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  1. TY so much WG for this lovely event!!! 1.4 million FXP, 4 million captain XP!!!
  2. The MM was really unfortunate man. Congrats on 3rd place!
  3. bfk_ferlyfe

    Bad Idea WG

    Until they change the CV meta, we can just continue to play Tower Defense and power grief the CV community.
  4. bfk_ferlyfe

    Bad Idea WG

    Every DD player has my friend. There are a few CV lovers that believe they are underpowered.
  5. bfk_ferlyfe

    Bad Idea WG

    I also support the CV class. Bravo WG!!! I feel the new line should get IFA stock.
  6. bfk_ferlyfe

    GG [07] , Keep that win rate up part 2.

    Let me get this straight.. we are not allowed to play random battles in a division at tier 10? I could understand frustration if we were clubbing at low tier like tier 8. Tier 10 essentially the only place we play random battles. Please explain how this is a problem?
  7. This is not an issue with 19pt captains or consumables. Low tier BBs are actually defenseless against CVs. END OF STORY. Forcing them to fight vs 3 ships they can't defend themselves against is criminal. It also just begs people to seal club.
  8. Imagine playing in a S. Carolina or Wyoming, and getting smashed by 3 cvs. You won't even have time to get into gun range. How is this fun for a new player? Letting Cvs and seal clubbers wait a bit longer for a game is far better than smashing new players right as they are learning how to play the game. We all know CVs are here to stay. All we can hope for is to limit the misery.
  9. Where yo spreadsheets at?
  10. bfk_ferlyfe

    The average smolensk player is now actively hurting their team.

    The smol, winrate is now under 50% and the average damage is at 80k. I feel the Smol will need a buff soon. This way I can average 200k
  11. wonderful ideas. Imagine torturing your new customers and making their game experience as miserable as possible. Wonder why players leave.
  12. Players that ask for help generally get help. However, players that make posts like: "Too many cheaters" "Ships keep cloaking 3 km from my ship" They generally get flamed hard.
  13. bfk_ferlyfe

    Hindenburg in current state and meta

    Hinden is now the best farming heavy cruiser in the game for random battles. Especially when paired with Lutjens.
  14. bfk_ferlyfe

    How are teams decided MM?

    Many member of my clan stream. You can watch us hacking if you wish. The actual truth is the $500/mo Preferential clan MM
  15. bfk_ferlyfe

    How are teams decided MM?

    How does my entire clan have nearly 70% win rate? Oh I forgot, i spend $500/month for WG preferential clan MM. Join a good clan.