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  1. we need dragon ball collaboration so instead of geting the "heavy damage" message when being hit we get "his power its over 9000"
  2. pepe_trueno

    Rhein AA

    well its a secondary meme CV line, If you dont build for secondarys then why play it, cant wait for the t10 with BFT+auxiliary armament mod 2
  3. lets dont forget WG refusing to give lower tier acces to missions and events... who wants to play that
  4. pepe_trueno

    Is FDG as fun as Bismarck?

    horizontal armor seems tailor made to eat penetration when you show some side in an attempt to bring more secondary guns to shoot (a recurrent problem on high tier german BBs but specialy bad with the FDG) so unless you enjoy eating 20k AP salvos FDG is not the best ship out there for a secondary build.
  5. pepe_trueno

    Why was Odin criticized when it first launched?

    it use to be a god then it took a "hulk triple nerf" to its health, reload and fuse time and now is a puny god
  6. pepe_trueno

    Odin 11.6 km 2ndaries

    as much as i love secondary builds a secondary build in this ship looks like a trap, having to take AFT+CE+MS leaves little to no points for survival skills on an enviroment saturated with fires, on top of this in order to get more than a few secondary guns to shoot one needs to show some side wich is a big problem when we consider its low health and the rather weak horizontal armor that seems to be designed to arm AP rounds.
  7. looking around i run into rhis german BB, the Deutschland class displacement: 14200 when loaded (lighter than nassau) 127 meters long armor: 100-240mm belt armor with 40mm deck armor main guns: 4 x 280mm secondary guns: 14 x 170mm, 22 x 88MM speed 18.5 KTS aparently it got multiple refits including a convertion to AA ship would be nice to see it as a t5 ship, it has fewer guns, lower health and less armor than its tech tree counterpar but those 170mm secondary guns combined with a significant concealment advantage due to its small size could make it a fun ship, The ship base concealment should be around 9km since its quite small and the secondary guns should get around 5 to 5.5km of base range.
  8. pepe_trueno

    Russian carriers are coming!

    t10 will be the The Kirov class, Soviet designation Project 1144 Orlan, instead of planes we get to "pilot" missiles
  9. pepe_trueno

    We need more WW1 era content

    it has nothing to do with clubbing, If WG actually care about fresh accounts they would put them in a special MM for 200 or 300 battles with other newcomers and then fill the gaps with bots instead of adding restriction to events, The restriction exist only becouse WG wants as many players as posible in the higher tiers not the lower ones, it has nothing to do with newcomers.
  10. pepe_trueno

    We need more WW1 era content

    lower tiers are full of interesting ships to play and i would even say the gameplay and balance feels better to. The reason why most players avoid playing below t5 is becouse all the missions, events and what not are for t5+, the day WG change that and open them to all tiers will be the day more people will go back to lower tiers.
  11. pepe_trueno

    battleship play is still broken

    said this before and i will say it again, while its true passive players are becoming the norm the real problem are not the players itself but the game mechanics, HE spam that dosent care about armor, some ships hability to drop way to many torpedos at once makes dodging them at mid-close range nearly imposible, large caliber AP overmatching armor and deleting ships regardless of angle, radar, running into ships that can see and shoot you but you cant see or even shoot back becouse of terrain or to some degree smoke, kiting away giving way to many advantages over the one doing the chase, CVs that will farm anyone not in a blob of ships, etc... why play agresive and have all the above against you when you can sit far away or behind some island and use it to your advantage? if we want the game to be less stagnant we need mechanics that promote said behavior, few things that come to mind: adrenaline rush rework: +3% increaced ROF for main, secondary and torpedos for every enemy ship or CV squadron within 12km +3% to continuous damage from AA guns for every enemy ship or CV squadron within 12km +2% reduced duration of fires and flooding for every enemy ship or CV squadron within 12km Concealment expert rework: -20% to the detection radius of all ships and aircraft launched from them -15% to main guns and torpedo maximum range manual secondary rework: --50% to the maximum dispersion of shells for the secondary armament of all tiers when shooting selected target, secondary guns that cant shoot the target will open fire at will against other targets but without the accuracy bonus +1KM to base range of the secondary armament adds the hability to select if we want our secondary guns to go for the bow, superstructure or mid section radio jamming (new): +20% to the maximum dispersion of enemy shells fired at your ship if they arent spoting you directly
  12. pepe_trueno

    Russian carriers are coming!

    i can tell this is fake, real russian carriers would have fast kirovs as bombers
  13. pepe_trueno

    WG please buff the Odin...

    while it has its good points like concealment and good turning it does feel weak, low health and soft belt armor are a horrible combo on a ship that requires to show some side to make use of its secondary guns and torpedos, the guns use to be good sporting decent accuracy, reload and a short fuse but then they got the reload and fuse time nerfed and they become mediocre at best. at least bring back the short fuse time.
  14. the skill is realy bad, wish they would just change it to "adds a fourth AA aura that has 4km and deals 10*ship tier damage" would be realy helpfull for ships with bad or non existance AA and a good choice for those who can never have enought AA