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  1. Im having problem to login on WoWs after my new modem (internet plan) installed. Please help.
  2. Th3_Equalizer

    "Mature" player looking for active, casual Clan

    Hello AirBear8, we are a group of US adult players play actively late evening for division and clan battle and learning to play competitively. You will be big asset to us, we are using discord for voice comm. Hope to see you in battle with us.
  3. Do anyone know about Naval Battle mode ?
  4. When do we have Naval Battle starts, how do we register ?
  5. Will WG release premium CV (aircraft carrier) on sale at premium shop or tech tree after 0.8.0 patch ?
  6. Is this legendary upgrade gonna ends at 31/12/2018 ? Is WG gonna extend the date or not?