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  1. Santa extended

    Probably spent about $40, between December and January. In the December batch, I got no ships, but about 2500 doubloons and a crapload of camp that has helped upgrade a lot of my ships. It also got me a month of premium at a discounted rate, which allowed me to grind to a free Graf Spee. For the hoarder reward container, I received a Warspite. With today's $21, I got 1300 doubloons, a ton of camo, 30 days of premium time, and a Marblehead. A little bit ago, a buddy of mine bought a captain's gift for the guys we play with on a regular basis. Mine had the Indianapolis in it! Yeah, there's some really rare stuff I'd have liked to have gotten, but I'm in no way disappointed. I got some nice stuff, worth a LOT more than I paid in and one ship that cannot be bought anymore. That's quality.
  2. Logged in on Jan 5th, to find two containers in my port. The first had some camo in it. The second has a Warspite! I was......excited, to say the least.
  3. I didn't say you camped, but you DID turn me into a newt! I got better.......
  4. Yeah, I was only about 3k away and thought we could finish up today. That kinda blows.