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  1. Now, now, Diablo Immoral is at least a playable game, at least on phones.
  2. It would be much easier to give Blizzard some credit for the "yeah that's expensive but we don't expect people to do it that way" if the game didn't throw "micro" transactions at you routinely. I can see why this game was banned outright in multiple countries that just make WoWS remove armory features.
  3. BlackAngelCom

    Wargaming stop the lies about subs

    I meant that they have the biggest impact for their class when they don't play the class as designed. WG was not trying to make subs have their greatest impact when either (a) sitting at periscope depth doing nothing as spotter / denial, or (b) extreme close range shark attack. Subs are at their least effective trying to play Silent Hunter. In most cases the game is decided or over before one can even get into position for that.
  4. BlackAngelCom

    Wargaming stop the lies about subs

    All of this stems from subs being a very poor fit for the pace of the game. Submarine gameplay is, ex-RTS carrier, the most alien and detached from the rest of the game. The pace is different. The mechanics are different and need big crutches to be playable. The slot reduces the "action" surface ships get and adds an annoying task. Sub flexibility is terrible even with the enhanced speed and maneuver. They have the biggest impact on the game when they are not being played with most of their abilities - either doing shark attacks or being silent pickets.
  5. BlackAngelCom

    Subs Don't Make Sense

    Submarine gameplay is still a terrible experience even with all the alterations and buffs. To the extent it's enjoyable it's from uncounterable [edited] like shark attack / shotgun (that's being nerfed, thank God). They're too alien and unfun already, imagine how bad it would be with more plausible numbers. Almost like they shouldn't be in the game...
  6. BlackAngelCom

    Kansas-Vermont Branch Changes

    The nerf is probably only relevant at the extreme range they're trying to get Vermont out of. Iowa / Montana can already penetrate anything that isn't ricochet.
  7. BlackAngelCom

    Explain Siegfried to me

    Siegfried has German BB 380mm rifles that have cruiser dispersion. A good Siegfried player can hit larger ships with every shot fired, and plausibly aim for sections on BB. It's also got light BB armor including 90mm belt armor along the entire upper hull and a 30mm top deck in the middle of the ship. Bad shots ricochet.
  8. The expected value of the multiple game bonuses is higher. Less chance of it going completely wrong. Everyone has those games when they load up to chase premium time 200% and then get routed or get personally camped by a CV, or forget how far Yamato can shoot.
  9. BlackAngelCom

    This Week's Dockyard Missions...

    This dockyard had a massive grind trap with this and the prior directive. Which was 48k base XP and effectively locked this one. The "goal" from WGs perspective is if one neglected to play last week, this one is nigh-undoable. That could be bypassed with coop damage farming. I didn't, I was playing Ranked anyway. Doing it as intended is grinding 6-7k base XP per day for 3 weeks. And good luck if you didn't unlock *that* one on schedule. One can't plausibly "crunch" this Dockyard.
  10. BlackAngelCom

    A perspective on the final Altantico Dockyard directive

    If you got one of the "complementary" holiday Ochakov's, it's perfect for this stage. Tier VIII (good base XP), wiggly (potential damage) and 9.1km stealth (spotting).
  11. BlackAngelCom

    A perspective on the final Altantico Dockyard directive

    This one can be summarized as grind 84k base XP in 14 days, one class should be good at potential damage (BB or fire drawing cruiser).
  12. BlackAngelCom

    Why not show broadside?

    Ranges and accuracy in the game are significantly different from the real life naval gunnery these ships were designed for. At most ranges in the game, shells will strike and pen the upper hull, not the deck. But there's more to it than that. The aiming scope is sufficiently precise that people can aim at or below the waterline in order to disperse shells directly into the belt and citadel. And most ranges in the game are likewise short enough that same class guns can penetrate belt. Sailing broadside also makes it easier to estimate lead than sailing at an angle.
  13. BlackAngelCom

    Atlantico and dubloons

    You'd have to grind seriously hard to get it to the minimum cost starting now. It's doable if you just broke your leg or something, but it won't be fun. The last three weeks have a significant base XP grind that you can't start until you clear the prior ones in order.
  14. BlackAngelCom

    Mods policy without listing forbidden mods

    Mods that are cosmetic or replicate / organize information you can otherwise get are legal. Mods that confer abilities not available in the base client / human performance are cheating. Using free camera when not dead, or an "aim here" calculator beyond the reticle, for example.
  15. BlackAngelCom

    The Return of Puerto Rico

    A good % of those probably involve botting or TOS violations as well. There were only a handful of documented Puerto Ricos and they showed unhealthy amounts of play, equipment most players simply did not have (Missouri, stacks of mega camo) and in one case posted here, doing the event in an unintended way so that Directive 7 didn't have to be completed. Guy had a ton of time off with good skill and ships and if you completed all the first 6 directives in one day each, the points would get you there.