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  1. whyme69

    Thanks for the free ship WeeGee

    I got mine very nice ship.
  2. whyme69

    so i got the "free" dd

    I got mine today it's fun as hell. Get it if you can.
  3. You think this was bad you should have done the old pearl event for R kamikaze. That one was a lot tuffer and had only a limited amount of Pearl's for Every to get for everyone. That was for just a tier 5.
  4. Hey any one know what time Daily mission reset.
  5. whyme69

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    Missions start tomorrow.
  6. whyme69

    Rogue Wave: The Full Guide

    You can earn up to 850 fuel tokens.
  7. Des Moines class had enough Ammunition to fire for 18 minutes.
  8. First game I played I got torpedoed by my own Shimkaze in my first game this year. Then the game after our rental Yamamoto went broadside to a good Yamamoto player and died in one shoot .
  9. whyme69

    What's your Favorite ship?

  10. whyme69

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    I would have got the original version of the ship no problem but I will not touch this New Orleans 2.0 with a 20 foot poll. Perhaps If it was a tier 7.
  11. whyme69

    Azuma vs Alaska

    Wich one will come out fitst.
  12. whyme69

    Where is USS Wichita?

    Same place Alaska is.
  13. whyme69

    Alaska Soon.

    Alaska not soon.
  14. whyme69

    Alaska price riot thread

    Truth be told most people are happy it is not steel.