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  1. Type_93

    Superships ruining Tier 9

    Don’t go broadside to the Satsuma.
  2. Because it’s random and co-op
  3. Yup. Napoli and Venezia combo on the flank works very well.
  4. Type_93

    wg my compliment about the game

    The game isn’t bad. You think it’s bad because you aren’t able to deal with state of the game as it stands. And yea, I guess I am a whale. Sorry I have enough disposable income to buy what I like. My being a whale has no effect on the game other than to support it financially. Games have to progress or they die. I tend to think most players who don’t want the game to progress or want it to revert to a former state would be happier playing a more single player naval sim.
  5. Your team lost. Why would you get a reward for losing? Granted you can have a great game even in a loss sometimes, but you don’t get a reward. There’s plenty of “everyone gets a trophy” out there already and look how that mentality has screwed the world.
  6. This guy gets it. There are ways to counter. Sounds like your team made a mistake and the 2 conde punished you for it.
  7. Type_93

    This may be a dumb question...

    Because she is a commonwealth ship, not part of the EU line.
  8. Type_93

    wg my compliment about the game

    To the point of your post, at least give a solution or a fix for the problem. Just whining about it does no good. Right now it sounds like you’re a BB player who was isolated in the back. You make the perfect target for CVs and Subs playing like that.
  9. Type_93

    Not Happy With Ragnar

    If you’re not a DD main, why would you spend steel on a DD??
  10. Type_93

    US Independence Day Mystery Achievement(s??)

    Maybe you have to sink a British ship in an American ship?
  11. People who rush for a cap as soon as the match starts and start yelling for support are the ones who normally lose the match for you. In my experience those players have terrible stats, but blame the rest of the team for them dying in 3 mins.
  12. Type_93

    Match Maker rigged.

    It’s not rigged, it’s skill based. So if you claim all you get are terrible teammates, you might wanna ask yourself “why am I on the bad team?” I think you’ll answer your own question.
  13. Type_93

    3 DD Divs

    We,the DD mains, officially dump the responsibility of spotting unto CVs and Submarines. We are sick and tired of the calls of “I need intelligence data” from our BB overlords and their cruiser enforcers. We want our freedom to hunt! We will *wolfpack* as much as we want and our prayers to torpedus jesus will be heard! No more spotting! No more spotting!
  14. We don’t take kindly to those who don’t take kindly ‘round here! For reals though, if it’s not fun for you, then at least you tried it.
  15. Because Seal clubbing with a Kamikaze is it’s own reward!