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  1. Hi, so I've been having this issue for over a month now. About 50% of the time when I go to the Wargaming site, it takes me to non NA versions, in which I do not have a account. About 1/2 of those times it will not let me change over to the NA region, it usually puts me into the Asia (english) version... wth is going on?!
  2. Warder117

    No gift option in premiun store?

    AH ty, it wasn't showing for me till I closed my browser and deleted my cookies for some reason. But now I can't select a payment option... I tried refreshing, closing browser out and retrying, different payment options such as credit cards and Paypal with no luck... -_-
  3. I'm trying to buy the Texas or some other mid teir ship for my brother as a gift as he recently got into WoWs with me but there is no gift option when I go to purchase a ship. Tried deleting my cookies and such to no avail, help?!