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  1. In term of drop, i prefer to send my bombers unescorted. Due to the straffe mechanic, even if you escort your planes and go agains't enemy fighter cover, it can be hard to win without losing your bombers or your fighters, especially since the enemy got AA support from the ship you are trying to kill and other ships in the vicinity. I just cover my team and wait for an opening to strike while his fighters are too far away. Sometime the enemy finally attack escorting your bombers which allow you to kill his strike and his fighters before they do much damage (especially if you are the saipan), then you get one attack unhindered. Even if your fighters are out of position, they are fast enough that if they can't stop the drop, they can often catch the bombers on the way back. Usually you try to cover people that need cover and ignore those that don't (people with high AA or grouped together), which reduce what you have to cover. With the saipan it's hard to cover and scout at the same time since you only have 2 fighters to both defend and cover (spotting with TBs is only situationally useful). What I often do is spot with my fighters spread out until I spot the enemy strike package coming, then i move to intercept. The more skilled you are above the opponent, the more room you have to spot rather than just focus on intercepting. This in turn help your team win (unless they are completely clueless which i saw happen but i also saw other times where everything i spotted died in <30 seconds, which make for some hilarious games where all 4 of the enemy DDs are dead in the first 5 minutes) There will always be games where the team is horrible, spread like crazy and ask for support before dyeing horribly and then blaming you for it. Just accept it. To the non-CV reading this thread, it may seem obvious but the more you are spread out, the harder it is to cover everyone, worse situation beeing if you are surrounding the enemy as the allied CV have to take the long way around everytime to avoid the enemy AA in the middle.
  2. Game Mode Suggestion

    Wouldn't one nation end up beeing stronger than the other because having the stronger and/or more versatile ships? A whole team formed of british cruisers would not be that great...
  3. The truth about beeing a good player is beeing able to revise your judgment. If you find someone is doing stupid moves and call him bad then he suddenly become good and win the game for the team, i'd probably go maybe he wasn't that bad after all (unless the enemy team just made even worse moves) (Fictive scenario below) Sometime you can do good but still doing bad move. As an example, there is 2 ships left in the red team vs 1 DD with 2 minutes left and our team is ahead by 300 points. The good move would be to hide and win by points but then the DD rush and start attacking with torps and gun. Somehow he manage to kill both of the enemy ships (with the help of the cruiser beaching in front of torps) and win the game with 300 hp left. He won the game for the team and got a high score but what he did was still bad strategically. Another option is the one calling out may be lacking informations, be bad or just be in a bad mood.
  4. Deal with AA

    The problem with hiryu is that the upgraded TBs are the same one you get at T5. Which mean them beeing soft is an understatement. It doesn't take a whole much AA to start tearing them down, especially with T8-9 ships. *Edit* Err, missed the kaga mention. From what I get from the wiki, the kaga seem to have the same Tbs as the hiryu but many more of them and larger reserves. Torpedos are also much faster iirc.
  5. Deal with AA

    I assume you are using the hiryu. Many DDs can still be killed with the hiryu TBs as long as you attack them while they are by themselves, they are a DD with low AA and you don't hang out too long. Otherwise, the only 2 other options i see is during a storm or while the enemy is isolated in smoke. In the first case, enemy ship won't spot your planes unti they are fairly close (just use the ship spotted on the minimap to place yourself on their broadside beforehand). On the second case, if no one is within 8km of the smoke to spot your planes, you can stealth torp what is inside. AA doesn't matter so you could even torp a desmoines with a langley. Only problem is occasions like that are extremly rare for anything else than a DD.
  6. Kraken Club

    DD: - mahan - Ognovoi (before change) - V-170 - V-25 Cruiser: - ARP Haruna (lol played about 11 games in it) - marblehead - Konigsberg - Aurora - Black swan (love the ap cit) - omaha - Leander - Kolberg - novik (8 kill actually oO) - caledon - Aoba BB: - Gneisneau - Colorado - Bayern - Bismark - Konig - Kongo CV: - Saipan - Ryujo - Shokaku - Hiryu - Taiho For a total of 57 kraken out of 3.5k games
  7. Picture1: Targets: Yamato, the DD that is capping B, bonus beeing hes the only DD on the enemy team (will not work if a cruiser is here as well). Yamato may be 2 tier higher but most people don't speck it for AA so the AA is terrible. Only the damage you will do to him will be limited. It would be better to go for the DD. Picture 2: Kurfust (if you wait he get far enough from the deMoines) and possibly the yamato in the back if you take the long way around. If the edinbruh move away, he could also become a target. Picture 3: Maybe the Zao, the yamato or the DD/montana but there is no really good target atm. Possibly wait they spread a bit. Picture 4: Possibly Montana but the DD seem to be getting separated so a possible target. To note, the DesMoines is blocking the middle of the map for a large portion of the game making it hard to strike. The Carrier is not T9-10, it can lose planes very quickly and do not have the same strike power. To note2: I didn't take not of any unspotted ship that could have made better target. To note3: You should not keep your bombers around the CV but a bit behind your team so you have less travel time when an occasion occur. To note4: The CV should not have moved that far from his team. To note 5: As the enemy team mostly stayed together for the whole match, the number of possible targets was small. If you want to know what strike opportunity the CV has, try to find an isolated enemy ship that is 8km or more away from any friendly ship and do not have good AA.
  8. When you div with T5, MM make it so you can see T7. But MM enforce equal tier CV. If the other CV doesn't have MM that allow T7, it will never be matched in a T7 game vs the other CV. When not in division, T4 only see maximum T5, hence you are almost always top tier when you play with a T4 CV
  9. New Gimicks - New Abilities

    It's not exactly an ability and it's a bit stupid but why not High altitude - Mode you can toggle for each plane squadron. Once in high altitude, -50% chance to hit for on-ship AA. - Torpedo bomber cannot attack - dive bomber can attack but the animation duration (the point where you can't change your target) is doubled. After the attack, it is back to low altitude - planes in high altitude cannot spot torpedos Going in and back from low to high altitude take 7 second. The reduction in AA hit chance only occur once you reach high altitude.
  10. It's a mistake to think CVs in random are all unicum. There is many les than stellar CV and it show a lot more on TX where they have to be careful with their target. I've seen well played T8 CV end up top of the winning team on TX battles.
  11. A T8 CV is only useless in term of damage when most of not the entire enemy team is AA build or they stick together. Either rarely happen, hell you rarely get an enemy team roster full of TX. Usually, you can attack ships like shimikaze, khab (if you can hit the bugger), Zao, montana, yamato, F der grobe rather fine even if you are 2 tier lower. The big no no are the T9-10 british and USN cruiser while the rest shouldn't be that troublesome unless they speck for AA. To avoid british cruiser and DesMoines AA, guess their range, then x2 it and stay outside of that circle. You don't always know if the enemy has good AA but you can take some guess. If the AA range is huge compared to what you expected, he is probably AA build so retreat. If you start losing quickly planes when you barely entered the AA range, retreat. Early on, it's better to focus on safe target, aka non-AA DDs and T8 BBs (that is not north carolina because lolo i've seen many North co with better AA than montana) and then take on more risky target toward the end game when there is nothing else to strike and the target is alone.
  12. I'm fairly sure a CV that spot in front of DD smoke of DDs that are contesting caps for torpedos and spot DDs that sneaked to BBs flank are fairly well appreciated. Add preventing the enemy CV from doing the same and killing his strike package and you are on your way to victory even if you don't have much damage done. If anything, the power to spot is more powerful than the damage potential.
  13. Or maybe they are still playing to get it for free.
  14. why can't we scuttle?

    If you absolutely don't want to be killed by the enemy, you can torp yourself as a CV or attack an ally, ideally setting flood and fire and have it last until the reflection damage kick in. Both method are detrimental to your team and stupid, they will reward you with a lot of reports.