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  1. Radakill

    Mass Disconnects? Odd Autopilot?

    Last 2 days Ive had unplayable lag spikes that usually end up in disconnecting. My ping has always been in the 30's and stays there, but not the last 48 hrs, the game freezes my ship just stops and ping meter goes nuts. This happens for 5-10 seconds, the game resumes, then it repeats a few minutes later. Been playing since launch, and this is the 1st time Ive ever had this problem with connectivity. Oh and before someone starts blaming this on my ISP, forget it. Im on the net all day with no issues. That includes other games.
  2. Not to throw cold water on free stuff BUT... contests like this are always geared toward certain demographics. This one for instance, to win you know people will be picking 1 ship from a category, and then just playing it over and over and over again all weekend. So to compete, you have to pretty much do the same. Please, just pull out all of my fingernails instead, less painful.
  3. Radakill


    RIP CV play, should have know this would happen, for several reasons: 1: Ship captains will keep I3itch i n g about CV,s until the day they die due to several factors, namely, they only want others things on the map to be just like they are, things they can shoot when they are shot at. AA dosent count as its not controllable. So anything outside of their comfort zone will be endlessly and forever from satan in their view. This is true in tanks as well as every tank driver hates arty. Same issue. 2: As long as ship drivers keep I3itch in g, the nerfs will endlessly roll out. And the more the nerfs roll out, the less people will be inclined to play something that they consider under powered. SO, you are either going to have CV's (planes) that are good enough to be able to compete with ships, and as a result, endless I3itching from ship drivers, OR, you can weaken the CV's (planes) to the point that the only purpose they serve is fodder to over powered AA ships so that people can gain mission rewards for shooting them down. In which case, you get what we had prior to 080, no one playing CV's at higher tier. Basically, you have mission impossible, make both sides happy. it simply wont happen, EVER. WG needs to decide once and for all, how badly they want CV's in their game. And if they really want them there, they have to be worth playing. Period. And if they are worth playing, ship drivers are going to I3itch. Get used to it.
  4. Radakill

    Launcher Error

    Very strange, this (above) went on for several hours, then everything just started working again. All I can think of is maybe a node in my area went down... no idea. Except tanks was working just fine. Twilight Zone.
  5. Radakill

    Launcher Error

    Received this error when attempting to launch the game today. Several other things happening: 1: Launcher just has spinning icon with no announcements, pictures, or dropdown menu. 2: I can sometimes get the launcher to update with the start button, then after typing in my PW, nothing happens. The icon will just spin and the game will not load. Been working fine up until today. Running integrity check now.
  6. Radakill

    NA Clan Battles Stuck in port

    Someone sunk the servers. How nice.
  7. WOW.. didnt realize they did this... how disappointing. So now this achievement isnt even an option for CV's under TVII, and Tier 7 and 8 you need to shoot down 76% of all aircraft instead of 50% that was Clear Sky. TIX: 66% TX: 55% (surprise surprise) Can you feel the push to get players into the Tier X bracket and stay there? Because of course that is where they make the money. P2W marketing again at the core of decision making, tragic.
  8. Only 1 carrier per team, shot down 47 planes but no achievement... why was this? My last Clear Sky was back in March, so that cant be it.
  9. Radakill

    Decisions Decisions

    You make some good points and pretty interesting feedback, thank you. Only thing of note, I am just a few hundred exp away from a Buffalo now, not sure if the stat page you were looking at just didnt show it, but its no biggie in any case. I think your right and I will probably try the Nelson out and see how it plays. I need a good Mid Tier money maker premo anyway and that may be one that fits the bill. Of course, if they surprise us all with a FXP CV in the next few months, I may also just crack.
  10. Radakill

    Decisions Decisions

    I looked at the Alaska stats and wasnt very impressed TBH. Seems more of a USA version of the Kron as most of the numbers are pretty close, its another BB/CA hybrid with terrible ROF. And for me at least, ROF is what a CA is all about.
  11. Radakill

    Decisions Decisions

    Not necessarily, if its one thing Ive learned from dev groups, if its not in writing, then its very subject to change. These guys make decisions primarily based on marketing and that usually leads to a very mercurial decision making process.
  12. Radakill

    Decisions Decisions

    What I would really like to see them put up there for an exp ship is a nice CV, although I dont know if thats going to happen any time soon, if at all. Alot of their bread and butter comes from premo CV's so they might not be willing to show one up for "free". True, waiting would be the smartest play, but then again, the wait could be years before something really worth buying comes along, thats what keeps me up at night. If I knew for sure the Nelson would be avail long enough I might feel better about waiting until I have another 300K, then go ahead and buy it. Thats the thing, they dont give a firm time line on how long these free exp ships last.
  13. Your generalizing here and its you missing the point. To push or not to push, how hard to push and where, is all situational. Many factors involved including what ship your in, what the reds have, what your team has as a whole, and how well "people" can play, spotting, etc etc..... To just say every match its better to spawn camp, no. Wrong.
  14. Radakill

    Decisions Decisions

    After about a year + of saving up I finally hit the 750K free exp mark and was ready to buy the Missouri.. except by that time the Missouri was no longer available. Bummer. I thought about the Jap Musashi, but as I was already close to buying a Yammy what was the point? Kron, another option, I was seriously considering until I saw them play out awhile and didnt really like the idea of spending 750K on a ship with such terrible AA and a very low ROF. Now, the Nelson actually looks rather tasty as a whole and seems from a stat point to be pretty well rounded for a TVII ship. I love the fact it has all 3 turrets up front and they can all transition the same direction, really neat. Nice HE fire % chance for longer range and if anything the only things I can see that are drawbacks are the speed and the AA. Also, its only 350K, I can make that back in perhaps 4-5 months. My only real concern is this: I know as soon as I drop that exp on a ship like this what will happen is WG will come out with the ultimate in bad @$$ premo free exp ships just a few weeks later, and Ill miss my shot at it like I did with the Missouri. Of course, on the other hand,if I wait it out, nothing better will present itself and Ill end up regretting never buying the Nelson. Right.
  15. If your afraid of one CA behind a rock then somethings wrong, especially with a Kurfurst, which is a brawler. It has the hitpoints, the speed, the secondaries and the main gun transition times to go H2H with other ships at closer range. Thats what its made for. What many "people" dont understand with BB's is that they all have various rolls, hence, strengths and weaknesses. Yamato for instance, has a citadel the size of Texas, weaker armor, is slow, lousy AA, no SONAR and its secondaries are not nearly as good as the other BB's. Yet, it has fantastic range and concealment which makes it very good for a sniper. This is where a vast majority of "people" (yes, I use the term loosely) that play this game just dont get it, some ships are better at brawling and some are not, even BB's. I have had many "people" get agitated for instance, if Im not moving my Yamato right up to the front lines at the beginning of a match. This is just stupid as the Yamato can not take the hits that the Kurfust can, and its very vulnerable to DD's, CA's, BB's and air. Yet a Yammy, if it stays out of range of the inevitable torps and CA fire, can really put down alot of hurt on other BB's with its long range and huge guns. A Kurfurst has low(er) range for a TX BB, so it really needs to be closer to the reds, and if you play it right, it can take the his and still survive the brawl. If your worried about CA's rock camping, go in with other CA's that have the arc that can hit him, and together, you will force him to leave his spot. Should be plenty of other targets to shoot at meanwhile.