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  1. Optio_Praetorii

    What is WG trying to tell us?

    Only a matter of time for the YouTube videos of BBs getting torps right next to that sign. Come on Jingles...
  2. Optio_Praetorii

    Jingles previews the Cossack

    Agreed, and it was nice to see a preview video where the ship is bottom tier. I've been on and off with the DDs lately, but for only a few dollars after the guineas - worth trying it out I think.
  3. Optio_Praetorii

    Talk Like A Pirate Day (Pirate Flag Included) Arrgh!

    I like how all of your flag choices are either pirate, raider, or hunter themed. :)
  4. Optio_Praetorii

    Fleet Action Friday - Operation Dynamo

    Thanks for the recommendations all. Haven't tried this iteration yet, but hopefully will this weekend. Might bring out the Mahan or Leningrad to start, but hopefully can unlock Icarus to try out (Acasta so far). Remember when the teams had to worry about the number of Cyclones on their teams last year? Cyclones had smoke if I remember, but not not much in terms of AA or main guns.
  5. Optio_Praetorii

    Game crash first battle

    Well, wasn't this update for me, but happens at least a couple times a week for me. I can generally get back in within 2 minutes but still.....can't type that "game crashed, sry, headed for __" into chat quick enough before risking getting reported. It's really annoying when it crashes right at the 'Battle Start' announcement. Sometimes I play dangerously, lol, but lately I've been going CoOp for the first battle and then into Randoms went the coast is clear lol. At least I don't feel as alone now. :)
  6. Optio_Praetorii

    Caption the profile image above you.

    But I get to have four!
  7. Optio_Praetorii

    Threat Assessment Thursday - The Royal Navy

    Might as well own it - Orion. Haven't taken it out in a bit but it's a fun time when I do. When not just burning things: Leander, Queen Elizabeth, Fiji (working up the line) Very excited for the destroyer line, just got the Acasta mission last night.
  8. Optio_Praetorii

    Halloween Submarine Art

    Agreed, it does look phenomenal. If the captain or operation voiceover sounds even remotely like James Mason? That would make me so happy.
  9. Optio_Praetorii

    Caption the profile image above you.

    You can send one capable Jedi to stop a suspected and massively powerful Sith lord. (Anyone check out "Thrawn: Alliances" yet? Lost track of time and it came out)
  10. Optio_Praetorii

    Subs...WOWS Rubicon

    I wonder if there's a calm, thoughtful discussion on... Oh. Let's just see how it plays out in the Halloween event and go from there. Could be something they limit just to that (everything from the last few events wasn't brought into the main game). Might be that everyone who's playing against a sub and not playing the sub hates it, and they delay it or decide to leave it to Operations. Could make for an interesting feature in that mode.
  11. Optio_Praetorii

    Warship Wednesday - First Ship of the Day

    Budyonny in Random - well-rounded, fun with fires, and whatever tier match I find myself in it's still fun. Had some internet issues over the last few weeks, so was starting with a CoOp round or two in case I got kicked right at game start and join the battle about 2 minutes in. For them, it's secondary fun with Massachusetts to start things off
  12. Optio_Praetorii

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Just testing the next Russian premium
  13. Optio_Praetorii

    Forum Game - Word Association

  14. Optio_Praetorii

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
  15. Optio_Praetorii

    Forum Game - Word Association