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  1. bfk_ferlyfe

    Is Stalingrad the most Overpowered ship?

    @Ducky_shot drinks glue :)
  2. bfk_ferlyfe

    Alaska is trash as it currently sits

    I also feel the Des Moines and Wooster are trash. We need to really buff the USN ships.
  3. bfk_ferlyfe

    CV and skill gap

    This is not Wargaming's fault. There is a natural aptitude or intelligence gap in all facets of life. There is no magic way to balance out players in this situation. Some guys will simply not care enough to learn how to play their ship, some won't have the ability to do so. This is why so many ask for the removal of the CV class as it is inherently impossible to balance.
  4. bfk_ferlyfe

    Legendary upgrades reviews?

    16.1 is fine. All that matters is the dpm. And the legendary mods 1 km of range as well.
  5. bfk_ferlyfe

    Legendary upgrades reviews?

    Henri is not played with concealment, unless in a king of the seas tournament where cvs are included. 15.5 km surface detect is really good. I usually play it at 18.2 km surface detection.
  6. bfk_ferlyfe

    Good CB cruiser

    The Des Moines became the number one pick for the top clans this season. The legendary mod is simply too powerful. Zao, crept back in to counter Henri. I would say IFHE Henri will still be a must have as more clans gain access to Stalingrads. Finally, having one Stalingrad is also useful, but can be replaced with Moskova.
  7. bfk_ferlyfe

    Legendary upgrades reviews?

    Objectively, the best are Des Moines, Zao, Groz, John Henri, Yamato. These are all highly recommended for all situations including competitive play. Hinden, Mosk, Gearing, Montana are pretty decent.
  8. The new carriers are far more of a problem than radar ever was. The more you guys complain the more dd stat padding will continue. Look at the Grozovoi numbers. I'm guessing people will be averaging close to 150k soon, now that BBs are defenseless.
  9. The radar mega nerf will force you to run 2 dds in clan battles as they will be nearly unkillable. None of the great dd mains will ever get caught if given 6 seconds to get up to speed. All this does is limit variety once more. All because the ijn dd mains can't figure out how to not cap dive 2 mins into the game.
  10. The vast majority of the dd mafia are ijn dd mains.
  11. bfk_ferlyfe

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Judging by your stats, you're not dominating anything at high tiers. Sure win rate can be padded by playing in divisions, but solo is better for farming damage, kills, and PR.
  12. bfk_ferlyfe

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    So what you're saying is that one ship can't dominate an entire team any longer without risk of taking any damage? That's sounds like a good change to me. This is coming from a someone who can division with super unicum cvs everyday and guarantee a 90% win rate. Guess what.. it's not fun for anyone including us. No one ship should be able to demolish entire fleets. This is a good change.
  13. bfk_ferlyfe

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Unsure if this is a troll post... guys are getting 500k damage hak games. Including a 550k game by @Gaishu_Isshoku. The hak was the most broken powerful ship ever seen. Even non cv players were easily getting 300k. @Ducky_shot If you weren't able to, then you are not very good.
  14. bfk_ferlyfe

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    I must say, it seems that Sub was one of the more sensible WG employees. He was able to put out so many of the fires caused by his less objective compatriots. Enjoy the time away from Reddit. I also hope that the suffering he had to endure gives Wargaming a reason to actually listen to its player base next time before hastily releasing untested and wildly unbalanced content.
  15. bfk_ferlyfe

    "Normal" CV Players are Hardly OP

    I don't think you understand. The cv class is the one class that can't be countered. You lack the experience and understanding to realize this. I can fight serveral unicums in surface ships. I can't fight a unicum cv, on this patch or the rts version. There is not much counterplay. They can harass you and chip away, or force you into going broadside to avoid a drop, leaving you vulnerable. Again, the average player doesn't understand this, but it is abunduntlly clear to the unicums. The opposite is also true. If your cv player eats glue and is unable to deal damage, and you're facing a great cv opponent, your team is at a severe disadvantage.