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  1. whyme69

    Alaska price riot thread

    Truth be told most people are happy it is not steel.
  2. whyme69

    Thank you WG

    You gat a gold value for the ship. When you get doubles
  3. whyme69

    Thank you WG

    I just got 8 ships from 40 mega creats A Kutuzov a Kranu kryma a Massachusetts a Prinz Eugene a Dunkerque a perth and 3 ships I already had thank you.
  4. whyme69

    Moskva vs Kronstadt vs Alaska

    Alaska will only be crap to meh at best.
  5. whyme69

    ST cruiser alaska citadel change

    Good job guys way to Nerf a ship not a single person called op and delay for months next time shut up.
  6. whyme69

    Wichita Nerf as per Dev Blog

    Will not go near this version of the ship with a 10 foot poll. Shame to I love the ship to.
  7. whyme69

    Premium Tier VIII USN CA: Wichita

    Nurfed into the ground nothing to see here let's just wait to see how they will Nerf Alaska as well.
  8. whyme69

    Is Jean Bart Vapor ware?

    Alaska when.
  9. whyme69

    Le Terrible: Coming Soon (not Soon tm)

    Alaska when.
  10. whyme69

    Daring is a lesser Minotaur

    No but everything else.
  11. whyme69


    I am sure it was be garbage by the time it comes out
  12. For once I think it would be nice change of pace to have a high tier USN CA that does not need hide behind a island most of the game.
  13. whyme69

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Thanks for all do mouse do not listening to a few [edited]holes.