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  1. whyme69

    Monthly Super container

    I got the tier 5 Pan European battleship.
  2. whyme69

    Keep or sell?

    No sale ever. If you sale it you can get it in containers again.
  3. Benham class had the most torps 16 total 8 each side.
  4. whyme69

    what are the best open water botes?

    Hallands and gearing long range torps do well.
  5. They forgot to feed the hamsters and they stopped.
  6. Ths curse of the dd player they [edited] if rush the cap and [edited] if you do not. I try to get near a cap to spot but wait to see where the radar ca are before going on. Staying alive is most important thing at the start.
  7. whyme69

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    It's like they took everything that made a ship bad and turned it to 11.
  8. whyme69

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Remember when they said rebuiled West Virginia would be to powerful at tier7.
  9. whyme69

    Remove Tier 4 CVs from the game.

    Add some aa to lower tier ships would not be bad idea.
  10. You should look up lost hope on YouTube.
  11. No gold Ammunition in warships need to damage higher tier ships. I would have a better time in a NC aginst a tier 10. Then a t32 against a tier10 tank.
  12. Most important thing is to turn every so often very op.
  13. whyme69

    British Carriers

    The German CVS might be getting AP rockets.
  14. whyme69

    Does the Puerto Rico even Have a Citadel?

    Have to hit it far a way.
  15. whyme69

    Best Tech Tree Ships?

    Any Russian line that is not there destroyers.