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  1. When I open the client, I have the option to save my password checked (I remember it, but I enjoy being a little lazy). However, when I try to login, the client forces me to re-enter my password manually, deleting what it had saved in the box as I had opted for. This has been going on for some time now, at least 4 full patches. I only bring it up now because my patience has finally worn a little bit. I use this same option in World of Tanks, and it has absolutely ZERO problems of this nature. I am running a freshly installed, vanilla client - I turned replays on in the preferences.xml file only. Any help is appreciated.
  2. To be honest, this feels more like they want to give Kitakami only to players that have distinguished themselves as being exceptionally patient (due to queue times) and exceptionally skilled (due to making it to Rank 1) in order to get good conclusive data about her performance while minimizing the negative statistics she was associated with during CBT. BUT, if they were wanting to test the Kitakami for possible re-release scenarios, or more re-balancing, then why not just put her on a Supertest and let them test her for a couple of patches straight to get conclusive data? Since WG have always been about making profit, then I cannot see them passing up the opportunity to get more sales out of the Kitakami. Her sales records from CBT alone would make me believe they want to get her balanced correctly, so they can re-release her to the community, and get every last dime out of us that they possibly can. In my opinion, you didn't play a Kitakami in CBT to have marvelous games; you played her to have a good laugh and how ridiculous she. Imagine if she had been given the 15km or 20km Long Lances she had during the war, and retained the standard Kuma-class detectability rating.....
  3. DDs need tweaking..

    @Snowden. I played up to tier 9 in the IJN DDs and Tier 6 in the USN DDs before OBT wipe. I also played up to tier 8 in both BB lines, and 9 and 7 for CAs respectively. 1 and 2. The ranges in this game are not historically accurate. If they were, every IJN DD and CA after Tiers 6 or 7 would have the ability to fire 40km torpedoes, as that's what the Long Lances were capable of (at a reduced speed to conserve fuel). 3. There are only 2 or 3 DDs in the game with less than 6 km base spotting range, so your 6km average is bogus. Even with max detection reduction, that average would probably still be off. Sure we can pop smoke, but planes can still spot us in it, and now high tier CAs get hydrophones to spot us in smoke as well. 4. On the dime? It's still a 500+ meter turning circle, it just seems OP because we are doing 30-35 knots while we are doing it. It isn't that terribly difficult to hit USN DDs if they are within torp range of you...because your shell travel time will be under 6 seconds, even in a BB. 5. Yes, HE seems a bit much at the moment, and I hate it just as much as the next person when I'm playing a BB. However, DDs are incredibly fragile; 1 BB HE shell takes us down to 50% health, and good CA salvos can 1 shot us. Was smoke OP before the OBT wipe? Probably. Is it OP now? No, it isn't, but it does feel underwhelming. Like someone else said, nerfing 1 or 2 characteristics of smoke would have been okay, but nerfing all 3 puts us at a disadvantage. Quite frankly, if you have never played a DD, then you yourself have no idea about wth you are talking about. I could sit here and scream about how BBs and CAs can artificially increase their range by 20%, or how BBs can artificially raise their health pools. And yet your arguments are based off of 'historical accuracy.' The reason things are the way they are is called GAME BALANCE. This game has a rock-paper-scissors attitude, where DDs counter BBs who counter CAs who counter DDs. If you find yourself crying "DDs OP, please nerf" then you as a BB are too far from your support ships; or you as a CA misplayed the situation.