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  1. What is the best T9 CA

  2. I am surprised no one is thinking law enforcement I got on at 20 and will be able to retiree at 41years old with pension and full health Care for family.
  3. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    Just give the tier 6 and 7 USN battleships 3 more knots and that will help them out.
  4. EA SW Battlefront DISASTER

    Do not forget how EA killed off the command@Conquer rts games as well.
  5. Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    I got it and have had a lot of fun in it plays different Wich is good.
  6. They are good for silver when you need it.
  7. Pan Asia OP

    They have to choose between radar or smoke.
  8. Good by Sims

    First off i am talking most about old meta when you only had USN and IJN first good fire power is long gone with the sims your guns off at an thing will light you up as soon you start to fire. The 7.2 starting range is as almost worst in game for any usn destroyers. If you ready what i said the torps the long range torps are worthless if you want self defense trops go with the short range ones and most of the games i played in my sim i did not have a option for the slow ones the only ones it had where the 6.5 ones so if you did have to use torps you did need to get close. Also yes i can dance So if its so great why was it average damage 22,000 most games and in the game today we have the german and soviet DD lines that do guns much better try getting into gun fight with one at your best 6.5 detection range. only thing it kicks around any more are the IJN DDs that where never good.at gone fight to start. not to mention all the radar it sees its tier and above. and other detection it sees at it ranges. not to mention the huge problem when it up tiers in a game. you lower tier dds from tier 2 to tier 6 USN DDS work fine one tier up but you put a sims in a tier 8 match and its meat for any thing that is not IJN see how a Sims up tiers Against a Benson or other gun line tier 8 they do not have a chance and do not get me started on tier 9. So you have a close range gunship that can not get close and good luck hitting any thing that is not a battleship past 10 km. So the only way to play it is sit back and let the other tier 8 ships damage each other to the point where you might have a chance. Yes you can turn on a dime in it was not saying you could not but being able to turn in a circle will not win you much and if you think i have no idea to play a sims i got up to rank 9 with it in ranked battles with it with a good win rate as well.
  9. Good by Sims

    That answer was to a person that was saying could stealth torp at range and get 8 hits at a battleship.
  10. Good by Sims

    The only way to stealth torp with a Sims is if the target is coming at you moving towards you at angle. Lets say you stealth fire your torps at lets say 7.4 Km at any thing other then a slow USN battleship that is moving away from you will never hit it. Only time they hit any thing range is if it is very close or not moving in smoke. In that case you are just better off with the short range faster torps that will do damage.
  11. Good by Sims

    First off you are again talking about a ship you do not have and a class you do not play if you want to talk about battleships or CA then talk bout do not talk about a class or tier you have never played.
  12. Good by Sims

    Perhaps you a First you are looking at Average score per battle perhaps you should look below that at Highest score and not average score.
  13. Good by Sims

    I have put all 8 torps into a number of Battleships that then turned around and then nucked me as i sat there trying to get away. Also the numbers of hits by torps at range tend to die off only the worst battleship drivers would take any number of the torps at any thing over 4 km.
  14. Good by Sims

    yes The Bliss-Leavitt Torpedoes have a top speed of 49 knots so people have a nick name of sea mines for them because of how slow they are oh and did i mention all of the 8500 damage for each hit.