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  1. Lost with 80mill. I would guess the minimum to be around 100mill.
  2. Their new strategy seems to be using tech tree ships as test beds for new mechanics so that they can sell the overpowered premiums later. I'm betting we'll soon see a premium version of Columbo for steel or research points that fixes many of these problems.
  3. Lolki

    How would you fix CV's?

    I would make the CVs more strategic and less action-oriented. In fact I would go even further than the old RTS system and have something closer to the commander mode in Natural Selection or the older Battlefield games. In this system the plane squadrons would be like abilities with cooldowns or limited usage and once a plane squadron had left the CV it would no longer be controllable by the player, it would just execute whatever orders you gave it and then return to the CV. An example ability might be a scout plane; the player would click on the grid where they want the scout to go and it would fly there and then idle for a little while. This would still provide effective area denial against enemy DDs but the difference is that the DD could counter it by just staying out of the area, the CV can't hound the DD around the map like they can currently. For attack abilities you would tell the squadron where you want it to go and it would attack any enemy ships that the planes see as they patrol. This would still have some skill since the CV player would need to predict where enemy ships are going to be and send squadrons to intercept, and surface ships could avoid the air patrols by changing course. A system like this could also allow the CV to have support abilities like say planes that can drop smoke or a supply crate for teammates, maybe the carrier itself could have an anti-air radar consumable that detects planes in a large range so you can see what the other CV is doing. In this system the CV would be more like the commander of the team rather than just another damage dealer ship.
  4. Lolki

    Sums It Up Pretty Well, IMO

    My face when I see a GK with 10,000 battles and 38% winrate doing the same thing.