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  1. I would say the issue is that the shell behave oddly even if it's 14" because PEF is supposed to have been refitted in 1941 (WG's Alternative History) which mean she should also have better AP shells and not stuck with the WW1 AP.
  2. Potential damage dodged/tanked, impressive. The break down of the damage against the ships are impressive as well. I see you slapped down the naughty Big Bad Destroyer oops I mean the AA cruiser or Light Cruiser Atlanta (always hated to be on receiving end of her especially behind cover and radaring me).
  3. No Breakdown screen of what damage and how much you dished out, how many ships got how much damage from you?
  4. Hurlbut

    LittleWhiteMouse’s accuracy testing link

    that's because it ripped off WoT and thats how it got "out" ahead of WoWS in release dates.
  5. I agree with only one thing and that's strafe. It decide whenever one side's CV dominate the match if he overwhelm the other side's CV, taking control of the sky.
  6. Hurlbut

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    As an CL with USN 152mm, you want to focuse on destroyers and light warships as your main targets. You harass heavy cruisers and battleships. You have both Hydro and Defensive fire, so Dallas is the start of the USN branch when the cruisers can escort other ships.
  7. Because of the skills, the modules, and the use of Damage Control. There's also that its actually notoriously hard to inflict a flooding on a ship unless you either get lucky or aimed them well enough to get hits on the ends of the ship. Other than that you needed DW torpedoes like Asashio's ones to basically say screw your TDS, you're getting a flood.
  8. Like I said. WHEN unmodified (skills and modules affecting duration of flood) AND WITHOUT USING DC, the flooding will eventually take away 60% of your ship's health.
  9. Unmodified and without damage control, the flooding DoT can take up to 60% of a ship's health on the current live server while inflicting a speed penalty.
  10. the battleships that has torpedoes IN game have them because they're above deck mounted. MOST BATTLESHIPS before WW1 and during it had SUBMERGED torpedo tubes. Rodney and Nelson HAD SUBMERGED torpedo tubes. But they do not have them in game. WG's NUMBER ONE REASON; torpedo tubes can't be hit by gunfire. Number 2: have to aim the whole ship to aim the submerged torpedo tube because it's a fixed mount.
  11. All three are classed battleships in game. Graf Spee. Well. She's a heavy cruiser with two turrets full of 11" who knows?
  12. Hurlbut

    Where to aim to citadel Tirpitz?

    you resurrected a year and half dead thread?
  13. 60%. This is assuming the flooding ship does not have mods, signals, and skills that reduce the duration of flooding time. Here's the WoWS article on it. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Flooding
  14. Yeah, that's what many doesn't realize. WG will look at the data from the servers and average them out, which mean our NA server stand out less on specific things. They have to generalize since they don't do "tailoring ship performance" for each specific server (aside from China. bloody gold tanks).