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  1. i can imagin people buying it for the history of that ship but from a balance point of view it has way to many flaws, many of them coming from those 88mm.
  2. considering the t5 feels like a konig that got beated everywhere with the nerfbat and then after the beatdown got 3 extra kts i dont think they will be so popular, By now most should have unlocked the t5 yet they are nowhere to be seen .
  3. pepe_trueno

    Thoughts on Secondary Builds

    have to agree on this. The game keeps geting more and more hazardous towards close range combat, torpedo soup, homing torpedos, HE spammers and of course cv easily farming them because a ship engaging another ship from close range cant just turn towards the planes without showing a big juicy broadside to the other ship. meanwhile sniper BBs can avoid all that by sitting 16-20km away, Best part is that sniping BBs dont have to spend any point to do it so they can spend all the points into survival. May be WG need some lessons in archetypes, normaly the ranged class is effective at range in exchange of durability while the brawler class is more tanky and deals lots of damage but sucks at long range combat, If the ranged class can keep its distance the brawler class does not stand a chance but if the brawler class gets within range the ranger will get destroyed.
  4. pepe_trueno

    New Tier XI

    we get the ultimate troll
  5. pepe_trueno

    Debate Challenge: Submarines

    homing torpedos is the biggest problem here, normal torps can be dodged by changing speed or direction every so often but homing torps can only be avoided by changing direction at the last moment. This is a terrible concept becouse not all ships have the speed and mobility to do that, Whats more even if the ship has the speed and mobility to turn in time doing it means exposing your sides to enemy fire... its a loose loose situation where you either take the torps or turn and get nuked by his allys its a similar problem we have with CV, they drop the attack from so close many ships dont have the mobility to avoid it and even if you can avoid it the only way to do it is to expose your side to enemy gun fire. homing torpedo should only be for underwater fights not for surface fighting, may be give surface ping a suport role like pinged enemys becomes visible for 3 secs with a 20 secs cooldown plenty of other ways to give subs a nich, few that come to mind *pre selected path: using a special minimap sub user will be able to draw a path that will be folowed by the torpedos, each time they input a new path torpedos wont be able to be fired for 7 secs reason: it gives them the hability to dodge terrain in order to hit the target. since its not homing if the target change direction or speed the torps will miss, the 7 secs delay is there to make cross attack a bit harder to pull. *Wake homing: the game will draw a cone behind the enemy ship (in case of a reversing ship the cone will be inverted aiming to the front), if torpedo gets within that cone then it will home into the propulsion, turning off the engine will remove that cone and make the torpedo go dumb again untill its time expire or finds another wake cone, for balance sake torpedo turning speed should be reduced. reason: it a less anoying form of homming with a doable counter plus its more effective vs reversing and kiting ships *remove homing, reduce torpedo detection and speed and add a silent mode: while in silent mode subs wont trigger the "you are spoted" sign, during this mode sub olso breaks contact with allys so they wont be able to share information (minimap or visual). reason: people tend to rely to much on this mechanic and relax when they are not spoted, well no more warning that you are about to eat a bunch of torpedos for siting still or driving in a predictable path "insert paranoia intensifies meme"
  6. pepe_trueno

    Who needs the Kitakami, Yamagiri is coming

    at this point is like neo fighting the army of smith except BBs cant fly away
  7. pepe_trueno

    Worth the -2 karma

    as said before time will say but we can already see the stats on the tech tree. t5 and t6 AA is basicaly 1 flak and a continuous damage of 32, you can add the short range 100-130 continuous damage if you wish but with only 1.5km range it may aswell not be there. t7 bow is mostly 25mm with a stripe of 30mm, not terrible but can be overmatched when botton tier, the extended belt armor with 120mm may be its saving grace when fighting large caliber guns t8: bow is mostly 27mm with a waterline icebreaker of 60mm, it can be overmatched by a fairly amount of large caliber guns t9: bow has between 27 and 30mm of armor, at this tier there are more than a few guns that can overmatch it my rant here is that t5 and t6 are stuck with the lousy 88mm that for some reason dosent get german 1/4 pen rule and has terrible stats in every aspect (rate of fire, fire chance, penetration, damage, AA continuous damage and flaks) meanwhile with the t7+ ships they whent with some wonky "what if" idea of battlecruiser when they already have sucesfull battlecruisers concepts like Odin or Scharnhorst (BBs with few small guns but well armored, high concealment and good mobility).
  8. pepe_trueno

    Can Depth Charges Hit/Damage Surface Ships?

    no but with a bit of luck they will panic and turn giving a nice broadside
  9. pepe_trueno

    german 88 mm /45 FLAK

    i know they exist on some light cruisers but no one is going to play a secodary build on a numberg so 15 or 22mm of pen wont make much of a diference, For a BB line whose selling point are secondary guns having guns with 15mm pen is an insult. personaly i would not be so mad about them if their AA was not olso terrible or they had much higher ROF to at least use them to start fires. as of now the 105mm of konig and bayern shoot faster, deal more damage, have higher pen, better AA and better fire chance... how does that make any sense?
  10. pepe_trueno

    Worth the -2 karma

    time will say but looks like the grind to the Schlieffen will be a major pain, the line is full of ships that are mediocre at best. t5-t6: CV food, they have Viribus unitis level of AA t7 to t9: their bow armor is gone or made much smaller and can be overmatched by the big guns. t10: magicaly gets GG bow armor, decent AA and crazy strong secondary guns dosent look like a scummy move at all
  11. pepe_trueno

    german 88 mm /45 FLAK

    true but the 88mm secondary guns existed only in t3/t4 BBs where 15mm pen was aceptable and couple light cruisers no one would ever use them, now we are talking about t6 BB whose selling point is secondary guns yet those 88mm cant even pen a t6 DD without IFHE. they loose to the andrea doria 90mm in olmost every aspect DPM, fire chance, numbers, AA...
  12. pepe_trueno

    german 88 mm /45 FLAK

    just wanted to point out some inconsistency with this gun penetration: german HE penetration formula is caliber/4 yet for some reason the 88mm is using standar formula of caliber/6, Penetration should be raised from 15mm to 22mm AA: i can understand the weak AA on lower tiers but t5 and t6 AA look abysmal, to put it in perspective: Tier 5 long range AA values konig has 4x2 105mm, and creates 3 flaks for 1160 dmg each and a damage over time of 98 derfflinger has 8x1 88mm and creates 1 flak for 770 dmg each and a damage over time of 32 Tier 6 long range AA values bayern has 6x2 105mm and creates 5 flaks for 1260 dmg each and a damage over time of 140 makensin has 8x1 88mm and creates 1 flak for 840 dmg each and a damage over time of 32 andrea doria has 10x1 90mm and creates 4 flak for 1050 dmg each and a damage over time of 123 rate of fire: since the 105mm is more modern its uderstandable for it to shoot faster but from a balance point of view a single barrel 88mm reload should not be slower than a double barrel 105mm of the same tier.
  13. pepe_trueno

    Worth the -2 karma

    high concealment and GG secondary guns make for a nice combo but this ship wll strugle in group fights once people realise its health and armor are low and that it can be easily killed if focused. still going to play it for the meme body secondary count build
  14. pepe_trueno

    Thought on new german BC line?

    t8 and t9 has little to no bow armo so they get overmatched a lot, t10 all of a sudden gets godlike bow armor... WG balance team at its finest making those 2 nothing but an anoying grind to the t10