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  1. I went gun Gearing (BFT+MBM3) during last season's clan wars thinking it'd give me an edge vs other DDs, but this season went back to torpedoes. I'm of the opinion that it takes a lot of shell hits to equal a single torpedo, so I personally think TAE gives you much more bang for your buck than shaving a second or so off your mains. On top of that, like others have said, past about 10km your shell travel times makes it hard to hit anything with any kind of maneuverability, so you're mainly limited to trying to stack fires on battleships. In the end I found this build means a lot of smoke and shoot style which at the time I was doing in my German DDs, but the Gearing lacks that nice AP they get for anyone broadsiding. Looking at old screenshots, if you think you can land 200-300 rounds per battle it can work, but for me those games were few and far between. EDIT: worth noting, I kept RPF and didn't take DE on my gun build so that probably would have improved my damage results somewhat.
  2. Gearing Torp "upgrade"

    While the ability to choose between Fletcher and current Gearing torps would be interesting, personally the biggest thing I'd like to see done to it is reduce the turning circle radius to be more in line with the rest of the line. It's only 1foot wider and 20 feet longer than a Fletcher, and uses dual rudders yet in game has a turning circle is 80 meters larger. Up until tier10 one of the highlights of the USN line is turning circles in the 560-570 range with nice fast rudder shifts that make them super nimble, but the Gearing feel like a fat pig in comparison. Also making her sit as low in the water as the Yue Yang would be nice .
  3. Does this mean the dream of the Cleveland getting her quad bofors back is finally in sight?
  4. Give the Gearing a sub-600m turning circle like the rest of the USN DD line. That or give it the Fletcher torps.
  5. Tips for torps?

    Going for targets that are otherwise engaged helps. A battleship that's squared up against your team will rarely make any major course changes besides possibly reversing, and seeing torps coming from the side will force them to either turn and risk citadels or just eat them. Otherwise it's just about trying to predict what the enemy will do or how they'll react to what your team is doing.
  6. Maybe this will continue the trend of releasing mediocre premiums as part of a pain in the [edited]campaign or set of missions designed to frustrate you into getting premium time or straight up buying it to avoid the headache. Or maybe I'm just a cynic.
  7. What is the kronstachdt?

    A Russian battlecruiser design that was planned but never completed, and is has been announced as an addition to the game as a cruiser despite having very battleship-like stats. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kronshtadt-class_battlecruiser
  8. I just noticed in your download for the tier8 Hsienyang you included the file "ZSD005_Hsiang_Yang_1945_a.dds" which is the hull texture for the tier10 Yueyang. I guess they never changed the file name from when they were testing PA DDs and the 10 was called the Hsian Yang, and given the 1 letter difference I can see why they decided on the change for release. That said, any plans to make a Yueyang texture? All your other one looks great, and even though all the historic pictures for Yueyang (at least as DDG-905) are the same boring haze grey as everyone else went to post WW2, it would round out the collection nicely.
  9. CBT. Technically got in the alpha but was super involved in WoT so I only played like 2 games. For real started playing in March of 2015 according to my oldest screenshots and still here. Man has it been that long...
  10. Competitiveness

    Lo Yang and the Anshan pre-date the PA line so they both have normal torps. Sadly for this same reason they lack the super fast cool down for smoke that the rest of the PA destroyers have and instead have smoke similar to the the RU DDs (I think).
  11. What's your comfort ship.

    Fletcher. Never an un-fun game with that ship.
  12. Just imagine the outrage if torpedoes were able to roll damage twice...
  13. BFT + DE if you want to go heavy into guns, TAE if you want to bring the horrendous torpedo reload down to the level of only terrible. Radio location is also a possibility if you want to be a DD hunter. AFT to me is a waste since USN 5 inchers are already hard enough to land hits with past about 10km on anything smaller than a battleship. Personally I used to run it with TAE + torpedo mod3 but ever since clan wars went to BFT + main batter3 and am finding it quite fun (I used RL with both specs). It's really up to you depending on your play style.
  14. HMS Cossack WiP

    I was skeptical about the hype everyone gave the Gadja Mada considering I generally wasn't crazy about all the other British build DDs in game, but having finally played it, I I love it and was super looking forward to the idea of a premium version coming out. Watching Notser's video though, man I hope they can make it work cause it sounds like it has nothing going for it right now. Maybe WG has run out of ideas or gimmicks finally?
  15. The 100 Club

    Scharnhorst: 139 Murmansk: 157 Cleveland: 125 Fletcher: 220 Gearing: 100 Not that impressive but I don't tend to play the same ships a ton with a few obvious exceptions.