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  1. Hurlbut

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    She's back in shop this weekend
  2. Hurlbut

    Indomitable has confusing information

    115-117 seconds before skills/modules.
  3. She does have torpedo bombers. And well, better restoration time and a bigger reserve. Hrm. I don't like having to depend on fires to do most of the damage. On Ark Royal, that was the torpedo for me.
  4. Do your captain have DE?
  5. He provided the stats of the ship and the planes. And yes you have to depend on (HVAR or so) rockets and 250 pounds HE bombs. Carpet Bomber Squadron size is 4 with 2 per attack run, attack squadron is 6 with 2 per attack run. 115-117 seconds for "restoration time". 8 on flight deck for Bomber and 12 on deck for attack.
  6. Hurlbut

    California HYPE

    What just happened while I was away?! https://images.app.goo.gl/9QQcfNHMoiNQAAef6
  7. Cue Azur Lane AR going Ara Ara~ on the Destroyers
  8. Hurlbut

    USS Puerto Rico and VMF Poltava - Dev Blog

    And they're not going to do that already for Ohio?
  9. Hurlbut

    California HYPE

    her character type is a beach athletic gal. I think. A bit rough and tumble where you would get a little scuffed.
  10. Hurlbut

    California HYPE

    Her initial sigma stat is 1.7 which is just behind Arizona.
  11. Hurlbut

    California HYPE

    Nevermind that she's a young woman.
  12. Hurlbut

    California HYPE

    Which I admitted already by saying it was indeed wave distorting the perspective of these holes. I guess you really have bad reading comphrension. Welcome to the list.
  13. Hurlbut

    California HYPE

    What argument? That the line is too low for where it should be on the visuel model?
  14. Hurlbut

    California HYPE

    @SteveStevenson Okay I went back to the pictures and applied the black lines on top of the piping. .
  15. Hurlbut

    California HYPE

    both lines on both pictures were aligned with the said piping. Please go ahead and fiddle with this in photo editor as I did. Or Paint editor.