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  1. People complaining on the forums

    so much salt with that one. This is a game it supposed to be fun. If you dont have fun find something else.
  2. Ranked Binomials

    I am pretty good with numbers and I am haveing a hard time with his.
  3. Submariner Logic

    It all makes sense now
  4. Continuously disconnected from the server

    Yeah you should have a Comcast account which let’s you into there webpage. In there they have a support tab and you can talk to them over messenger or in the phone. Go to Comcast.com and log in
  5. Continuously disconnected from the server

    I had the same issues with Comcast and I sent the ping plotter data to them and they had it fixed about 2 days later.
  6. Continuously disconnected from the server

    Run ping plotter. WG support should be able to give you the stuff you need to run it and pinpoint the issues
  7. They are always adding new ships and updating lines. This is the American turn for a line split.
  8. Should the USN think about restructuring?

    With Modern weapons and ship design I think you have to throw the old ship class system out the window. To just surface ships subs and aircraft carriers.
  9. Welcome to Multiplayer games.
  10. Should I buy the Pensacola?

    If possible I would get as many US CA as you can.
  11. I am not smart enough to follow what is going on with this thread but I am happy the OP brought this up I haven’t thought about the this.
  12. Midway rant again!

    Let’s wait to see what actually happens. Before we get mad
  13. Yeah I am in the wait and see camp. I think they need to do more before I would buy it.