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  1. Didn't WG a long time ago put in a system where people with something like 300 or less battles (don't remember the exact number) won't get matched against people with more battles, specifically to prevent people clubbing on total newbs?
  2. DedPan

    A new ship request: the Kennedy

    As much as I'd love to see a FRAM I Gearing, aren't the Mk.32 torpedoes and ARSOC launchers strictly anti-submarine?
  3. DedPan

    Proposed Consumable: Sabotage

    First place my mind went when i saw the title.
  4. Personally I'm all for fixing her if she is indeed too wide, though I'm much prefer to see her sit as low in the water as the Yue Yang does. When you flip between the two Gearing has ridiculously high free-board compared to her Pan Asian counterpart, so much so that a tiny bit of her bottom comes out of the water at the stern when bobbing up and down in port almost to the point to where the tops of the rudders break the surface.
  5. DedPan

    Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    If we're talking unique ships and not just famous named ones as premiums... SMS Seydlitz IJN Tone IJN Maya A Porter or Summers class DD, either in original configuration or the later refit with dual-purpose guns USS Maury USS Wasp A Mitscher or Forrest-Sherman class DD IJN Ise or Hyuga as aviation BBs Kitakami
  6. Torpedo soup is a thing at high tiers so everyone plays passive and complains until WG nerfs up Shima torps good and proper. Stealth and smoke fire is a thing so everyone plays passive and complains until WG completely removes OWSF and adds radar to allow people to light ships in smoke. Radar is crazy prevalent at high tiers so DDs play passive and complain until...people tell them to shut up and deal with it then get mad at them for dealing with it by avoiding it. Want DDs to not be passive? Tell BBs to target the ships that have the tools that make them such effective DD killers (hint: it's not the enemy BB that's bow on 20km away from you). Otherwise don't act surprised when you see DDs behave the same way every other class does when faced with a mechanic that makes their job difficult and un-fun to do when unassisted.
  7. DedPan

    Smoke Gen Mod 1 special upgrade

    MrDeaf did a topic on this very subject awhile back which assuming the data hasn't majorly changed is worth a read. Note that this is from 2017 so it pre-dates the Haida and Huanghe by quite a bit.
  8. DedPan

    New French Destroyer Announced

    That rate of fire (8.5rpm?) and that short range worry me considering this thing's gonna be nearly as big as the Tashkent. Almost seems like CE is going to be a waste in favor of AFT+BFT. Just hope the increased velocity means it has better ballistics at range than Aigle's guns do.
  9. Were the Mark 32 torpedo tubes only used for anti-sub torpedoes or were they still able to be directed at surface threats too? And if we're willing to hand wave them into being viable in game does that mean we can make ARSOC a type of torpedo launcher so we can have FRAM I Gearings?
  10. DedPan

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I say we go back to some old school WG solutions and nerf IJN DDs again.
  11. DedPan

    Possible Solution to Radar

    DDs aren't impossible to play, they're just so much more frustrating and un-fun than they used to be at high tiers. One reason why I think the Haida is enjoyable is it can go into caps and contest, and there is a low amount of radar in its MM bracket (not counting all the new Atlantas from the sale) so it isn't insta-lit and ground down immediately upon trying to knife fight other DDs. Whereas something like a tier9 or 10 KM DD can basically assume half the cruisers on both teams will have radar, so trying to get in close to use its sonar and smoke puts it deep in the danger zone of being radared by someone outside the cap and outside line-of-sight . And in the case of USN cruisers, they have the concealment needed to get to an island close enough to cover a cap with their radar without being spotted en-route, and once they see the cap flip can simply hit a button and light whoever is doing it with zero risk to themselves. Like others have said, because of this trying to get early caps when few enemy ships are lit is a near death sentence because you can find yourself under the cross hairs of the entirely enemy team who are clustered up because they are still deploying. The biggest problem with radar is like others have said, going thru islands. It means in a 20-24km wide circle for for 30 to nearly 60 seconds all concealment is negated and a DDs 2 primary means of survival (detection range and smoke) are useless. So the only real way to adapt to radar is avoidance, which again often means not capping early on and otherwise adopting a very passive play style. I don't think any rational person would argue that being radared in open water by an enemy cruiser while you're in smoke or in its range but still dark is unfair, but the idea that is can see thru everything regardless of line of sight and the only means of countering it is complete avoidance is just a bad mechanic that isn't fun. Just like why WG nixed anti-ship guided missiles; while they were of limited quantity and had only a minor impact as a whole, they were still just straight not fun to play against.
  12. DedPan

    T8 French DD Le Terrible

    HP looks decent, torps seem pretty good, handling seems in line for something as large as it is. But whoa that detection is high, like Tashkent kind of high. But unlike the Tashkent the gun range is only 11.2 (over 1km less than the Aigle), and Jesus that rate of fire is low. Better muzzle velocity that hopefully isn't as floaty as Aigle's are, and I'm curious how that consumable will work out. By my napkin math it drops the reload down to just under 2 seconds which is awesome, long enough to send out 5 volleys in the time you'd barely get 2 out, but I wonder if that burst will be enough to really make any real impact. Kind of a weird combo to me, almost seems like another line where you'd skip CE and pick up AFT assuming the ballistics are any good. Given the paint job I assume it's gonna be a premium which makes me wonder if that's gonna mean no Fantasque class in the tree like happened with the Tribal class for the RN tree.
  13. DedPan

    Will you keep Akizuki?

    I don't even want her in my port now except for the promise of her line eventually leading to tier10.
  14. Along with getting concealment expert part of becoming proficient with IJN DDs is knowing your opponents. Learn what the concealment of opposing DDs is, watch the minimap like others have said so you can predict what you might run into and proceed accordingly. (you know you can out-spot a Russian DD, but a hidden Haida can be deadly) Secondly, know how to use your stealth. Don't go nose first into caps unless you know for absolute certain you will be the only DD there because if you get spotted making a full 180 degree turn is a long time during which you can take damage; come in at an angle and skim the edge of it so if you are lit you simply have to make a hard 90º turn and you're already on your way out and can go dark that much faster. If necessary you can do this and overshoot the cap, and reverse in so you're already facing out; it takes slightly more time but leaves you in a position where you're present a smaller profile if you do get lit. Once you have CE you should be able to out-spot a good deal of other DDs which will give you precious seconds to react. Also, generally speaking IJN guns aren't great (at least close in) and firing them causes your detection to bloom out to their max range for 20 seconds, so sometimes it's better to simply run away rather than try and get a few licks of damage in. You can even use this fact to your advantage if you can bait an enemy DD to shoot at you, slip back into stealth and let your team pound on them for that 20 seconds when their detection is maxed out. (taking a hit or two in trade for killing or rendering an enemy DD combat ineffective is a decent trade in my book) As you get higher you'll also start to see more radar (some tier7 USN cruisers and all tier8+ USN and Russians). Learn how large a radius and how long these ships' radar lasts, and and unless you know for sure generally assume their radar is ready to go at the worst possible time for you. Also take note that radar works thru islands so a cruiser camping next to an objective can light you even if you have no way of seeing them, so try to remember common positions radar cruisers camp and where they were last seen on the minimap and plan accordingly. (people love parking behind an island adjacent to a cap then radaring as soon as the cap becomes contested) Lastly Radio Position Finding is a viable (some would say necessary) skill for IJN DDs when you reach 14 points. Instead of using it to hunt down hidden DDs you can use it to try and determine where potential predators are lurking and either work around them or try and set them up for your team to kill if possible. That's all I can think of at the moment. Some of this other have said, and a lot will come from experience. Overall IJN DDs can be rough but always remember a live DD is worth a lot at the end of the game so try to maximize your survival. People might rage in chat on what they think you should be doing, but a majority of pubbies as dumb as crapand don't even know how to play their own ships properly so do what you gotta do to stay afloat so you can have an impact on the game when it's most important.
  15. Working nights in central sucks cause I get about one hour for all but Saturday. It still baffles me why Friday isn't a CW day either considering most people can stay up later since they won't have to be up for work the next day.