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  1. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Put in an app for a couple of the sub-clans in-game last night right before bed (A and B), love the idea of not having to do any of the social things but still reaping clan benefits.
  2. Game doesn't open from launcher

    I've had the same issue since Thursday. I've since reinstalled twice, ran the File Integrity, gave firewall access, ran as admin, opened the app directly and the launcher. I also updated the drivers and downloaded the WGCheck program. Anyone do anything different?
  3. Looking for a clan, NA time zone

    Any timezone in NA works for us, we have members in each one, and a few members from Canada as well. We don't have a tier or stat requirement, and I tend to like tiers 5-7 myself. The clan plays at all tier levels, so there's always someone to division up with. Check out our website and hop in our TeamSpeak to say hello and division up with us, see if you're a good fit. http://www.armoredknights.us/ Good luck, hope to see you soon!
  4. LFC 45% - any teir - 5 s16 capts Rank best 9

    Hey David! We are always looking for new captains at Armored Knights, and definitely could use another CV player to add to the ranks. And wouldn't hurt to have another Lo Yang fan : ) We run all tiers whether in randoms or competitive play, plus some in-clan competitions. There's always someone in TeamSpeak to link up with Check us out at www.armoredknights.us and feel free to hop in our TeamSpeak channel for a chat if interested. Good luck in the search! - Infernal_Affairs
  5. Thank You WG!! Supercontainer Molotov

    Congrats and enjoy the Molotov, amazing ship! Holding out for my Gremy as well...
  6. how even... im lost for words

    How did you manage to cause flooding?
  7. Number of battles can be a bit misleading as well, considering when the ship was introduced and if it was a limited release (i.e. Arizona)
  8. This has made the last week of games so much more enjoyable Please don't remove!
  9. Clan Found - no further replies needed

    Thanks for the responses all! I'll hopefully be able to log into the game/TS/Discord on Wednesday or Thursday night. Figures the day I posted this work decided to send me away for a couple days :-/ Looking forward to chatting with you!
  10. Premium ship sales?

    Last year they had a lot of individual tanks on sale, including the limited ones (Berlin Trio, Type 62, etc). Hopefully they'll do the same for ships. Hoping they also bring out a new one for the holidays like the Blys from last year. Someone wants to try the Graf Spee
  11. Clan Found - no further replies needed

    Evening all, I've been off/on since the Closed Beta, and looking to join a fleet that could use another CA/CL/DD commander. A laid back group to division up with regularly would be great now with clans finally coming into the game. Right now, I am playing a lot of German and Russian cruisers up to tier 9, and trying to get back into the US line. Gunboat/hybrid destroyers are more of my style, and am looking forward to the new IJN branch. Eventually want to give Battleships another try as well (damn Scharnhorst and their sales). I live on the East Coast, generally playing weekday evenings and random times on weekends. I have a headset and can download TeamSpeak, Discord, etc. Stats below, send me a message here or in game. Thanks!
  12. Scharnhorst back in shop

    Just picked up mine and have been testing it out a bit in Co-Op, cannot wait to have more fun tomorrow.
  13. Container 'Roll the Dice'

    My first super crate was 10 million credits and one yesterday was the 250 DCP. Other than that sets of 5 flags each. Doesn't hurt to keep trying!!
  14. Will not sleep

    The Fiji looks great, can't wait to get it (until of course, Belfast ) How are you liking the rest of the RN line so far? Finally getting a chance to binge-battle.
  15. Buy Scharnhorst or Atago??

    I mostly play cruisers and destroyers, but the Scharn seems like a nice mix of BB and cruiser. Might even get me more into the BB playstyle with the faster fire rate. Plus seems like a nice crew trainer for the Germans, without having to face the 10s like Tirpitz and Eugen.