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  1. nrnstraswa

    Merry Christmas to all

    Many thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  2. My first try with the boxes, 10 Bigs and 1 Mega. Got a Kii and a Krym. My latest try (a week later) with 10 Bigs and 2 Megas. No ships. Only 2,000 doubloons, no coal, just camo and signals. I guess it wasn't a complete loss, now I have lots of camos and signals to use later on.
  3. nrnstraswa

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Gonna get the Duca D'Aosta. Thanks WG for the discount!
  4. nrnstraswa

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    Thanks for another great review LWM!
  5. nrnstraswa

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    Great review LWM!
  6. nrnstraswa

    Coupon off "selected" WoWS packages... but...

    Yes, a list would be appreciated. However like Warheart said, some premiums worked. Perth, Dunkerque, Hood, and Atago to name a few. edit: tried again, was able to apply coupon to Indianapolis. Thx WG!
  7. Awesome reviews LWM! Well written and very helpful.