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  1. Oh, you mean that Pearl Harbor movie where they never bothered editing our fine USN modern ships into actual period ships during the explosion scenes?
  2. Atlanta at her tier used to see ocean as part of the map rotation.
  3. The two factors that let you see through the smoke to the other side are; planes in air detection range and your teammate(s) is/are in different positions to have a clear los past the smoke screen.
  4. Learn to live with it. -.-- --- ..- ..- -. --. .-. .- - . ..-. ..- .-.. ... --- -. --- ..-. ..- -. .-- . -.. -- --- - .... . .-. Sent from Independence.
  5. "The Opium Wars were two invasion wars started by British in the mid-19th century rooted from Chinese trade ban on Opium while British forcing China to legalize sale of Opium that was banned in Britain and aiming to undermine China's sovereignty." Basically, the State of China (Qing Dynasty, the last Imperial Government) attempted to crack down on Opium internally and externally, this led to the Opium Wars and contributed to the fall of Imperial China.
  6. I would ventures a guess that English is not his native language considering he listed his location under his name.
  7. Nevermind the Opium war and the reason we have the stereotype of opium dens being Chinese. The opium plague was FORCED upon China by West.
  8. IRL, the RN aimed for barrages rather than individual mounts' ability to single out planes and focus them down, aka "You Shall Not Pass!" type of flak barrage.
  9. That's because they're listing specifically, in legal speak, what parts of the Star Trek IP he was using.
  10. Yeah...you'll love the dive bombers from Saipan.
  11. *peers**blinks**rubs his eyes**squints at the air kills* My gods...
  12. You don't have to for a firestarter build. But if the new penalty isn't a big deal now to compensate for, you could put the points from DE into something else on a non firestarter build.
  13. Great Chinese Famine. Though to be honest, that was out of ignorance and stupidity.
  14. Except, the head guy commercialized it by offering products for sale based on the project and funding a studio that goes beyond producing the project. This is what triggered Paramount/CBS. Good copyright holders leave fan projects alone unless the fans attempt to profit off them (commercializing) then they take actions to protect their IPs.
  15. They only have to do a color theme like orange, white and gold for TOS, black, blue, light blue, blockish gray shades and such for the TMP. And such.