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  1. Remember when they talked about unified accounts across all WG games? Now that was a strait up lie.
  2. No USS Wichita.
  3. Whatever it takes to get The Wicked Witch in the game.
  4. You can always read patch notes.
  5. I can’t top what Lert said.
  6. Spam the spammers
  7. SPQR is used be the people of Rome today as a sense of pride in the city.
  8. If you ever go to Rome you will see the SPQR even on the manhole covers. It roughly means the people and the Republic of Rome. Not the people of Caesar. Grantedhe was really the last ruler of the Republic.
  9. I am not sure still why they chose that flag. That would have made more sense for Roma.
  10. Are you out of premium time?
  11. Well this thread has just gone no where.
  12. Not my cup of tea but you did a great job on it.
  13. I would like to see that over cartoon ports. Before people flip out I don’t have an issue with them being in the game. But I would like to see more actual ports in the game.
  14. Yeah WG and CV’s make me laugh. It’s the biggest joke.