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  1. Or they're trolling, having not played the game in months. You should see the raging, spittle filled PM I got from Lord Ban hammer or whatever his dumb name is.
  2. I'm just saying people that think anecdotes are evidence are usually kinda stupid when it comes to epistemology.
  3. Let me guess, you think Jesus was real too.
  4. This post is as garbage as every other post you've ever made.
  5. Look...Don't Play

    I've mostly transitioned to playing warthunder. The WoWS community has way too many bads that refuse to improve.
  6. 1) Get good 2) I see it in game all the time, and say it in game all the time 3) You don't speak for the playerbase, or even a small portion of the playerbase. You only speak for yourself, and you are insignificant.
  7. Confirmation bias, dude.
  8. I Like the New Season

    These people need to stay the [edited] out of ranked. There is zero excuse for me to be sitting at a 50% winrate at ranked right now when my soft stats are so damn high.
  9. Players like you are all just seals to me, no matter what ship or tier you're in.
  10. My comment was directed at those who consider cruisers unplayable, which is ludicrous.
  11. What's it like in the fantasy world you've built for yourself? Comfy temperature?
  12. You don't win even when you try.
  13. Post your ranked salt stories

    155k 2 kill loss.
  14. Oh look, a thread full of bad players who don't know how to kite.
  15. No, you still aren't getting it. I didn't check your stats, I figured you were bad at 10s based on your assessment of the tier 10 meta. 44 matches is too small of a number to draw any conclusions from, especially with a lowish WTR (Although WTR is wonky in ranked). You went and checked ranked stats in a desperate bid to make yourself look better, not me. I already explained to you in very simple words why my ranked stats don't reflect my playstyle. I have over 400 matches in ranked, but over half of those are from the pilot season and season one. Back then, I wasn't very good at the game. I think I was 50% overall. So, you're fishing around for old stats from before I decided to get gud. Do you really think that having 44 matches with a low WTR means I wouldn't hit you so hard you'd quit for the day? I don't have to twist anything, you're doing that for me with this little hunt through my profile. I bring up stats when they are applicable to a situation. You know what isn't applicable? Stats from two years ago. You're stumbling all over yourself here, and it's kinda sad. The majority of players don't care for tier 10 because tier 10 is more difficult. My entire point in posting is a lot of high performance players prefer difficulty, so stating that tier 8-10 is unenjoyable due to passive play or that it's a "mess", which is what the OP is saying, and you're agreeing with him, about, is false.