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  1. BlackAngelCom

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    Why do you think Americans will be immune to the disease? The country itself has disease spread with over a thousand cases detected despite testing screw ups, its already here. With no immunity it will grow. Chinese connections or not are totally irrelevent now. We probably brought in more cases from Italy than from China. My state imported a case from Egypt, who at the time were denying they had it. Germany is estimating those fatalities based on much of the country eventually getting it and it not being particularly lethal, .5% or something like that. If it is more lethal or they run out of ability to treat, well, worse scenario. And Schengen covers all of Europe east to Belarus and Ukraine. That is where the border is. It does exclude former Yugoslavia but they have cases anyway so so much for that.
  2. BlackAngelCom

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    Because it's not going to be 18,000 deaths. Germany has said they expect well over ten times that in just their country, in a relatively good scenario. United States being more than 4x the size of Germany, well...
  3. BlackAngelCom

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    This is going to kill far more people than regular flu or cars. That it hasn't yet is meaningless. It's new, it hasn't infected tens of millions yet. There might be a million cases globally, with how Iran is getting crushed. A readily contagious disease with this kind of severe illness rate, 10-20%, that's a big deal. There isn't anything like that that we deal with so don't think about it as something fitting normal context.
  4. BlackAngelCom

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    It can be both. Around 5% of confirmed cases need ICU or advanced life support type measures. China outside Hubei has spread those around enough they all have beds; many are living. Death rare lower. Singapore same thing. 10% of their cases have been critical but so far they have controlled it enough and have enough advanced hospitals all have what they need. In Hubei or north Italy, there wasn't/isn't enough capacity for all of those and so they die. If you need intubation and that is not available, you're not going to survive. Intubation is a life saving measure. Critical condition in general means "this person likely dies without proper medical care." In a historical world, flu pandemics of 1957, 1968 and 1918 (the "Spanish bad one), the death rate for this thing without modern ICU would be much like the latter if not worse. Different people killed, old instead of young, but similar. Which means the spread has to be controlled or else.
  5. After a wretched first few games (I would have saved stars by a mile had I had any...), I had a good run with Yamato and reached Rank 11 (the gold) with 14 total battles played. Crossing the remaining ranks - with ZERO stopping points - with that many stars is not something I find mathematically appealing. I may poke at it now and then but I'm not going to make a serious effort.
  6. BlackAngelCom

    Yashima Preview

    All such Japanese ship talk is pretty dubious due to primary source destruction. The USN had to reconstruct what Yamato's design was by oral interview compared to photographs and engineering analyses. It is highly...unlikely that there is any legit information about anything else in the design project.
  7. BlackAngelCom

    Do the Montana need a buff

    More like a certain Russian ship needs major nerfs.
  8. BlackAngelCom


    How would this mode work without star saving and with the huge number of revocable stars and ranks? The star "supply" would be less than zero sum after rank outs and disgusted attrition.
  9. BlackAngelCom

    3rd set of directives

    Yeah, I was commenting on the 2nd Directive vs. 3rd. 3rd is blitzable and fair. The 2nd is the one that is the hump this time.
  10. BlackAngelCom

    3rd set of directives

    The third set is ridiculously more blitzable than the second is. BB, CA and DD can be targeted but then CV is RNG and all thd others are either RNG and cooperation or require a ton of games.
  11. Seeing 2m being tossed around for DDs makes me nervous about the 1 million for Alaska.
  12. Is there some additional penalty available for this? Pink isn't enough, it doesn't compensate either my time or the credit losses.
  13. With the coupon I can have enough doubloons for the ship after the London event. I already have Tirpitz, Scharn, T-61 and Warspite. Is there anything else to consider?
  14. BlackAngelCom

    bruh I used to think soviet bias was a meme but

    Or we could remember they released Kremlin and SinOP, ships with the singular weakness of easily sunk if sailed stupid.
  15. BlackAngelCom

    Russian Dreamboats

    What is this trash? These aren't the least way balanced at all and [censored] on other lines. Why even propose this garbage?