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  1. BlackAngelCom

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    America, the naval design school of "We have big oceans, big industry and big wallet, why not?" Not that this was an official project (private company).
  2. Hannover does have improved secondaries with 12km range (assuming full secondary build, which you should do). They go up to 14 and barely miss when the special ability activates. A Hannover that isn't a muppet should not have a hard time with a spotted DD. It's also - unlike the Großer Kurfürst - damn near immune to bomber attack, with CV levels of AA concentrated at long range. Satsuma on the other hand...just a Tier XI Yamato. Nothing wrong with that but everything applicable to Yamato also true here including the bow and cheeks.
  3. BlackAngelCom

    What were the winning bids?

    Writing that the size of the event is the same across servers is in no way the same as "the servers share one prize pool."
  4. A single proximity fuse torp can kill any ship ever made. A superbattleship or aircraft carrier might resist being outright broken in half but would still be crippled and a likely loss for practical purposes.
  5. They explicitly said the opposite, unless they are illiterate.
  6. BlackAngelCom

    coal winners

    50m did not win? Oh well, that's around the max economic value of the coal in time.
  7. BlackAngelCom

    So how much did you bid for the coal?

    This is my general thinking. The World of Tanks black market auctions drew a ton of less active and longer-term inactive players out of the woodwork but that was because Wargaming opened it by selling a good premium tank for a reasonable amount of credits. That got people engaged fast. It also had surprise deals and a leaked list of goodies (first in general, then by timezone) that you didn't know when they were being listed, so you were engaged all the time if you wanted one of them. Viral marketing home run. This is opening with low key items - a resource bag and a couple of overpriced doubloon items. I don't see a lot of dormant or less active accounts logging in just to bid on the coal.
  8. I'm not sure if this is utterly useless or just has a learning cliff. I've still been able to hit cruisers painfully with the Germans, who have much less delay. The HE rockets though...
  9. BlackAngelCom

    Pirates are not playing to the spirit of the game

    Had one massively troll pirate playing a max tank Conqueror. Oh, you think you can get the killing blow...
  10. BlackAngelCom

    PTS 0.10.5

    The rocket lead time is far too long, the planes have to slow down to below stall speed to make it fit. Combined with small DD detection radius and its damn near impossible to hit them. I've hit one reasonably well with HE rockets in multiple battles of trying, but they weren't good at DD because I came back and hit them with torps and blew them out of the water. With a Hakuryu I was totally helpless against a Halland charging me as that can deplane anyone without the ability to snapshot rockets. And you can't do that anymore. There is no indication of the lead time of different carrier rockets. Everyone's performance will be abysmal with them until this is relearned. On the super BBs - Satsuma's gun adjustment bonus is underwhelming. Hannover's is brutal and fun, but there's a very good chance you won't get to use Satsuma's. It should last twice as long.
  11. BlackAngelCom

    So how much did you bid for the coal?

    Stay frosty. You don't need to outbid the top 659 whales on the server.
  12. BlackAngelCom

    So how much did you bid for the coal?

    Slightly over minimum with a random six-digit string. We'll see.
  13. BlackAngelCom

    This is the most unsatisfying shooter in the world because of RNG

    Oh World of Tanks is vastly worse. The exact same shot to the same spot can produce unavoidable instant death or nothing. WoWS guns always do the same pen and same damage.
  14. BlackAngelCom

    Just a heads up, Prime Gaming Loot for May

    Those are premium German DD containers, mind. The Jutland ones gave me an Agincourt (!) and 7500 coal.
  15. BlackAngelCom

    Skipping T9s?

    I skipped Izumo to get to Yamato faster during a holiday crate blitz (200% XP on Amagi) and because it doesn't carry over at all. I skipped Minnesota because why waste weeks of my life playing that.