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  1. i had 5 years of wot experience on how to do better at my play + i had early time to learn due to alpha
  2. i had someone in the discord make my NGNL sig :P
  3. [NNC] Stands as the pride, joy and Competitive Clan Wars side of The Haifuri Community of the North American (NA) server. We strive for success, efficiency, and above all-else, showing respect. The Norfolk Naval College will focus on excelling on all fronts: You’re expected to commit to your community, while still having fun. Mission Statement: "Through services and facilities, to forward deployed naval forces whenever and wherever needed, our challenge is to anticipate and provide fleet service and support needs on demand." What is expected? As of now, we are a small, Clan Wars competitive team within The Haifuri Community who have proven themselves in season 1 of clan wars earning the coveted rank of Storm Team. We are willing to guide and teach our members as they show growth and commitment to the clan/community. We encourage divisioning with fellow community members. This is not required, but it is encouraged. We do practice skirmishes with our sister-clans, intercommunity clans, and many others. They're also the fun times to look forward to as it's not “all work and no play”. Being a part of The Haifuri Community unlocks many opportunities that other smaller clans lack, due to not being in large communities. This includes historical training-room events, sync dropping, having a member presence in nearly every time-zone to division-up with, and much more that you get to experience by joining. Upon joining, there will be a "shake down cruise" with an officer/designated member. It will mostly consist of watching how you play, see how you handle teamwork, being called-out for any errors, seeing if you can learn from your mistakes, and if you can commit to the competitive scene. You’re expected to show up for at least two of the 4 CW primetime days. If you can't make it, or personal reasons come up, simply contact an officer to let us know. We encourage the behavior that real-life ALWAYS comes first, as this is only just a game. Rules | Requirements: > Be polite to both clan members and non-clan members! > Don't break any rules set out by WG, or by the clan community. > Must speak English and have a working mic. > Must join our Discord server (For announcements, changes, and chatting). > Must have a 50% WR and must also have at least one Tier 10 with a 50% WR preferred or 2 non premium tier 8 ships. > Must be active. We are not requiring every-day playing, as real-life come first – however as mentioned above, we will still expect you to play with our clan at least once or twice a week in-order to encourage growth within the community and also for becoming a better and higher-skilled player at the game. > You must also be willing to learn and take criticism! > What should I do if I'm interested or have any questions? Join our Discord by clicking here and ask for a NNC officer. Please contact any of the NNC officers here, in game, or on our community discord. We will be more than able to help answer any questions you may have. We hope to see you all on the high seas!
  4. Haifuri Community is Recruiting! (Update: 1/14/2018)

    :D The Journey Home >