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  1. Lonewolfpj

    So what about your Karma?

    Wow I must be bad. i seem to always go from 0-20 then back down to zero. I have found out each time I take out some Premium ships I get a negative Karma.
  2. Lonewolfpj

    Tiger Trash

    He even says its a bad ship in the video. Its a bad ship Soshi
  3. Well I will give WG credit they have provided textbook examples of how not to manage a community.
  4. Lonewolfpj

    Who will move in to fill the cc void?

    To be fair even the ones that are left i have a sour taste for. I unsubscribes to a a CC today because you can tell he doesn't care about LWM
  5. Lonewolfpj

    Mouse's Criticsm of the CC Program

    I had freed up my weekend to play play this game. Then when I saw all of this go down with LWM and other CC I have lost all interest in playing. LWM Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this game.
  6. Lonewolfpj

    List of Departed CCs

    I mean this is just justifying my waning interest in the game.
  7. I thought they are the same ship with just different names. Am I wrong in thinking that?
  8. Yep Still around but not on the forums as much as I used to me.
  9. I am a whale and I just got the coal version
  10. Well I had the same issue about a year ago and WG sent me an internet trace tool. When I used that I reached out to Comcast since the lag was at one of there terminals. It took Comcast about a week to fix it.
  11. Lonewolfpj

    Nostalgia (Old computers)

    I remember when I was the cool kid on the block because we had a Gateway computer with a 486 in it. Also remember boot disks for games.
  12. Lonewolfpj

    They are nerfing Missouri.

    She is a great ship I am happy that they will let newer players get her.
  13. Lonewolfpj

    Japanese cruiser line

    I still think the ZAO is a great CA.
  14. Lonewolfpj

    Jean Bart battle carrier conversion.

    wow a comment from 2018 being quoted