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  1. Will you keep Akizuki?

    I don't even want her in my port now except for the promise of her line eventually leading to tier10.
  2. Along with getting concealment expert part of becoming proficient with IJN DDs is knowing your opponents. Learn what the concealment of opposing DDs is, watch the minimap like others have said so you can predict what you might run into and proceed accordingly. (you know you can out-spot a Russian DD, but a hidden Haida can be deadly) Secondly, know how to use your stealth. Don't go nose first into caps unless you know for absolute certain you will be the only DD there because if you get spotted making a full 180 degree turn is a long time during which you can take damage; come in at an angle and skim the edge of it so if you are lit you simply have to make a hard 90º turn and you're already on your way out and can go dark that much faster. If necessary you can do this and overshoot the cap, and reverse in so you're already facing out; it takes slightly more time but leaves you in a position where you're present a smaller profile if you do get lit. Once you have CE you should be able to out-spot a good deal of other DDs which will give you precious seconds to react. Also, generally speaking IJN guns aren't great (at least close in) and firing them causes your detection to bloom out to their max range for 20 seconds, so sometimes it's better to simply run away rather than try and get a few licks of damage in. You can even use this fact to your advantage if you can bait an enemy DD to shoot at you, slip back into stealth and let your team pound on them for that 20 seconds when their detection is maxed out. (taking a hit or two in trade for killing or rendering an enemy DD combat ineffective is a decent trade in my book) As you get higher you'll also start to see more radar (some tier7 USN cruisers and all tier8+ USN and Russians). Learn how large a radius and how long these ships' radar lasts, and and unless you know for sure generally assume their radar is ready to go at the worst possible time for you. Also take note that radar works thru islands so a cruiser camping next to an objective can light you even if you have no way of seeing them, so try to remember common positions radar cruisers camp and where they were last seen on the minimap and plan accordingly. (people love parking behind an island adjacent to a cap then radaring as soon as the cap becomes contested) Lastly Radio Position Finding is a viable (some would say necessary) skill for IJN DDs when you reach 14 points. Instead of using it to hunt down hidden DDs you can use it to try and determine where potential predators are lurking and either work around them or try and set them up for your team to kill if possible. That's all I can think of at the moment. Some of this other have said, and a lot will come from experience. Overall IJN DDs can be rough but always remember a live DD is worth a lot at the end of the game so try to maximize your survival. People might rage in chat on what they think you should be doing, but a majority of pubbies as dumb as crapand don't even know how to play their own ships properly so do what you gotta do to stay afloat so you can have an impact on the game when it's most important.
  3. Working nights in central sucks cause I get about one hour for all but Saturday. It still baffles me why Friday isn't a CW day either considering most people can stay up later since they won't have to be up for work the next day.
  4. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Man I remember how heated the old Alaska threads got over whether she'd be a high tier cruiser or a mid tier battleship. Guess the people predicting that the Kronstadt was a test for her were right after all. Personally I'm still hopeful for a free-xp destroyer some day, but damn if this isn't tempting for my first FXP boat until then.
  5. Help with tactics with the Haida

    You can use it in the traditional sense of parking in it and firing out, I didn't mean to imply that tactic was wrong. I meant more the people who simply hit the cap, slow down, smoke up, and wait for the action to come to them are shortchanging themselves. The cool down on Haida's smoke is insanely quick vs most other tier7 DDs (at least the ones I have) so you can be a lot more proactive with it in terms of contesting caps and making both offensive and defensive moves. The fact that it rolls with you also makes it infinitely more useful in my opinion, as it allows you to be mobile while retaining cover so if you start it early you aren't stuck with a smoke cloud in a useless spot. For contesting caps if you can get your opponent to smoke up you suddenly have a huger advantage, as you can hydro up and advance on him, and if you get lit during this you can slow down and start your creeping smoke. In this case the enemy DD can either try to stay in cap and get lit up by you, or bail giving up the cap to you. If you reach the point where all the enemy DDs are dead, you can go back to using smoke in the traditional manner. Also, if you see a teammate getting worked or aground you can come in close on them and smoke up, offering continual cover while they try to get out of whatever spot they put themselves in. I've even had times where a friendly cruisers will try to tuck in with me for some stealth firing action. I never played Perth so the whole moving smoke thing is totally new to me, but it kinda blows me mind how much it can change the play style for a ship. Again, the classic smoke use method is still totally viable, but at the same time being able to relocate your smoke adds a ton more depth to what you can do both for your personal offense and defense, as well as teammates.
  6. Help with tactics with the Haida

    I'm having fun with mine so far, despite the teams not being entirely cooperative with winning. Her odd mix of tools makes her fun without seeming immediately gimmicky, and you can very quickly spot captains with her who don't "get" how to properly use them and instead just fall back on the same old DD tactics. In those cases you can cruise right up on someone sitting in smoke and shred them with hydro, and usually they panic and run out of smoke so the rest of the team can see them if they out range hydro. Against bigger targets the guns aren't terrible, being used to the USN 5inchers makes aiming with them pretty easy, though the lower rate of fire and lower fire chance do sometimes haunt you when you're trying to polish off a near dead BB or something. The only real downside is that single torpedo launcher which means you just don't have the alpha to deliver a monster strike unless you really get lucky and stack all 4 torps on the same target at once. In a way she kinda reminds me of how they Grozovoi is now, where you have a ton of consumables to rotate thru, and each requires you to change your style to really work them. There's always something to do and it never feels like there's that singular stealth torp-from-range all game or smoke-and-shoot that dominate the play style of some of the other lines.
  7. I have more than enough tier7 DDs, but I still kinda want this one. Plus I feel morally obligated to get my Blys her wartime buddy back.
  8. DD-450 USS O'Bannon. One of the first Fletchers off the line, most battle stars of any US destroyer in the war, none of her crew received a Purple Heart, and of course the potato story. Even Halsey mentioned her by name when describing the importance of the destroyer force during the war. Always loved the Fletcher class, and there's something so cool about one that was the epitome of been-there-done-that.
  9. Just think, with the patch tomorrow there will be the usual explosion of new ships in the queues, but in this case many of them will bring long duration radar to the table. If radar is bad now just wait for a few days and see how far it can go.
  10. Fix BB AP against DDs

    I vote we strike a compromise: BBs get the keep double dipping shells, and in turn we remove the little beep and icons over torpedoes in order to throw DDs a bone. Everyone's mad so it sounds like the perfect solution.
  11. And just like Groz's reign as the DD of choice for the news season of CW is over. On the other hand upping her gun range is nice since now she won't need AFT as badly. Maybe WG runs out of existing consumables they'll dust off the old AShM idea and see if tacking that on makes her more desirable.
  12. [ALL] USNA_76's Paint Locker

    I believe the Helena uses the same 6inch turret file as the Cleveland, as does the 3-gun turrets on the Dallas. Oddly enough the Boise has its own turrets though (along with its own Bofors, 5inchers, etc.)
  13. Grozavoi guns are 950m/s and seem to maintain that velocity at range quite well; much better than Akizuki which really seem to drop off past ~10km. And of course being a DD the dispersion is small at 97m.
  14. T8 Cleveland is Amazing

    I'm enjoying mine, feels like it has that old CBT punch back especially in AA. The shell arcs don't really seem that terrible, either because I'm used to the even worse USN 5inchers or maybe because the ships she's shooting at are a lot bigger than what you see 2 tiers down, or maybe the short range. Not averaging a lot of kills so far, but I think that's because she fits into that USN do-all mold where she doesn't deliver huge knock out damage, but has that perfect mix of damage over time, utility, and enough survivability to keep her going late into the game that makes for the ideal support ship. Her detection and radar range make her killer backup for a DDs trying to take a cap.
  15. Playing Epicenter as DD

    Enjoyment on epicenter is directly proportional to how competent your team is at shooting what you light. If they're efficiently sniping enemy DDs when you light them, chances are you're going to do well (as a team) and not totally hate it. If you're the one losing 1/3 of your health when you mutually light DDs you're gonna have a bad time, and you're probably gonna lose with half your team still alive 12km outside the farthest circle wondering how this could have happened.