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  1. Each shipbuilding phase can be completed by finishing groups of event combat missions or spending 1,950 Doubloons per phase. In total, you can complete 22 out of 26 shipbuilding phases by progressing through groups of combat missions. at first dockyards could be finished for free given one had the willpower to endure them, then one could do all stages but 2 that had to be bought with doublons, now its mandatory to buy 4 stages?
  2. pepe_trueno

    Famous World of Warships movie quotes

    "trust me, i know what i am doing" proceed to get dev struck
  3. pepe_trueno

    Any idea what resource will be kitakami?

    more like a new currency "tears"
  4. those 9 hours are probably to the biggining of the last stage wich will last 7 days.
  5. pepe_trueno

    leaked fotage of new russian ships for wow

    to add as a new line for the russian tree, they seem perfectly balance
  6. pepe_trueno

    New ship Captain, "Duke Nukem."

    i want caleb
  7. pepe_trueno

    Why Are German Battleship Guns Useless

    german BBs, specialy high tier ones have very strong citadel protection but they olso seem to be designed to eat penetration hits, Its quite easy to get big numbers on them without scoring a single citadel. while the mix of wonky dispersion and absurd amount of overpens can drive me crazy at times i find german BBs guns usable, What they need the most is concealment and mobility, A brawler ship needs to be able to close the gap without loosing half its health aswell as enought agility to dodge nasty situations. German BBS are terrible in both areas, they get spoted from the moon so its nearly imposible to close the gap against a half smart player and their bad acceleration and turn rate makes them easy targets for close range torpedo walls.
  8. Is it a boat? is it a plane...
  9. pepe_trueno

    The best and worst dd lines

  10. pepe_trueno

    I don't get the Attraction...

    given how bad many t3 and t4 ships AA are, t4 cvs should be replaced with blimps
  11. pepe_trueno

    Are cyclones good for the game?

    everything in this game seems to be designed to be a big middle finger to brawler ships, cyclone is the only mechanic that let a brawler ship get close without getting masacrated by snipers or HE spammers behind some island 15km away... we need more mechanics like that not less.
  12. pepe_trueno

    Off to a great start!

    "insert borg voice" we are the matchmaker, your WR will be asimilated, resistance is futile.
  13. pepe_trueno

    Correct me if I am wrong...US Tokens

    its all about the golden camo to reduce cost, you can never have enought silver
  14. pepe_trueno

    Why is it hard to get Kraken Unleashed

    if you ask me its better a win than a kaken, as someone posted "couple years ago" damage > kills
  15. pepe_trueno

    New CV Lines (Suggestions/Ideas/Predictions)

    WG is saving russian CVs to introduce a new concept you pilot missiles instead of planes