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  1. Lonewolfpj

    XF Sherman gameplay

    You need to play it like you play the new German DD's. Treat it as a CL with no citadels
  2. Lonewolfpj

    Pinky McPinkster Saves the Day

    Since they took out team damage I am less weary of pink players.
  3. Lonewolfpj

    Thanks For Nothing WG (Brawls & Dockyard)

    no....The missions clearly state what game modes go to them.
  4. Lonewolfpj


    It's been a while since i looked at this stuff but I thought you had to also buy the ships to get them when they are replaced.
  5. Thanks for posting.
  6. Lonewolfpj

    My Next Steel Ship?

    Druid is out and an RP ship.
  7. Lonewolfpj

    New Year's ship bonuses

    I am just happy they are doing steel. This year I will be able to get enough for a ship
  8. It's just too much to have them track you like a missle and then your torp protection is negated. Also when I have seen subs Division up together and work as a wolf pack they run over teams. Since as soon as someone uses the repair to stop a pink the another sub pings them and kills them.
  9. In the hands of a good sub commander they are overpowered. The Ping system needs to be fixed so you do not have to use your repair to prevent a dev strike.
  10. I mean subs are driving people crazy. I usually do not complain much about this game but subs are making me rage quit. There have been several times where I have been killed and there is nothing I can do. I use the repair to stop the ping but still get crushed with torps then die of flooding. And a few times when subs Division up and work as a wolf pack and destroy the entire team. To me they need to figure out the Ping and not make me use my repair party to fix it.
  11. Lonewolfpj

    I am done

    Wait until you see Subs Division up and hunt as a wolfpack that is the worst feeling.
  12. Lonewolfpj

    Rochester in the Premium Shop

    Also a Tier 8 vs a Tier 10 ship. I am not saying she is a good ship but you left that out of your stats.
  13. welcome to playing games on the internet. This happens in all games across the board. Also its just a free to play game so if something happens in real life then you need to take care of that.
  14. Lonewolfpj

    So what about your Karma?

    Wow I must be bad. i seem to always go from 0-20 then back down to zero. I have found out each time I take out some Premium ships I get a negative Karma.