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  1. In case anyone was curious how the stats of this compared to the other ships Deck gun: 105mm 4km range 6% fire 1500 HE damage 5s reload Torps: freeze torps 17533 alpha 66 knots 8km range damage torps 21367 alpha 76 knots 8km range Tubes: Reload 40s stock, 36s with torp reload skill 4x1 front damage torps 2x1 front freeze torps 2x1 rear damage torps -faces directly back unlike the gerfalcon which is off to side 2x1 rear damage torps -also faces directly back Oxygen: about 1 minute and 20 seconds I believe, replenishes at a moderate speed Maneuverability: Turns kinda slowly and surfaces incredibly slowly. Probably one of the slowest at surfacing. Imo a good sub but I have more fun in the sealowe with the triple front launchers and the fast surfacing ability. The torps on this sub all hit very hard and this has the speed to close the gap
  2. AdmiralDrake

    In simple words: how do you 5-star Terror Subs?

    There are 2 towers on each island surrounding the castle which is marked by a cross hair on the minimap on the top right corner. 5 staring the operation shouldn't be difficult if your team doesn't die early and kill Rasputin early. Don't kill Rasputin immediately, gotta spot the castle first