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  1. nrnstraswa

    Submarines are Coming

    Skipping tiers again, and I'm concerned with the projected submerged speed. Plus we need to cover CV/BB/Cruiser countermeasures to submarines. Will they get ASW aircraft?
  2. Trento and Genova interest me the most.
  3. nrnstraswa

    Italians are coming!

    Genova looks interesting, yay more tier 5 cruisers!
  4. nrnstraswa

    Italians are coming!

    Yay looking forward to Trento!
  5. nrnstraswa

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Me too, I've been eyeing the Hood for a while now and wondering if now is a good time to get her.
  6. nrnstraswa

    A plea for some lower tier premium releases

    Agreed, please give us more mid-tier premiums WG! Looking forward to Yahagi.
  7. nrnstraswa

    No subs please.

    The only way subs can be implemented is if all classes can damage them. This brings back memories of how subs were added to NavyField.
  8. nrnstraswa

    Which Ship Girl is Right For You? <3

    Got Montpelier. I do like the American cruisers.
  9. nrnstraswa

    Anyone Heard Anything About Yahagi?

    I'm still looking forward to Yahagi. We need more mid-tier premiums.
  10. nrnstraswa

    Who has gotten a Russian BB mission?

    I bought 2 containers, got the T5 Pyotr. Exactly what I wanted.
  11. nrnstraswa

    : ) Relax , it's just a question : ) SUBS?

    This is exactly why subs will not come out anytime soon. All ship classes need some kind of counter to them. DDs have their depth charges and/or hedgehogs, cruisers and BBs get floatplanes with depth charges, and CVs get specialized ASW bombers. Subs could go into crush depth to temporarily dodge depth charges, but this will deplete air and/or HP. Just a thought.
  12. nrnstraswa

    Waiting for the buff to Italian ships like...

    Duca D'Aosta worst in tier 6? LWM gave it a 'gudbote' rating. That said, yes the D'Aosta could still use some help.
  13. nrnstraswa

    Summary of Sub_Octavian's Q&A

    Thanks for the summary Kami, looking forward to the Yahagi.
  14. nrnstraswa

    How Often Do Cruisers Use Torps?

    Yeah I rarely use torps as well on my cruisers. In order to use them you are forced to expose too much broadside unless your cruiser has really good torp angles.
  15. nrnstraswa

    Kami's Consumables Tips!

    Nice write-up, very helpful!