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  1. daVinci761st

    Best Damage Record.....In Co-op?

    Haven't cracked the 300,000 barrier yet, but so far, my highest damage Co-Op game is in the tier X USN BB, the Montana, with 271,710 on Haven.
  2. daVinci761st

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    DELETED... didn't mean to double post
  3. Congrats on @AdmiralThunder
  4. daVinci761st

    Code Given in EU stream: works in NA

    Aye @Admiral_Thunder. It's for more PvP missions to obtain Always Courageous containers
  5. Well... shiver me timbers. You are correct sir. I have no idea why I thought it was 3 minutes. Playing this game for over 4 years and I'm still learning stuff... that or I'm just slow and blonde, lol. Thanks @AdmiralThunder @Ariochaotik and @HazeGrayUnderway as well as anyone else reading this thread and my comments, I was incorrect about the maximum wait time for Co-Op. Guess it just feels longer sometimes.
  6. Correct. I realize that Co-Op is set at a 3-minute max wait time (correction... 30 second max wait time), but Ariochaotik was referring to not ever having to wait for over 3 minutes for a RANDOM match. Been a long while since I've had those odd 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5 random matches due to low server pop, but those can be fun. And agree that Operations can be a pain in the wee hours of the morning; so, I don't attempt to run those after 2 a.m. EST unless we have a full 7-man division to do so. 10-4. And I should have specified that it isn't often that you will have to wait over 3 minutes and very rarely over 5 minutes but it can happen sometimes. If I recall, it has happened more when I've been in a full 3-man division over just soloing, too.
  7. I believe my highest base XP co-op game is 902, but I know there are players who have broken 1,000 and even the 1,111 mark. During peak hours, you likely probably haven't, but if you have ever played after 12 a.m. EST and especially between the hours of 3-6 a.m. EST, one can wait as long as 5 minutes for a match maker to put together a game sometimes.
  8. daVinci761st

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My highest damage I have done in a co-op game to date, 271, 710, and in the Montana none-the-less.
  9. daVinci761st

    Happy Veterans Day, shipmates.

    A salute and shout out to all the veterans who have served, are currently serving, and who are no longer with us... and to you all their families. RIP grandpa.
  10. daVinci761st

    Critical error when trying to switch port

    Aye and will do Gneisenau013
  11. daVinci761st

    Critical error when trying to switch port

    Aye. My first time experiencing this error with World of Warships. I currently play WoWS with no mods; so, unfortunately, it is not due to mod. Definitely going to submit a support ticket, though. Yes. Ran the WGCheck to see if there were any issues but it did not find any problems. Appreciate all the responses and advice from everyone. Fortunately, leaving the port on Polygon, WoWS runs stable and fine; so, a simple short-term solution is I just won't be switching ports lol.
  12. daVinci761st

    Critical error when trying to switch port

    Multiple times. I've tried to switch to each of the 20 other ports and I have received a critical error with a crash to the desktop every time.
  13. I'm experiencing a critical error of the World of Warships client and a crash to the desktop when trying to switch from the Polygon port to any of the other ports. First time since the 0.9.10 update trying to switch the port, but I never had this error, problem before. I know a couple of other people from our Rubber Ducky [RBRDK] who have also experienced this issue.
  14. Yes. Limited battles in it, but so far, I've found the Kansas is tankier than the North Carolina or Vladivostok at tier 8 and the Georgia and Iowa at tier 9 as well as the Montana at tier 10. My average potential dmg is 1.3 million and my record is just over 2.5 million. But that is just my experience. While I understand that the Kansas has its cons and a lot of people just don't like it, it's not as bad as people are making it out to be. What I find funny is just how much angst there is over the Kansas, though.... as this thread just proves. I automatically got reported by half my team at the beginning of the match and a plethora of venom for bringing the Kansas into this random battle. Pushed into A and solo capped it, tanked like a [edited], and helped to secure the W. While certainly not a Mingles with Jingles replay worthy battle or an epic carry, my actions and play were a big reason why the team one.
  15. I don't own a Belfast but I don't have a problem with premium ships like her being in ranked; however, I do wish the MM would balance the number of radar cruisers so that they are equal per team. I've been in matches where one team has no radar cruisers and the other has two or three. Each time, the team with the radar cruiser advantage usually wins.