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  1. Will be curious to hear your opinion of her, it seems the Grozovoi got the reputation of being second banana to the Khab so she rarely gets mentioned. She's next on my to-do list and the play style seems more like the USN/KM guns and torps mix I prefer over the of the 99% guns of the Khab. Plus Stauffenberg44 is right on, she's a damn slick looking ship.
  2. My first thoughts as well. Try to cash in on the SEA server with ships from those nations but most of them are ships from other nations already in the game so you save major time/money re-uising existing models. That said I'll still probably grind up it.
  3. Wonder what the Pan-Asain national thing is gonna be. If it's Yo Yang style sonar I can't wait to get this other Fletcher.
  4. Just think of the money WG saves with all the models they can reuse.
  5. Back in November on the EU forums one of the devs mentioned plans for a KM premium DD but that got delayed due to some issues with the research and wasn't sure how long it would be in limbo. Personally I'm not too familiar with KM history besides the usual big names so I'm curious what destroyer they'd choose to make a premium.
  6. My reward for 3 straight days of damage to my inner calm is finishing the grind to the Khab and getting a Gallant in a Dunkirk crate. I think it was worth it..?
  7. I went 1 for 12 today while being in the top 3 xp for all but maybe one or two. I'm convinced someone hires these people to play badly just to aggravate the people who are actually trying.
  8. It may sound weird but I've done pretty well spec'ed for torpedoes up to the Maas so far. The shell arcs to me don't seem that much better than USN 5inchers so I haven't really been in any hurry to try an AFT/BFT build yet, which I worry about since it seems like everyone else does and I'm just not seeing something. On paper it looks like you can get the torpedo reload on the higher tier ships down to crazy fast levels, and despite their lower damage they still have good enough speed and concealment that getting hits isn't an issue. Do the guns get that much better past tier7, or am I selling them way short? I worry that maybe my experience with the USN and IJN lines has made me skeptical of DD guns that aren't on a Russian ship, and trying to half-[edited]guns with a torpedo build has only contributed by way of making myself an easy target for AP damage. edit: I say torps are good then go several games without a hit, it never fails...
  9. Stupidity should hurt, for that reason I say if a DD is among the first 3 dead in a game they should get 0 xp. It sickens me how many games today less than 3 minutes in and I was the sole destroyer still alive on our team.
  10. I can't be the only one stuck by the irony of battleship players using the same arguments destroyer players used before the great IJN torpedo nerf that was ruining the game so badly.
  11. This is spot on. From the very early days the damage control stuff seemed to be lifted straight out of WoT (fix a broken track in 2 second flat!) but back then it was forgivable since they were still laying the foundation for the game, but there has been zero improvement since closed beta. The buoyancy mechanic from alpha was an interesting mechanic that could have potentially added some depth to damage control, but sadly didn't even survive into closed beta. Sadly WG has continually taken the route of "if it's too complex people will be scared away". Add on top of that that it seems like they've straight up run out of ideas as evidenced by the endless mishmash of consumables on each new line in a vain attempt to make them seem unique (the KM DD line should have been the first red flag that this was happening), or the perpetual "we'll fix it later honest guys!" carrier revamp.
  12. Some people just refuse to believe the stove top is hot until they test it for themselves.
  13. This is what makes the Fletcher so fun to me. Comparatively other lines (especially Russians to me) are so 1 dimensional. Even in a game where you don't wrack up the damage you can still have a very satisfying game cause it can accomplish so much else and contribute to the win in more ways than just pure damage. Like I have often said, there is no such thing as a disappointing game in the Fletcher. Plus there is some amazing history within those 175 ships.
  14. That and people assuming being a DD=shoot it with HE which does nothing when it hits the magical 50mm side armor, so they stop shooting cause they can't damage it. If you can get into close-ish range AP devastates the Khab, but people continue to not learn this.
  15. DD are the only class i find fun anymore. Cruisers get tiresome when you try to be slick and still get citadeled, and battleships are just too slow and RNG dependent for my taste. At least with destroyers barring any major f' ups I can dictate when and where I'll engage the enemy, I have the speed and stealth to disengage, and can move across the map with ease to help where needed. The only time they really frustrate me is when my team is so utterly incompetent that they can't hold the enemy in place for even a second to allow me to line up a torpedo run or rack up any gun damage.