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  1. Super_S1X

    Puka Puka Fleet

    Where are you getting this idea this has anything to do with generational differences?
  2. Super_S1X

    33% win rate in 42 games

    My friend, that means you're aiming wrong. That isn't dispersion.
  3. Super_S1X

    33% win rate in 42 games

    You must be reading my mail.
  4. Super_S1X

    33% win rate in 42 games

    I want to compliment you on your willingness to look at stats and your desire to improve! You'd be surprised how resistant many players are to this crucial first step on the road to good gameplay. Now, I invite you to take a look at my profile on wows stats and direct your attention to my Bismark performance. Now, I'm not a unicum by any means, I'm just a typical blueberry, however I wanted you to look so you can see advice I'm giving you is sound. If you compare the main batter hit percentage between my Bismark and yours, therein you will see a large difference, and that hit percentage is the main reason why my average damage (And wins) are higher than yours in the ship. Now, down to the advice part. I suggest you enable training rooms (Totally legal and available through Aslain's modpack) and spend some time in training rooms experimenting with firing at bots from different angles and ranges to try to develop a sense for how the shells traverse the map and target, without the pressure of the match. You can be much more observant and objective in a training room, plus no one is shooting at you. ;)
  5. Super_S1X

    33% win rate in 42 games

    This might come as a strange question, but how much experience do you have with shooting games like this one? It sounds like you aren't aiming correctly, and considering how many matches you've played, your aim isn't improving. Aim in this game can is a lot more complex than people realize.
  6. Super_S1X

    RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    involuntary joy squeal
  7. Super_S1X

    Puka Puka Fleet

    So you're trying to upset people on purpose for absolutely no reason at all. Okay. I mean my hobby is battleboats and like hiking and crapbut you do you fam.
  8. Super_S1X

    33% win rate in 42 games

    You're 1/12 of the team but you're not contributing to the win in any meaningful way at all. You're basically making it an 11 vs 12, and only are winning when the other team is so bad that they are losing despite having a 1 ship advantage.
  9. Super_S1X

    Puka Puka Fleet

    I keep all the anime content switched off, yet I still think this entire thread is a cry for attention. It's like you're saying "I don't like this so nobody else should either"?
  10. Super_S1X

    one sided event since first day

    The teams you arbitrarily pick for the event are meaningless, but the tears it's caused are priceless.
  11. You've said it in the gigantic thread(s) you've made on the topic.
  12. As always, you're wrong.
  13. Yes I'm really sure that you suck badly at carriers. The only downside to your little boycott is it's one less bad player out there for players like me to dunk on. You are never going to improve either, because you blame your terrible performance on the game mechanics instead of evaluating ways you could improve. Now run along.