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  1. Blazefang

    Remove the Smolensk

    weakest my A#* if it was sooooo weak WG would still have it in armory and no one would play it. but that is not what happens now is it.
  2. Blazefang

    Remove the Smolensk

    Yes the smoke with all it has is over powering.
  3. Blazefang

    Remove the Smolensk

    You have more post than actual games. are you just a troll paid by WG?
  4. Blazefang

    Remove the Smolensk

    They removed it from armory not the game.
  5. Blazefang

    Remove the Smolensk

    My point is you dont have time to make the shell switch to be effective cause if you just shoot your AP then go HE you have already lost half you HP. And it does not fit in with being an easy cit like all the other machine gun cruisers to balance them. WG did not want the minow to have HE cause they said such a ship would be OP. but look at them now.
  6. Blazefang

    Remove the Smolensk

    Getting tired of the OP flame thrower that when you shoot it with AP you over pen it every time VS the other machine gun cruisers that give cits out like they should. 1volley against them in a BB you do little over 4k damage if you lucky with all the over pens and god forbid a cruiser sitting at 7k away get hit with more then 3 shells cause ya know BB dispersion at close range is a joke. By the time you reload you already lost more then half you HP cause of fires. and constant damage it is dealing out with its HE. but that is not enough lets also give it smoke, great AA, AP shells, and torpedoes cause why not. What is the point of even playing a Minotaur anymore?
  7. Blazefang


    The Smolensk is game breaking change my mind.
  8. Blazefang

    gneisenau turrets

    why does the gneisenau only have 2 guns per turret when the ship actually had 3 guns per turret?