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  1. You play it the same way as when straffe didn't exist. As in lot of baiting and waiting to get good open shot. WTR is based on the average. Since the zuiho can no longer manual drop, the average went down so you should be able to keep a good WTR even without manual drop or straffe provided you outplay your opponent.
  2. - Pink - Lexington - Strike package - isolate himself from the team - Get within 10km of an atlanta in the first 4 minutes of the game GG
  3. As far as I know, the AA rating is just an indication of the strength of the actual AA. The rating does not always represent the actual strength of the AA. Check your AA guns in port to see your actual AA.
  4. I am probably not the best CV and i don't care.
  5. Already double or even triple what it was in tank.
  6. @WARBEASTY wrote: "HOW TO PLAY CV" Ok i doubt WARBEASTY would come to the forum to ask this question but I will bite. The question is fairly vague. There is multiple way to play a CV. The gameplay change throughout the tier, nation, mod, loadout and even personal choice. I will brush a generic explanation that cover the core mechanics. For more details, you can refine your question and ask it again. I will be limiting myself to tier 8 and below since they are my area of expertise. CV mechanics have 3 main components: A) Damage dealing B) Air defense C) Scouting A) Damage dealing Your main objective is to find a way for your planes to do the most damage possible to the enemy while keeping them as safe as possible. Doing that require a constant evaluation of the map. You want to find a weak point in the enemy formation where you will be able to strike hard while minimizing your own losses. There might not always be a target straight away. In this case, you have to wait that the occasion present itself watch the battle unfolding. All ship types can be a target. Battleships are big targets but have the highest hp and torpedo protection, mitigating your damage. Cruisers often have defensive fire and can manoeuver better to attacks but it take less torpedoes to kill them. Destroyer can be killed with very few torpedoes but they are very manoeuvrable. They also tend to have poor AA and stray away from their team, which make them ideal target if there is nothing else available. Every time you strike, you can evaluate your performance. You can ask yourself questions such as: - Was the strike worth the planes i lost doing it? - Did it have any positive impact on the game such as damaging the enemy or put the enemy in a situation that favor your team? If you do this mental exercice, you will quickly learn by experience what is worth attacking and what is not, making you a better striker. B) Air defense Air defense is the job of defending your team and your planes against enemy strike planes or fighter scout. Fighters follow the same logic as your strike planes. You want to maximize your ratio of planes killed to planes lost. Watch the enemy movement and engage when you have the advantage or when you think sacrificing your plane will be beneficial in term of plane kill or damage avoided to allied ships. Strafe is your best friend. You can use it to quickly kill strike planes, get an edge in a fighter fight or run away when the odds are against you. Always try to keep some fighter as the enemy CV will not have total air control and will have to be more cautious as long a single squadron still alive and roaming. Your fighters can be used to intercept enemy strikes or protect your own strikes. The advantage with the former is that you cover your team while striking but an enemy fighter or floatplane might mess your drop or force you to pull back. The later allow you to lock enemy fighters and kill the floatplanes but leave your team open to retaliation. Due the fighter reliance on strafe and the bomber reliance on manual attack, it is often best to not defend against a strike and strike at the same time. In those case, you can pull back or lock your fighter with enemy bombers while you drop or pull your strike package back while you defend your team. C) Scouting Scouting is very important in modes like ranked and team battle but it still have it's importance in random. The though process is this: if your strike is reloading or have no viable target and the enemy CV is not striking your team, why not make use of those fighter to spot enemy DDs and torpedoes on the meanwhile. It provide an advantage for the team while having little to no negative effect on your strike or AA capacity as long as you don't get under fire by strong enemy AA. Torpedos that are scouted by your planes stay visible, helping your team mitigating a lot of the potential damage from enemy DDs (and they will hate you for it). Primary situation to scout would be when a cap is contested by both side, when your friendly have a smoke screen but is at risk or receiving torpedoes or cannot see outside the screen due to no one spotting for him and when an enemy ship is lurking but your team cannot see him. This include DDs sailing around the map and cruisers using island to hide themselves while shooter over it. These are the 3 component of a CV. Their importance is not always the same. Ranked and team battle tend to favor a lot more scouting and air defense than damage. Air defense become less important at higher tier due to ship AA getting stronger. These are however the 3 main component that you have to balance to be a good CV player.
  7. When 1v2 the other CVs and 5 kills is not enough to carry
  8. CV main there but i try to play all classes as well. CV % is inflated because the saipan is my to go ship for credit and captain exp.
  9. Well there is multiple guides around the net, a training room to test stuff out and a list of all the keys in the games you can test to see what it does.
  10. Diving up with one would allow you to see at least 1 every game.
  11. Mostly depend on you. If you are motivated and want to learn, you can look around the web to learn the different games mechanics and what do do in different situations. After that, it's only experience to better learn each ship and how to better react in differents situations as well as becoming better to adjust your shots. You can reach a plateau of skill rather quickly a few hundred games in.
  12. I'm mostly playing the ryujo. In the 8 games i played, i met only 1 strike independence. My first straffe killed 20 planes. The second killed the 17 remaining a few minutes later. Facing fighter independence is chill, you don't have to take much risk since he got no strike power. You just wait that he come to attack to gang up on his fighter and wreck them while he drop. Balanced independence is the only one that could be a bit more problematic since there is a TB and sometime even pitting 2 of your fighters agains't his once doesn't guarantee victory. Ryujo is the best CV to use.
  13. Well if the bots have aimbot (kek), wouldn't it be better to keep moving and dodge when they fire to make them miss rather than staying bow on and have most of all their shots hit? Some BBs can get citadeled while bow on and those that don't can still get super structure pen damage, which ramp up quickly if multiple BBs shoot at you. And i'm not even mentioning overmatch.
  14. Suddenly receiving lot of damage until you die without you doing anything? Seem like one of your stray torpedo hit a friendly and made him flood. It could also be a fire if from your guns. - I've heard from this thread that secondary no longer count as team damage. What if his secondary hit set a fire? Would it count as team damage? - Instant blowup would be you purposely tking or detonating an ally (if it's possible) Since you didn't blow up instantly, i'd have to go for DOT damage (fire ramming or flooding).
  15. If you got premium, you could farm the operation for credits. You can get quite a lot provided you do good and your team get 5 star. Also, damage is misleading. 10k dmg on Bb is a lot less rewarding than 10k dmg on a cruiser or DD.