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  1. So 2 months later and I finally got myself a Grozavoi as well. On the one hand I can see why people don't talk about it much, but on the other it's kind of fun trying to hit a homer with a football bat. She well and truly is a Russian style hybrid destroyer; with the right captain skills and modules you can get the torpedoes down to about 100 seconds and the guns are amazing, even better than the Khab's cause the velocity means you need barely any lead. On the downside, like everything else Russian it's fat as hell and turns like an oil tanker so if you get caught in a turn you're gonna eat damage like a KM DD, and you can't dance for crapin a close in knife fight. So far my damage per-game and win rate are horrid but I think I'm starting to get a feel for it, and it's kinda fun in a weird way. (though I would absolutely not take her to CW over my Gearing)
  2. So I wonder, is the reward going to be an actual Stalingrad Class Battlecruiser or just a duded up Moskva with a new name?
  3. Do like I did and play some WoT after a year long break. After that this game will seem amazingly fun...any game will...even that one where you just hit your hand with a hammer repeatedly.
  4. I pack it in when my team goes to A on Hot Spot and sits in there the whole game. Having to wipe peoples' asses for them gets tiresome.
  5. If your Udaloi captain is on deck to go into the Grozavoi I'd consider getting CE next since that's a ship that actually benefits from it otherwise everything so far looks good. I personally didn't go with DE; I was initially going to go MCAA since the Groz has some of the best AA for a DD, though upon looking at it a combo of TAE and Torpedo Mod3 can make it a potentially decent torp/dual purpose boat as well (with points left over for AR). Either way it's entirely dependent on your style of play and considering you're a fan of the Gremy and Khab DE is not at all a bad choice. For modules I went MBM3 for the rate of fire, Udaloi's AA is terrible so you might as well bank on the guns more (plus the turn rate penalty isn't bad since they're not the garbage slow ones on the Tashkent). Also for the last slot Target Acquisition is the last thing I'd pick, her detection range is huge and it doesn't make you spot anything sooner, just ups that 2km bubble around you that guarantees detection even thru smoke and islands. Instead I went with Steering Gears3, though as Doomlock said with either CE or Concealment Mod1 your detection range equals your torp range, and with both you get her detection down to just over 7km for a small stealth torp window.
  6. I used to stealth fire some with my USN and IJN DDs between torpedo reloads, and while it didn't account for much damage it did occasionally light a fire or two and give me something to do. Now I only fire from smoke or if I'm in a situation where I'm either going into cover so I can let off some shots and be gone before they have time to react, or the enemy is occupied wither other ships and probably about to die. I dunno if it's due to the changes or my working up the KM line but I've also learned to be a lot more aggressive with smoke/firing out of smoke, though I did and still do consider torpedoes to be the number one means of damage on all my non-RU destroyers.
  7. I thought I remember a long time ago reading that the Sims has the best bonus to base income of all the premiums (at least back then). That said given how low damage its torpedoes are the Missouri dwarfs its damage potential so in the end it doesn't really matter.
  8. Personally I think they should have allowed 2 capital ships per team; either a pair of BBs or a BB and a CV. This way the fleet would feel a little meatier than just a single capital ship plus some escorts and it wouldn't piss off the die hard carrier mains. If they're so worried about CV balance then limit them to tier 9 or something so there's a chance of shooting TBs down and avoid it turning into cross-drop hell, and AA cruisers would actually have some relevancy. Though I doubt anyone would ever choose a USN carrier over an IJN one but I'm sure WG will get that balance squared away before 2017s out. ;[
  9. I bet her detection range would be huge.
  10. USS O'Bannon (before her FRAM upgrades) - one of the first Fletchers and the destroyer with the most battle stars of the war. USS Salt Lake City - dunno why but I always found her history kinda interesting given how old she was yet she still managed to see a lot of action. Any of the ships from Taffy 3. Any Atlanta class cause they're so unique and the whole story of the Sullivan Brothers. Any of the New Orleans or Northampton class ships given how much action they saw in the early war years and several had quite long and impressive service histories. And of course Big E.
  11. Maybe since they have a model for it we'll get the Wichita as a premium or a ship linking the CA and CL trees when they split.
  12. It's ironic, with all this Alaska talk I decided to see if there were any good books dedicated to the class on amazon, and in one of those "look inside" dealies from a book about late/post-WW2 cruisers I found a picture of the Alaska with a rather interesting analysis about her: Sorta jives with what others have said along with the armor diagram posted a few pages back; she had the size and look of a battlecruiser but under the hood she was still quite cruiser-ish. Personally I wouldn't mind seeing her as a tier10 if for no other reason the USN can have the most over powerful ship for a class. I can also see the logic of putting her as a tier7 BB as well (and hey that's where all the choice premium are anyways) but it would be a bummer to see a ship from so late in the war squaring off against ships from the 30s rather than her contemporaries. Maybe WG will blow all our minds and release the battlecruiser class and pave the way for all the British and German WW1 designs everyone wants, then all bets are off.
  13. I suppose this is as good a place as any to bring this up. While looking at the tier10 Pan-Asian destroyer (an Allen M. Sumner class) in the extended tech tree one thing struck me a very odd; how much lower she sits in the water than the Gearing. I took a few pictures to compare, trying to get the camera in the same spot with both of them at the top of a wave so they were as high out of the water as they would get. The camera sits in slightly different places for each so it does effect how they look slightly but I think there's no denying the difference. If you flip between the tier 9 and 10 Pan-Asians ships, the 10 seems to sit about as low as the 9 (a Fletcher class), whereas the USN Gearing seems to step up noticeably in the stern. Just like the turning circle thing, I dunno if making the Gearing set lower in the water would really help her much, but it's all little things that could add up. If anyone else has the extended tech tree mod in game and can look please tell me if they notice this or if I'm just seeing crapwhere this is none. EDIT: I just noticed in game her name is no longer shows as Hsiang Yang, but now Yueyang. Either way the info thing still calls her a former Sumner.
  14. Detonations wouldn't be so stupid if they occurred when you actually hit the ship's magazine, but often times it seems like an HE round to a random part of t a ship triggers them.