ships casemate at tier is being changed to effectively the same thing. edit: it also occurs to me her deck plating will now be vulnerable to 152mm IFHE
  14. Hanger_18

    Abysmal at the game.

    100 battles? I wouldn't worry about it. Regardless of how bad you think you are. I'm certain I've seen worse.
  15. Hanger_18

    Premium Ship Review #134 - Friesland Sneak Peak

    I don't wanna play this game, it's been going on far too long. I want to get off the Mr bones ride lert.