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  1. nrnstraswa

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw @LittleWhiteShark in a co-op the other day when I playing my newly acquired Devonshire.
  2. nrnstraswa

    WOWS Stream in1 Hour - New Line 1st Look

    Nice Sailor_Moon. I too am looking forward to playing the Colorado, I am enjoying the New Mexico. I applaud your efforts to get California buffed as well.
  3. Yeah I'm disappointed with the reload speed, the same awful 9 seconds the Yahagi has to put up with.
  4. nrnstraswa

    Rubber banding NA Server and another issue

    I had several internet drop-outs yesterday, figured my ISP was to blame. Will investigate further.
  5. Glad to see there are others who want more mid-tier premiums in the game. I'm hopeful for a Northampton class cruiser or a Suffren class cruiser at some point.
  6. nrnstraswa

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    Just welcomed the Algerie into my port, making her my 94th ship.
  7. nrnstraswa

    Oklahoma ,first battle.

    I too hope to acquire the Oklahoma someday.
  8. nrnstraswa

    Splash Screen Ships ?

    Thanks, I first thought it was Algerie and Belfast.
  9. nrnstraswa

    Dutch Cruiser - ASW?

    Sure wish the Celebes had ASW...
  10. I just got the Tiger, liking it so far.
  11. nrnstraswa

    For those still driving tech tree ships often

    I've been playing my La Gallisoniere and Nurnberg lately, eager to get Algerie and Yorck. I'm not bothering with Italian , Soviet or Japanese DDs, nothing appeals to me there.
  12. nrnstraswa

    New Ship Ideas

    Ships I'd love to see: -USS Houston or another of the Northampton class Heavy cruisers -Suffren or her sisters Dupleix/Foch (Suffren class French heavy cruiser) -Duquesne (French heavy cruiser) -Jeanne d'Arc (French light cruiser) -HMS Gotland (aviation cruiser, Sweden) -Krasny Kavkaz (Soviet cruiser, gotta throw a soviet ship in I suppose) -Mogami (in her '43-44 hybrid refit) -Junyo (Hiyo class, Japanese aircraft carrier, was part of task force that attacked the Aleutians)
  13. nrnstraswa

    PSA: Code For Special Flag

    Redeemed, thanks!
  14. nrnstraswa

    Who have you seen in game

    I was playing a co-op in my Pensacola and was surprised to see @HazeGrayUnderway in his Nurnberg.
  15. nrnstraswa

    Changes to San Diego (2022.03.31) - She Still Sucks

    Well said LWM, thanks for all your hard work.