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  1. i will settle with classic captain skills
  2. pepe_trueno

    World of Tanks

    i quit wot long ago becouse of gold spam and so far i have not return.
  3. pepe_trueno

    Luck has too big impact on gameplay

    RNG is not oppressive to bad players at all. The reason why bad players are bad is becouse they put themself in a disadvantageous position, without RNG the only outcome of puting yourself in a disadvantageous positions is failure but with RNG they stand a chance to suceed. unfortunately RNG has become a balance factor so it cant be removed but it would be nice if WG could consider alternatives say: rework BB super heavy AP skill to: -15% to main gun dispersion, -40% to shell speed starting a fire could be reworked to be about doing potential damage to a given area with HE rather than rolling a dice with each HE hit.
  4. that is only true if one build surpass the rest of the builds, All WG has to do to avoid that is make all builds have marked pros and cons say we have this BB builds: brawler build: can quickly kill a target from close range with high DPM but won't be able to do much if the ship gets attacked from long range due to very short range on the main guns sniper build:with long range and accurate main guns it can dominate with a good spotter but low health and speed means if someone gets nearby its game over for it auxiliary build: extra long range AA aura and accurate long range secondary guns making it great against planes and fast unarmored ships but main guns will have lower ROF making it a poor choice vs heavy cruisers and other BBs tank build: can take a lot of punishment but pays with poor concealment and main gun accuracy
  5. pepe_trueno

    Proposal: Pan-American DD branch extended

    the ORK bureau of more dakka approves this line.
  6. pepe_trueno

    When is HE spam finally getting nerfed?

    my only real complain about HE is how fires are generated. HE does not even need to penetrate or hit a specific area, just make contact with the ship and roll a dice. world of tanks fire mechanics feel much better, the fire itself is devastating if left uncheck but starting a fire requires a hit to a very specific area of the tank not just hit the track and bam the tank is on fire
  7. pepe_trueno

    USS Wyoming Retrofit premium?

    so far the only change they announced is that AA will have a chance to target the attacking plane instead of always targeting the last plane.
  8. pepe_trueno

    Next gimmick?

    proyect Habakkuk
  9. pepe_trueno

    Next gimmick?

    coastal defence ship: They were small sized warships that sacrificed speed and range for armour and armament. Helgoland French Bouvines Russian Vitse-admiral Popov
  10. pepe_trueno

    USS Wyoming Retrofit premium?

    after the t6 renown fiasco everything is posible, may be we can even get the geneisenau when the main turrets got removed to be used as coastal defence. imagin that, a t5 geneisenau with the 105 or 128mm being the main guns
  11. pepe_trueno

    USS Wyoming Retrofit premium?

    the good thing is this is a totaly arcade game AA values in world of warships are super arbitrary, vermont has 21*4 40mm guns and yet it has less AA than gouden leeuw with only 12*1 40mm. WG could easily give this ship 200+ continuous damage on the mid aura and 100+ continuous damage on the long range aura. the torpedo bulge removal could be translated to better mobility and concealment as for the turrets layout well either WG can take some creative liberty and complete the other side or we adapt to what we got, not the first ship that has a better side
  12. pepe_trueno

    USS Wyoming Retrofit premium?

    a slow BB with 2 gearings strapped to its deck and enough AA to make old texas blush would make an interesting t5 prem. personally i would buy it in a heartbeat for its uniqueness but a BB with 13 km range is going to be super hard to play.
  13. pepe_trueno

    Next gimmick?

    a whole "what if" line of gunnery training ships starting at t5 with the wyoming that got packed with AA and latest radars on top of its main guns replaced with the same dual purpouse used on the gearing.
  14. pepe_trueno

    Next gimmick?

    its called radar -hovercraft -ekranoplane -missiles -sharks with freaking lasers attached to their heads -top secret navy from a country without exit to sea
  15. pepe_trueno

    Let's Talk: DCP & Pings

    the reason why homing torpedos are bad is becouse all the ways to avoid them be either by doing a sharp turn at the last minute or angling your ship in a way to make dodging easier when they go dumb will put your ship in a bad position and get you killed. dealing with them is a loose loose situation. DCP ends being the only real option if one does not want to go around showing juicy broadsides to the enemy when dealing with a sub attack. all WG has to do is replace the silly ping homing mechanic with a wake homing mechanic: every ship produce a wake cone, the cone size depends on the ship engine power and throttle when the wake homing torpedo enter this cone it will start bouncing in it towards the ship engine ships that are revercing will have the wake cone inverted when the engine power is cut off the wake cone will start to shrink and eventually disappear after couple seconds making the throttle an effective counter to wake homing torpedos.