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  1. This is some click bait I could not resist myself. I am leaving for Military duty for about a year, so I will not be around anymore. But I just wanted to add my 2 cents to the state of the game. I am not always happy with the changes that WG makes, but I do like the fact that they are working hard on making the game better. And in the world of video games, I feel like a lot of company do not do that. I am looking at you EA! But More importantly, the thing that has kept me around is the players and the community that this game has. I have never really experienced this in any game I have ever played. So I wanted to make a shout out to the CC who work hard to help us with this game. I have leaned on them for Wiki review of ships to ship reviews from LWM or wise sense form Lert or just yelling at Zoups videos I have enjoyed the work that those people have put in. I also enjoy Jingles fun videos. But it also comes down to each of you on the forms and in the games. The vast majority of the time I play this game with good people who are looking to have fun. To those who are burnt out on the game take some time off this is a game and meant to be fun. Life is short, and it's essential to have fun whenever you can. Last and not least I wanted to make a shout out to my clan WOLFB. You guys rocked and made the last few months a blast. I still can't believe how well we did in clan wars as a Wolf Clan. PS. WG thanks for the Wichita! Its the only ship I ever wanted to play since I first picked up the game. I had family serve on her, so I am a little biased and having a few days to player her before I leave is a great surprise.
  2. sometimes if you restart your pc or pause any downloads then you get stuck with this issue. It has happened to me twice and you just have to let it do its thing.
  3. maybe they do not like you.
  4. Lonewolfpj

    Server Population Count

    To be honest I haven't seen a drop in numbers at all. I didn't play yesterday because I was at a Superbowl party. I have really see a major shift in numbers I think some people say the game is dead because of the rework but I also think some people like the change and come back for it. At the end of the day it will take a while to see how this all shakes out.
  5. Yeah I agree I am not happy with CVs at all they should have keep them for coop play or something to figure this out. This is a PR mess for WG.
  6. Look at my stats I hate CV and I would rather not have it in the game but it isn’t going back so that’s why I say either figure it out or move on.
  7. Lonewolfpj

    CV Rework Feedback

    I want Alaska but I do t want to go back to midway alpha strikes
  8. Either learn to play the new way or go find another game we are not going back
  9. Gotcha totally didn’t get that. To be honest I haven’t seen much of a difference in gameplay. I usually go 4 to 5 games without seeing a CV.
  10. If you left because of the pink status updates then yeah stay away.
  11. Lonewolfpj

    I miss Stalingrad threads...

    its still a competitive ship I think she is better built for Clan wars. For Pub games I prefer the French BB Bourgogne.
  12. Lonewolfpj

    I miss Stalingrad threads...

    She is still around and still a Monster.
  13. Lonewolfpj

    So what games are people going to now?

    I play a lot of different stuff but I always have so no change in me. I actually like the new CV changes they have grown on me.
  14. Lonewolfpj

    Dear Wargaming...

    From a PR standpoint it might be I good idea to offer some stuff to appease the people