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  1. WeeVee-Gate

    This is what we want.
  2. For real wargaming you take the stock a Hull that everyone used to hate and made it in to West Virginia. No one wanted the pre pearl harbor West Virginia and there is a great big hole at tier7.
  3. I agree this needs to be a tier 7with the refit.
  4. Going to be away a few days would like to know if I can still get the super container when I get back.
  5. Just take one second off reload and release next patch.
  6. Next steel ship?

    If you look at all the steel ships they all tested gimmic ships I think the French battle ship is next.
  7. If Wargaming made the Alaska a Reward or Steel ship would any one still want it?
  8. USS West Virginia post pearl harbor.
  9. Easy fix for high tier USN CA

    Baltimore is only tankie because it does have 27mm of bow armor. When it moves to tier 8 and drops the armor and heal it will lose it.
  10. Easy fix for the high tiers CA just give the tier 8s 27mm of bow armor and heals this way they can bow tank 15 in gun battleships with out being overmatched by every battleship you see. The tier 9s can also use 27mm bows as well. As far as the tier 10s go they can both use 30mm of bow armor this will let them bow tank 16in guns. This way they can still be overmatched by every tier 10 battleship but Montana and will still have a fair shot at killing any lower tier battleship that is not a Bismarck. If you look at it right now only the high tier USN cruisers have no chance of killing any battleship in there mm range at lest every other cruiser line has a very small chance of winning with torps.
  11. Dev Blog - Cossack changes

    Better torpedos then Kidd a tier lower.
  12. What is the best T9 CA

  13. I am surprised no one is thinking law enforcement I got on at 20 and will be able to retiree at 41years old with pension and full health Care for family.