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  1. When you div with T5, MM make it so you can see T7. But MM enforce equal tier CV. If the other CV doesn't have MM that allow T7, it will never be matched in a T7 game vs the other CV. When not in division, T4 only see maximum T5, hence you are almost always top tier when you play with a T4 CV
  2. New Gimicks - New Abilities

    It's not exactly an ability and it's a bit stupid but why not High altitude - Mode you can toggle for each plane squadron. Once in high altitude, -50% chance to hit for on-ship AA. - Torpedo bomber cannot attack - dive bomber can attack but the animation duration (the point where you can't change your target) is doubled. After the attack, it is back to low altitude - planes in high altitude cannot spot torpedos Going in and back from low to high altitude take 7 second. The reduction in AA hit chance only occur once you reach high altitude.
  3. It's a mistake to think CVs in random are all unicum. There is many les than stellar CV and it show a lot more on TX where they have to be careful with their target. I've seen well played T8 CV end up top of the winning team on TX battles.
  4. A T8 CV is only useless in term of damage when most of not the entire enemy team is AA build or they stick together. Either rarely happen, hell you rarely get an enemy team roster full of TX. Usually, you can attack ships like shimikaze, khab (if you can hit the bugger), Zao, montana, yamato, F der grobe rather fine even if you are 2 tier lower. The big no no are the T9-10 british and USN cruiser while the rest shouldn't be that troublesome unless they speck for AA. To avoid british cruiser and DesMoines AA, guess their range, then x2 it and stay outside of that circle. You don't always know if the enemy has good AA but you can take some guess. If the AA range is huge compared to what you expected, he is probably AA build so retreat. If you start losing quickly planes when you barely entered the AA range, retreat. Early on, it's better to focus on safe target, aka non-AA DDs and T8 BBs (that is not north carolina because lolo i've seen many North co with better AA than montana) and then take on more risky target toward the end game when there is nothing else to strike and the target is alone.
  5. I'm fairly sure a CV that spot in front of DD smoke of DDs that are contesting caps for torpedos and spot DDs that sneaked to BBs flank are fairly well appreciated. Add preventing the enemy CV from doing the same and killing his strike package and you are on your way to victory even if you don't have much damage done. If anything, the power to spot is more powerful than the damage potential.
  6. Or maybe they are still playing to get it for free.
  7. why can't we scuttle?

    If you absolutely don't want to be killed by the enemy, you can torp yourself as a CV or attack an ally, ideally setting flood and fire and have it last until the reflection damage kick in. Both method are detrimental to your team and stupid, they will reward you with a lot of reports.
  8. USS Kidd and CV game?

    Well you can always surprise CV players by disabling your AA and activate it when the planes get close or attack from within smoke while they are dropping on a ship nearby.
  9. British cruisers are really good at killing destroyers provided you are within 10k of them. They have the rate of fire and the special AP hurt. I think it start working well T4+
  10. Problem is they can't. When you exit a strafe, the other planes is locked in place for a few second, preventing it to move or strafe while you can strafe the now immobile plane with your other fighter. If both CVs do that, the saipan is gonna come ahead since he doesn't lose planes from it. A ranger with a single fighter is more of a roadbump to the saipan. With only 1 squad, it can't use the strafe trick, still lose planes while disengaging and the saipan fighters are faster allowing to catch it in his retreat. In term of saipan vs kaga, it's a question of preference. In summary, the kaga got large reserves at the cost of slow and fragile planes and can output some very scary strike power. The saipan is very good at beating the other CV and can retain their planes a long time due to more speed and hp but have a weaker strike potential.
  11. In the situation you are facing a more or less competent AS ranger, saipan is superior over the kaga. Torps planes will move faster and can drop before the ranger fighter can react and since you can disengage from a strafe without losing a plane (which is stupid op), you can abuse it to tear down the AS ranger fighters and possibly eventually clear sky it. Getting locked in a dogfight is dangerous so you should almost always be strafing in or out (or do the strafing trick) preventing any dogfight and forcing the issue on a strafe contest. Even then, you are not guaranteed to win but you just need to put up a good fight since your damage potential is a lot higher than the strike ranger.
  12. I never got the Kaga but as a saipan owner, i'd say as long as you got skill, go for the saipan. Saipan only has 4 squadrons so it make it fun and easy to control. The planes move fast so you can dictate your engagement with fighters and strike with your bombers before the enemy can intercept. AA work on a percentage change per tick and since your planes have more hp and move faster (beeing T9), it allow you to keep on striking while losing few to no planes thus keeping your reserve for a long time, even in a T9 (ofc if you choose your target well). Detectability and speed is good and your fighter will allow you to crush every other CV, both fighters and bombers. The saipan has a wide spread because it is the IJN spread. The spread do also converge While the saipan will not give you those 300k dmg KillTheWholeTeam game, it can still allow you to get fairly decent damage with no problem Proof If i had to give a con, it can be hard to nail destroyers with only 3 torpedos wide, they can turn to make you miss or simply nudge a little and outrun the width of the spread.
  13. I didn't expect my replay to be taken in. Thank. As for the reason i turned broadside to the battleships, the team was a fair bit behind and i was about to run into a 1v3 with a DD firing on my broadside and chasing my back. I had to disengage from the 3 ships and deal with the DD 1v1. Battleships at this tier are not super accurate and don't citadel as much so i was confident i would get out of it without dieing. Killing that dd also ended up being important since a point contest where they had 4 caps and a dd roaming around didn't seem like it would do much good. All in all it was good.
  14. I have replays of only a few days ago but it was apparently before the update >.> The first replay is from a recent game in the bellerophon. There is nothing spectacular, mostly some 12+km battle and killing a few DDs. The second replay is from the last patch and i cannot run it from the current version of wows, but it show a V-25 getting kraken and using his gun (a lot) while the enemy DD forget they have guns. Both games have been played with my friends who is new to the game but we were speaking on voice. 20171112_184932_PBSB103-Bellerophon_05_Ring.wowsreplay 20171105_195204_PGSD102-V-25_33_new_tierra.wowsreplay