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  1. WG did a nice job trolling us.
  2. Lonewolfpj

    I Am A Bot!

    You type well for a bot I am impressed. Tell Skynet I said SUP
  3. Good point if you want it do it today.
  4. Lonewolfpj

    Repulse and Prince of Wales

    YEP Pearl Harbor attack was a much bigger deal.
  5. Lonewolfpj

    Azur Lane after event

    I do not think so.
  6. I was just going to say that. I actually think warships might be the least pay to win out of a lot of other free to play games.
  7. Lonewolfpj

    What I learned by opening 22 $1 Santa Crates

    I will say WG does a good job with loot boxes. I do always feel like you get your money’s worth out of the boxes. You just have to be open to getting whatever if you send money hunting just one ship you will not win.
  8. My hats a great haul go buy a lotto ticket
  9. Lonewolfpj

    Need help: Musashi vs Alaska

    I just say go with what is being pulled now and then grind back up for the new ship. I just hate how WG will not give us any information on how it will be sold. This is causing to many people to just wonder what to do
  10. Lonewolfpj

    America's industry vs Japan

    Well all I can say is that the US Navy doesn’t agree with you and I am not trying to sound like a [edited] but as a vet I can tell you no fight is unwinable by either side. But if you want to believe that Japan could have never won the war then go shards and believe that.
  11. Lonewolfpj

    My biggest problem with WV..

    Yeah whenever I see one I break out in song. It doesn’t really help me win.
  12. Lonewolfpj

    America's industry vs Japan

    That is just the opinion of that author the US Navy reports are much different
  13. Lonewolfpj

    Gearing, Why would i play this over anything else

    Kill all DD that come in your way and toss torps at Everyone