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  1. A Seven Capture Point Game Mode

    I'm amazed, well done!
  2. Why You Never Give Up

    My game snapped, only reason he had a good game.
  3. Season 2 clan battles suggestion

    It's rather disgusting really.
  4. Season 2 clan battles suggestion

    All these issues can be addressed by restricting players from leaving clans and rejoining the same clan. People should just play the game and not attempt to game the system.
  5. Padding clan war winrates is setting the meta?
  6. Why do clans need to keep moving their players? Why not just play the game with who you have? Line up against your opposition and if you're better you win. Simple as that.
  7. We got two of em!

    We got two of em.
  8. I'm in the AP crowd on RN BBs

    Good for you! Don't succumb to the scummy ways of most RN BB players.
  9. This is what fun looks like: https://na.warships.today/player/1000757696/bfk_ferlyfe 24/24 wins
  10. Tashkent Tutorial

    After the buffs, the Tashkent is possibly one of the most fun and powerful ships in the game. Take double ruddershift and 0 camo. BFT, AFT, SE, DEMO, Last stand. Never stop moving, never stop shooting and use heal.
  11. I don't [care] about winning

    Well said Lance.
  12. I don't [care] about winning

    This community has some real strange individuals.
  13. PSA: Hypocrisy

    His stats don't meet our requirements.