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  1. Decisions, decisions

    I'm waiting for the remove radar crowd to crawl out of their caves.
  2. Decisions, decisions

    Are you grinding for Yammy? If so then I'd go that route over GK. New Izumo isn't that bad at all. Moskova isn't bad either. Really depends on what tier 10 you want.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    You seem like a reasonable guy. When discussing this with you I actually feel bad for the use of extreme hyperbole, and acting like a [edited]. That is targeted at the majority of the other guys on this thread.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    Countless have explained how to effectively play a dd in the presence of radar. Including input from the likes of some of the best solo dd players on any server. This always falls upon deaf ears. "That style of play is boring" "only unicums can play like that"
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    The tower is quite high, I enjoy a considerable field of view.
  6. Possible Solution to Radar

    One side is comprised of some of the best players on the server, stating that radar is not an issue. The other is comprised of 40% players that only play IJN dds at high tier, and don't play/know how high tier radar cruisers work. See I can do that too.
  7. Possible Solution to Radar

    Why does anyone hide their stats?
  8. Possible Solution to Radar

    It's amusing that a player with positively abhorrent stats has the audacity to question IQ. Wows is a glacially paced ultra simple game that requires very little player input. We are all questioning your IQ as it seems grasping this simple, slow paced naval arcade game is beyond your abilities.
  9. Possible Solution to Radar

    Yay! Nearly 300 pages of 40% IJN dd players that don't play radar cruisers complaining about a mechanic they don't understand. I cant wait for page 500!
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    You're a dd main for the two time clan battles champs. How do you manage to play dd with all the Radar? I've been told it's impossible.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    No I've converted I swear. I want to become an IJN dd main
  12. AP Bombs are WAY too OP...

    Most of the people that complain don't even know what the weapons actually do.
  13. Premium Account Changes

    This is perfectly stated. Premium time is absurdly inexpensive and always has been. It equates to approximately $13/mo at full price. There are many discounts that lower this to under $10/mo. Changing the system will lead to price increases for regular players, and will lower overall server population as players will only login if they are ready to play for several hours. This is not the direction the game should be headed.
  14. Agreed. I find @VGLance positively abhorrent.
  15. Possible Solution to Radar

    In the interim, let's hope we players realise that it IS possible to play dds at a high level, even when face with several radars. People just need to want to improve. Think outside of their comfort zone and how they feel ships should be played. I'm sure they will have so much more fun playing Wows as it's a rewarding game when you're able to adapt and outplay opponents!