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  1. Maybe they will have there next WG event in falls river and they will be giving her out at he event.
  2. You are right I didn't even notice
  3. I am a fan of everything they have done for this event
  4. I am not a fan but I appreciate all the hard work and the idea of it.
  5. He is so new he dosnt even know
  6. Have you though it on your end? Have you run a ping plotter? Have you opened a ticket? Do you blame others for your issues?
  7. Darn it WG stop doing this cool stuff so I can play other games.
  8. Welcome to the dark side
  9. Why are your threads so weird? And why do you get upset when others help?
  10. Man I want that class in the game. Can I vote for all of them
  11. I hope not it's killing Tanks
  12. Do the low tiers really need a buff?
  13. Yeah they would have to charge you more then 3k for that. Like a lot more. Then you would have people yelling that it's not realistic and they are destroying the world war 2 feel of the game.
  14. The poop storm that would come out of a premium ship nerf would cause the forums to explode.