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  1. Im_Da_Cit

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    Actually, it's accuracy is worse than the iowa, it also does not benefit from the buffed heal that the Iowa and Montana were given some time ago. Bow on is a little bit stronger than the iowa, but her bow can still be overmatched.
  2. Im_Da_Cit

    Update 0.10.5, Clan Battles restrictions

    wth is the point of spending all the time earning the steel and such to get ships like Stalin and FDR and then you're restricting the use of them....and banning the Hakuryu....smdh y'all are TRASH. How about balancing the freaking ships so that they don't need to be restricted. Nobody made these ships with the characteristics but WG, as much as y'all stick y'all noses in a spreadsheet y'all couldn't tell that certain ship characteristics wouldn't trump others? Why are we being penalized for what Y'ALL MADE?!!!?! We had to spend the time and effort to earn and learn these ships, let us use them.
  3. Im_Da_Cit

    Update 0.10.4, Clan Battles restrictions

    I swear...there is tone def and then there is WG in all of their brilliance. If the ship is so broken then balance IT not the total number that can be brought. You have in my opinion 2 oppressive CVs that can be brought in clan battles(FDR and Immelman) but those aren't restricted. You've hampered AA badly on most ships and screwed them range wise, now you take one of a couple of cruisers that is still mostly survivable after your IDIOTIC commander rework, that also has appreciable AA stats and it's restricted...in a small numbers game format. Disgusting
  4. Im_Da_Cit

    Commander Skills Update

    Uh yeah...so I have a Lutjens commander that i spent coal to acquire. He's currently my Hindenberg captain. The fact that you guys have arbitrarily removed one of his skills I valued highly in Preventative maintenance from the cruiser class. The absurdity of this baffles me. I used an in game currency i had to spend the time to grind and all of a sudden, the skills i valued on multiple classes of ships are altered. smdh. between that, and the fact that you guys have SCREWED cruiser survival skills into THE GROUND makes this one of the more pathetic updates ever. this is about as bad as the CV rework.
  5. Im_Da_Cit

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    if a person doesn't realize they have to opt in for the free respec, they are then forced to pay for it in some way(commander XP, FXP or dubloons) which is what WG would prefer i'm sure. smh
  6. Im_Da_Cit

    Henri V, post mortum?

    I'm sorry but this is the WORST nerf i've even run across. Running 41KTS and dropping the throttle to 3/4 for less than a SECOND before bumping back up to full decelerates the ship like it's in reverse and drops you to about 25KTS. how!?! that is the 2nd most asinine and absurd mechanic in this game outside of assured detection where you're spotted by a ship using no hydro/radar inside 2K on the opposite side of an island or terrain with no sight lines past. Everything needs a nerf or to underwhelm except the russian ships apparently. WG y'all are BOGUS for this one.