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  1. Charge4_HEquick

    Horrible tearing/stuttering sound in game

    Any solves to this??/ I am having the same issue. unistalled reinstalled 2x now, fresh drivers on GPU and MOBO and even bought a Asus Sound card and still the same. Only in WOWS not in ARMA or DCS
  2. Charge4_HEquick

    Game Update help.

    Cylon, I have Warships Installed already, this is separate from Game??
  3. Charge4_HEquick

    Game Update help.

    Hey all Quick Question. when I lauch my game I get an Error, that I have an older version. 7.11.. But I don't see how to Update to 7.12. can anyone help?? thanks in advance Charge
  4. Charge4_HEquick

    Game keeps crashing

    WG About every 5th battle I get a freeze or black screen in battle, or when selecting ships in the harbor. The Mouse pointer is always still visible and working, CTRL-ALT-DEL, WIN key and ALT-TAB does nothing, only a power button shutdown, and restart works. Happening often now enough to be annoying and only noted to occur in WoWs after the patch, so far it is consistently doing it. I have updated my graphics driver and even lowered the settings to high. And still happens, please anyone help or give some guidance.
  5. Charge4_HEquick

    Statistics Players, I need some guidance.

    So looking around and doing some one self searching and valuations of my ships and Play, It seems one for sure try to improve my hit Ratio as stated above. to deal more damage which will allow me or temates to get into caps more, and survive longer. But even though i am dealing good damage and experience and is climpbing and im playing better. It seems to me that my WTR is dropping and showing that i am not so good is because I lose games according to the graphs and what i can figure.
  6. Charge4_HEquick

    Statistics Players, I need some guidance.

    SHOT OUT! Hey 11B, RainMaker Buddy, no shell slinging donkey here bro!! Only Life to Be is Infantry. You are right on the Captain skills thing I only have 2 19 pt Capts. My US and Brit BB captains all others ar like 15 -16. Also So how do you know whats Average damage for a Ship?? I try and do the most damage i can but are there certain points or something you have to hit on the ships to know that youve done XXX Damage? for a tier or is their like a scale?? To hit more AP or HE Damage to get above this average damge thing you say.??
  7. Charge4_HEquick

    Statistics Players, I need some guidance.

    @ VEE DUB Yes Sir- I thought this but not quite sure if it was true. @ Kombat Wombat Yes sir I will and some have helped immensly. I have played with you alot in games on NA. @Dmckay I also thought this too. @Spartias and Tex Yes Sir you are right, I saw this but I belive reason it is low is because I am always Pushing and manuvering to kill the enemies or drive into the caps or hold a flank cause others arent, Like 4 ships running from a DD, so I fight my way into a Cap cause enemy Had all 3 I get it back but die in process but then get just Hammered in chat, about being stupid and a noob and dont know what im doing and so on, but yet im trying to fight and win for the team and make the enemy in an unfavorable position so we can turn the table but yet im wrong. Or told your a BB you should stay in the back and all that. That's not me, I like to support the team, but yet its like wrong all the time. And when game is done im like top 3 or so I dont get it. As for hit Ratio, maybe its the ships, i dont know. Ive tried all different croos hairs aiming points but seems RNG hates me. Just like the other day another loss and got Hammered for it. I had a Mogami Broadside at 5k in Tirpitz Going into a CAP. AP Loaded,Lead Calculated, line on the waterline, boom-- looks good gonna dev strike. 1 shatter the rest hit like 10 ft short in water and 1 shot on its way to mars. second volley same line up this time up a little mid line- boom on the way, ooh yeah here is the win, all land past and one short wth!! no way. He dies i turn DD 3k away broadside with 12% Health, Boom fire 8hits 356Dmg, 11% DD i eat 8 torps, dead. And just get roasted in chat but yet, a full heatlh Chappy,Monarch both about 18k away from anyone or where and 2 1/2health DD's still alive. THose salvoes should have annihalted both of them. especially that DD. That close. hell the Force alone of the shells hitting should have wrecked modules, if i get the answer well overpen. But stuff like that is why my ratio is so low, im always short or long. or im using the wrong ships, cause i some people never miss. As for DD' crapI suck so bad I cant even play them in Co-OP. LOL. I try and try, but I die in like the first 2-3 minutes easily sometimes i die and never see an enemy. I dont get it. or when i am actually surviving, my torps never hit any thing even using the aimer. @Spartias
  8. HEy All Dont Know if this was right place to post, i looked at the Pigeon Nest but couldn't find a create post, tab. Anyway i am coming back into the game for about a month and a half now after a long Military Vacation. and trying find my play range again. But just curious can some of you look at my profile and tell me what i am doing wrong because I am dropping like crazy, and dont understand why? In games I have been consistently Top 3 to 5 with Massive DMg and Exp, Caps, Defends everything. As i am al ittle more Knowledgeable now. But I feel i should be progressing but im dropping. Please help. I know the Stat stuff shouldn't really be a end all be all of game play, but i like to see what i am good at and what to improve as a team player. Thanks in Advance. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1000774839,Charge4_HEquick/