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  1. "Always dcp the first fire" It's amazing how many full hp bbs are still doing this at tier 10. These are the same guys that claim that HE is OP. I rarely put out two fires now. You can just balance it out with the repair party. A well played bb is so difficult to kill. (Unless torps are involved)
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    These guys want the old shima back. They want to be invulnerable to damage, while being able to one shot any ship in the game. A great dd player can manage every mechanic in the game aside from cvs. (Their spotting has no counter other than defensive aa equipped dds)
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    Wot has lasted 7 plus years. While not as popular, this game prints money for WG, and to be fair they are releasing more content. I think this game will be fine.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    Let's keep this going for another 2 years bois! Radar OP!
  5. I enjoyed the podcast, especially the part with my bae @Senpai_NA
  6. How To Improve Division Play?

    Just like most things in life you get what you put in. If you're divisioning just for the sake of it, then you shouldn't expect much. However, divisioning to have fun with friends while expecti g to win 75-80% of your games requires dedication. You need to play complimentary ships: a dd, cruiser and bb is usually a great formula to begin with. Sticking together and pushing one cap is the next step. Focusing targets down, using voice comms, timing consumable use etc. I find that many players division, but end up playing for themselves. In this scenario, you don't stand to gain much.
  7. Yes they are eligible; however, an 07 member won the last event and elected to forfeit his 12,000 duobloons. As a result, three non members from non allied clans took home the prizes. The purpose of this event is to meet new members of the community and have some fun.
  8. Absolutely Not!!! This event is for the entire community. The goal is to have as many new people join and enjoy the foolishness with us!!
  9. Thanks for the GENEROUS donations @HellaCopterRescue For this event, and the first one as Well!!!
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    You're clearly passionate about the game and I don't blame you. I really love this game as well. I feel you're not giving it a fair chance by only really playing one class at high tiers. The best way to learn how to counter a radar cruiser is to play radar cruisers. This gives you a different perspective, and will teach you how to counter them.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    Since we're bringing up stats, your only 2 non dd tier 10s, Montana and Des Moines are at a 35% and a 38% win rate with a total of 120 games played. So you have yet to learn how to play other ship classes, yet complain about game mechanics? Take some time to play other classes and learn the game. You have over 7000 battles and only 6 tier 10s. I'm not sure how that's even possible.
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    You're hiding the rest of the stat card. You took 300 battles to rank out, dealing only 33k. That is 1.5 torp hits a match. So you're contributing very little to your team. While my Hinden W/R was terrible i averaged 100k, and a high caliber every match. I only had time to play 70 ish games this season. You're an average player that thinks he's elite. This is a very simple game. just get better.
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    I'm done. Good luck attempting to reason with this guy.
  14. Possible Solution to Radar

    games change. This is the unfortunate truth. At this point you have two options, adapt and improve (what everyone else had to do) or, continue to complain about a mechanic that has been in the game for over a year, while ruining your game experience. If other people can deal with it and thrive why can't you? Could it be lack of skill? Perish the thought.