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  1. Puli is a cuck.
  2. I like to think I have made some genuine friends at SALTY. We have an eclectic and eccentric group or guys/gals and that makes it all the more fun to division and hang.
  3. Why attempt to improve or adapt? I think getting handouts is always the way to go!
  4. Congrats! It only took you 7 re-rolls and some help from the EU to do it! I would have enjoyed casting your match completely impartially as I did week one, unfortunately your clanmates requested a change of casters. Shame you didn't have anyone to cast your game.
  5. Nice win rate yesterday, way to help the clan.
  6. LUL :)
  7. Lovely, I have one of your matches tomorrow!
  8. The only thing embarrassing here is grown men's fascination with young animated girls.
  9. Damn, getting close! Do you boys plan on going for 50? Or other options?
  10. Time to take out second mortgages on our homes boys, we're getting the Rostral Column next.
  11. This was spot on, LOLL
  12. LUL
  13. You're not at Unicum level quite yet buddy.