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  1. Lonewolfpj

    Atlanta Tropical Camo question

    Make ATL great again.
  2. Lonewolfpj

    Kelsy Grammer for American sub captain

    He would want way to much money to make this work.
  3. Lonewolfpj

    Enemy Health bars should be removed.

    what no this is not a good idea at all.
  4. Lonewolfpj

    It is not my job - let us discuss

    I think it only makes sense to attack a DD in rocket planes. Torps and bombs are better for other classes.
  5. Lonewolfpj

    Ships you never see anymore

    Russian battleship Imperator Nikolai I I only see the one I own and people are always confused.
  6. Its a great match and great job with the commentary from Jingles.
  7. My entire clan just got kicked out of a battle and it seems the server crashed on us.
  8. Lonewolfpj

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.7

    Yeah I am excited about this.
  9. Lonewolfpj

    Clan Battles: Once again the same rewards

    Steel is the only reason to play really.
  10. Lonewolfpj

    PT 0.9.7, balance changes

    Venezia definitely needs the Nerf. Just look at what that ship is doing in competitive games. In Clan battles a Venezia's would just shred a team.
  11. I think you need to play at least 1 game in each ship.
  12. Lonewolfpj

    Lets Discuss Tone And Ise class Ships

    Yeah I never would have thought we would have to wait this long for the TONE.
  13. Lonewolfpj

    Is it time to seek another game?

    I have taken a few breaks. And sometimes I just jump in and play a game. Just take a break man.
  14. I have the California and it is the worst ship I have ever played in the game. I knew it would be bad but I wanted the ship since thats my home state and I had family on her. I would warn anyone to not buy this ship.