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  1. daVinci761st

    Your very first Premium was?

    My very first premium was the tier V ARP Kirishima for completing one of the "Arpeggio" Crescendo missions back in Dec of 2016 The first premium I purchased with actual real $$$, was the tier V Texas last April (2018) when WG had a sail sale on it, the Graf Spee, Anshan, and Ishizuchi.
  2. daVinci761st

    The music thread

  3. daVinci761st

    The music thread

  4. daVinci761st

    Best Crusier for Secnario

    As @Lightninger suggested, you really cannot go wrong with any of the Russian cruisers from tier 6-8 in the scenarios, but I would also recommend the French cruiser, the Charles Martel for tier 8 for the Cherry Blossom scenario. Her 203mm guns have good range, hit hard, and do a great job of taking down the Aoba's and Myoko's quickly, which is a big help to the team, especially if the majority of the people have queued up in light cruisers. The Martel's AA is also pretty decent and you have the option of taking Def AA over the Hydro consumable to boost your AA defense when you get to the 2nd half of Cherry Blossom to deal with the torpedo bombers. The main battery reload booster and speed boost consumables on the Martel are also very useful in Cherry Blossom.
  5. daVinci761st

    What is Karma?

    Not 100% sure how forum reputation points are calculated, but it could have something to do with the cool, angry, bad, boring, and funny emojis you can click on the bottom right corner of a poster's post.
  6. I have really enjoyed the Russian cruisers, so very fun from tiers 5-8. Guns are like freaking laser beams, but as with any cruiser, have to be mindful of when BBs and heavy CAs have you in their sites. Still, a very fun line of ships to play. I also recommend giving the French cruisers a look over. The tier VI and up French cruisers get access to the main battery reload booster consumable. If you do choose to go down the French cruiser line, though, I recommend taking the Last Stand as a commander skill on the French boats though, as they tend to be prone to getting their rudder knocked out quite frequently from my experience.
  7. daVinci761st

    What is Karma?

    Don't think the in-game Karma rating affects or has anything to do with the forum reputation points.
  8. daVinci761st

    What is Karma?

    Karma is just a general stat to see how other players feel about how you play the game, but it doesn't really affect anything with the exception that the higher your Karma rating, the more compliments and reports you can give out to other players in a 24-hour period. From the WoWs Wiki update 0.5.2 and 0.6.6 patch notes Karma SystemEdit Karma is calculated as the difference between the number of compliments and reports received, and may not be less than zero. Karma is displayed by the player's nickname. It is prohibited to compliment and report players within the same Division. If a player is complimented or reported, a system message appears after a battle. The system message for reports will be displayed only if a player has been reported by at least two players. The system message for compliments will show the specific number of people who complimented you (without specifying their nicknames, however). We've increased the daily limit for compliments and reports. Now, once you've achieved a certain Karma level, your daily limit will also increase: Karma Level Limit on reports and compliments 0 - 19 7 reports and 7 compliments 20 - 49 8 reports and 8 compliments 50 - 79 9 reports and 9 compliments 80 - 109 10 reports and 10 compliments > 110 11 reports and 11 compliments
  9. Guide to understanding the rules of team damage and team killing in World of Warships has been updated as of Wednesday, December 26th to correspond to the change over to WG's new automated Anti-Abuse System with update 0.7.4 back in April 2018 from the previous team damage and team kill system.
  10. Thanks @Chaos_EN2 and agree @2Strykerz . I think WG could tweak the current TK system, but unfortunately, I think what we have in place is what we are going to work with for the foreseeable future. Speaking of which. I made this thread over two years ago, and WG has made changes to the TK system switching it to the anti-abuse system back in April of 2018 with update 0.7.4; so, I need to update the guide to reflect the changes. As it was in World of Tanks, team damage has been hotly debated in World of Warships. I don't think WG will remove it in Co-Op, Random, or Ranked battle modes, but interesting enough, there is not friendly fire team damage in Operation Scenarios. Not sure if I understand your rant here @44_percenter. Sure, we have a right to free speech here in the United States; however, while you can exercise that right of free speech to disagree with WG's anti-abuse and team damage policies and rules, and you can also certainly choose to break those rules, that right of free speech doesn't have any bearing on the consequences you will incur from breaking said anti-abuse rules. Not sure why you bring up First amendment lawsuit. Any competent judge in the U.S. would laugh you out of the courtroom if you chose to try to sue WG over their anti-abuse policy because the 1st Amendment doesn't apply when it comes to team damage and doesn't protect you incurring penalties from rules a private business has set for their game.
  11. daVinci761st

    DD's in coops

    LOL. Yeah. I've been killed more by friendly DD torps than enemy bot DD torps in co-op. And I don't disagree, but that is why I said "sometimes." BB's getting killed by bot DDs in co-op, it's not that it cannot happen, but that it just doesn't happen often.
  12. daVinci761st

    DD's in coops

    Aye. I really enjoy playing the USN BB's, and that is very true Wowzery.
  13. daVinci761st

    The music thread

  14. daVinci761st

    DD's in coops

    I usually try be a team player in Co-Op battles if I'm in a DD or cruiser and help out a slow standard BB, but Co-Op is like an arcade brawl compared to Randoms and Ranked. If you don't get stuck in, most of the time, you'll miss out on doing dmg and getting kills. Unfortunately, when a player readies up a BB, sometimes they aren't able to get into the action or will get picked off by a bot DD. It just happens sometimes. Anybody who has qued up a USN standard BB knows how painfully slow they are. That BB player shouldn't have been b'iatching at you at all. You did nothing wrong.
  15. daVinci761st

    What happened to my Steven Segal Captain?

    Yeah. No doubt.