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  1. How do i put flags on my ships

    You have to be at account level 10 before you can mount flags on your ships. Once you reach account level 10, follow Seadog's instructions. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Account_Level Account Level 10 Experience required to advance to next level: 15,000 Reward for achieving this level: 25x Juliet Charlie, 25x November Foxtrot, 25x Juliet Whiskey Unaone, 25x November Echo Setteseven, 25x India Delta, 25x India X-Ray, 25x Sierra Mike, 25x India Yankee, 25x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, 25x Victor Lima Attaining Account Level 10 grants players the ability to mount Signal Flags on their ships. Signal Flags are earned via the Achievement system, and are expended when used. Many of them provide significant buffs to experience and credits earned in battle, with others granting small buffs to ship performance.
  2. New Team Kill automation is a failure

    Aye. And unfortunately, there are going to be the occasional DC's here and there either through internet connection drop, power outage, or a CTD. However, I would think that if a player was having a lot of DC's or CTD's, they should not try to play WoWs until the "problem" or "issue" is fixed or resolved. It's been awhile, but if I have more than 2 DC's or CTD in a day, I focus on fixing the problem that is causing the DC or CTD. Do realize, however, that some people do have issues running WoWs, ie Apple users running the MAC wrapper, or folks that live in areas with unreliable internet.
  3. New Team Kill automation is a failure

    Understand your frustration, but he (or she) who fires his guns and torps is responsible for said ordinance. Unless you received an orange penalty notification, which you would have to have received a pink warning beforehand, you should have just got the warning for the team damage/TK. First offense is usually a 2 game warning and does not restrict you from participating in any of the battle modes. It is possible to commit several "fouls" in one match, though. "New" anti-abuse system: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/anti-abuse-system/ How the System Works - The new system is more nuanced and enables us to determine the degree of a player's guilt more accurately, adjusting the penalties accordingly. As before, the status of players directly depends on their actions in battle and is shown by the color of the nickname. When a user violates the rules, is "AFK" in battle, or attacks allies, the system first simply prompts such players to think about their behavior and start playing fairly, while the player's nickname turns pink. The warning itself contains information about what the player was punished for. If, after the first warning, the player continues to violate the rules of fair play, the next step of the system will be to prohibit access to all types of battles, except for Co-op Battles, Clan Battles, and Training Room, while the player's nickname will turn orange—but only in the Port. To return to battles against other players and gain access to other types of battles, the player will have to take part in several Co-op Battles against bots. The player must still observe the rules of the game and contribute to the battle. From the Wiki changelog for 0.7.4 - http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Update_0.7.4 The status of a player's account will be indicated by the color of their nickname: WHITE color meaning lack of violations. PINK color meaning the player has received a warning. Players are NOT penalized and can still play any of the battle modes. ORANGE color meaning the player is under penalty and is restricted from entry to certain types of battles. Any orange penalty will be "served" in Co-op Battles, where each battle played without violations is one step on the way back to the "white" status. The exact penalty will depend on the number of violations and the frequency of their recurrence. Repeat offenders will "go pink" faster and face an ever increasing penalty for repeated acts of unsportsmanlike conduct. This significantly reduces the chance for all players to be matched in a battle with a "hardcore" offender. While I do think WG's new anti-abuse system needs to be tweaked, currently an AFK, whether it is through intentionally leaving the battle early, not participating in the battle, or in your case, through no fault of your own, is enough to draw a pink warning, which is 2 games. No penalty and really no fuss, no muss.
  4. What ships NEED a 14pt captain to be effective?

    The US light cruisers from tier 6 and up need at least a 14-point commander with IFHE and CE to be effective IMO; although, you can probably get by with a 10-point commander on the tier 6 Dallas and tier 7 Helena. But you definitely need IFHE to maximize the damage output from the 152 mm guns. Without IFHE, you are going to get a lot of shatters.
  5. Have a code for July 4th!

    Thanks. Plus one.
  6. USS Dallas

    Actually, @Taichunger never stated that "co-op is a great place to train for pvp," quote below. That is what you inferred from his post when he was making a joke about people not knowing how to shoot. The biggest difference between PvP random matches and PvE Co-Op matches besides the human opponents vs. AI bots is that random is like a chess match, especially the higher tier matches at 8, 9, and 10, and Co_op is more of an arcade brawl. While there is some truth to what you say about a Co-Op heavy player having to learn the playstyle in randoms, the fact that a player who plays a lot of games in Co-Op and then comes to randoms doesn't mean he or she will be "humiliated" or "fail." It all comes down to whether a player can adjust his or her playstyle from one battle mode to the other. It's no different from playing tier 4, 5, and 6 random matches and then making the jump up to the higher tier random matches at 8, 9, and 10. Most players, not everyone mind you, but most struggle when they first make that transition.

    New US light cruisers are fun, but not everybody will enjoy them. All light cruisers are easy to citadel. Not just the US ones. That is one reason the Russian cruisers are called "glass cannons," and the US light cruisers still feel a little bit tankier than the British CLs. The biggest thing with the US light cruisers is that they need at least a 10-point commander with IFHE and preferably a 14-point commander with both IFHE and CE, @ramp4ge beat me to it, even on the tier 6 Dallas. Not everybody has a 14-point commander to stick on the new US light cruisers when they get them, though. I've got a 17-point commander on the Cleveland and she rocks, but on the Dallas, just a 9-point; so, my damage output on her is very sporadic and situational.
  8. Over the last 6 months, since I came back to WoWs in January after a 3-month break, I'd have to agree the number of players who are playing very passively seems to be growing compared to what I used to see in the game. And it's not just BB players. There are DD players who are so concerned over radar that they don't want to push caps, and there are cruiser players so concerned with getting deleted by a BB salvo that they don't want to expose themselves. And it is not just in random battle mode, either. I see it in Co-Op and sometimes in Operation scenarios. I'm not saying that everybody should go all LeRoy Jenkins and charge full speed ahead, but what little bit of team play we would see occasionally seems to be disappearing into every man, or woman, for themselves format. I'm not 100% sure what the solution is, but maybe some new maps that challenge players to move up and play the objectives. More so would be to start rewarding other aspects of gameplay and as @imaplaya suggested, playing the objectives. That is part of the reason I play Operation scenarios so much. Even though it is PvE, you get rewarded for playing the objectives; so, there is no reason WG couldn't implement something similar in both Co-Op and Random battle modes, other than flat out winning the match. I know that the cool thing to do lately on the forums here is to take out a stick and proceed to go to town on all the BB players out there, and yes. There have been a number of BB players complaining about HE and fires, which is asinine to me as all the fire damage can be repaired. However, let's be honest here. There have been just as many, if not more, threads of DD players whining about radar and cruiser players complaining about getting deleted by a BB salvo. I understand the DD player's frustration with the BB AP bug, and yes. It definitely needs to be fixed. I think radar needs to be line of sight and not see through islands. However, stealth firing in smoke needed to be removed. There are quite a number of us "BBabys" who actually try to support DDs and cruisers on our team, using our armor and HP pool to tank for the team even though we hardly get any XP or credit for it, only to have said DDs and cruisers turn tail and run at first sight of the enemy ships. So the problem of passive gameplay is not just from BB players but also DD and cruiser players. I admit that I am a pretty average player, slowly and steadily getting better, and I'm just learning how to play the higher tier 8, 9, 10 matches. I'm probably too aggressive at times, and so, sometimes push when I shouldn't; however, it is frustrating when nobody ever pushes as the enemy takes all the domination points. This ^^^^ Right now, the greatest rewards as far as XP and credits in WoW sare from damage dealt; so, other than winning, there is not much incentive to playing the objectives. The only problem is there are quite a number of WoWs players who are quite happy to farm damage regardless of winning the match or not. While I realize damaging and killing enemy ships is a major factor in winning a match, there needs to be an emphasis put on rewarding other gameplay that is also beneficial to helping the team win, like spotting, capping and defending domination points, tanking damage, etc.
  9. I have been blocked

    No problem and you are welcome. For new players, learning how to torpedo takes some getting used to, especially to do so without putting teammates in danger. I've accidentally hit teammates when I was first learning to play, too, and you will find a lot of WoWs players who have played long enough, have accidentally hit or TK'd a friendly. Even though you are frustrated with getting a warning/penalty, just remember that WG's anti-abuse system is automated and "no-fault," which means it does not differentiate between intentional and non-intentional acts. There is no appeal process than other sending in a support ticket, and you will probably just get a generic response back from WG about how the automated anti-abuse system works. Good luck and just be as careful as you can.
  10. I have been blocked

    If you violated the anti-abuse system, even if it was through non-intentional actions, it depends on what level of warning or penalty you got. First pink warning is 2 games and you can work that off in any game mode. If you did enough to get an orange penalty, which it sounds like if you can only play Co-Op, first orange penalty is usually around 10 games. After 10 games, you should be free to play any game mode again. You should have gotten a notification that told you how many games. How the new Anti-Abuse System works in WoWs - https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/anti-abuse-system/ From the WoWs Wiki: "In version 0.7.4, WG's new anti-abuse system is supposed to counter unsportsmanlike conduct and unfair play to a whole new level. From now on, players acting disrespectfully toward teammates by attacking them, being inactive in battle, or fleeing a battle will get a foul conduct warning first and will be banned from certain types of battles (except Co-op and Clan Battles) in case of repeated violations. The status of a player's account will be indicated by the color of their nickname: WHITE color meaning lack of violations. PINK color meaning the player has received a warning. ORANGE color meaning the player is under penalty and is restricted from entry to certain types of battles. Any penalty will be "served" in Co-op Battles, where each battle played without violations is one step on the way back to the "white" status. The exact penalty will depend on the number of violations and the frequency of their recurrence. Repeat offenders will "go pink" faster and face an ever increasing penalty for repeated acts of unsportsmanlike conduct. This significantly reduces the chance for all players to be matched in a battle with a "hardcore" offender."
  11. So we aren't receiving the Light Cruisers

    I played WoT for six years and have played WoWs over two years, and I don't ever remember WG doing anything in WoT like you are stating. WG was pretty descriptive in what players would get and not get for the US cruiser line split went update 0.7.5 went live. They never implied that we would receive the new US light cruisers for free when 0.7.6, which means they did not mislead anybody on the US cruiser line split. Not sure why you feel insulted as we were compensated quite well by WG when 0.7.5 went live, especially if players had the Cleveland, Pensacola, New Orleans, and Baltimore in port with premium camo. The only new US cruiser that WG stated we would get was the tier 9 Buffalo heavy cruiser and that was only if we had a Baltimore researched, bought and in port at the time 0.7.5 went live. It sounds like you made some assumptions or got some misinformation without reading the info provided by WG, Community Contributors and knowledgeable forum posters prior to the split. You weren't the only one.
  12. Cherry Blossom.....How to 5 Star it.

    You may know this and are just giving those "stinky bots" a wee bit of sarcasm, but under your "Damage Received," the "Other" is a summary of the total damage you take from fires and flooding. You were set on fire six times and took 10,093 damage from it. And I also have been playing the Edi very aggressively, and it has been a blast. You did far better at spotting enemy torps than I did.
  13. Caption the profile image above you.

    Level 100 wine test taster. Fermented grape juice fears me!
  14. And you two are not the only players who misunderstood how WG was doing the US cruiser line split. There were several threads and complaints in the forums as well as the in-game chat from people after 0.7.5 went live. Part of it has to do with some of them not reading the available info, not staying up-to-date on the latest info, and some of it was because they didn't get correct or good info from another player. I think a number of players think that when a CC releases a WIP video review or preview of a ship line split or new ship(s), that they have the final, live release info. Most of the time, they do not, which is why they have to say and/or put that WIP watermark in the video. Even when participating on the player test servers, WG states that things could be changed for the live release. In the case of the US cruiser line split for 0.7.5 and 0.7.6, the CCs didn't have any specifics on reimbursement and ship replacements before May 15th. In most all of those vids and also in the forum topics on the US cruiser line split prior to the public test server 0.7.5 notes being posted, anyone taking that educated best guess as to what would happen was warning that the rewards/reimbursement could change. Of course, as is human nature, I think people gloss over those caveats.
  15. How does this stop TK'ing?

    Aye. I don't blame you. Gives you the best chance of success. There is nothing more frustrating than being in a DD and getting in close to launch a potentially "devastating strike" torp spread on an enemy ship, only to have some other yahoo try to bulldoze in, push you out of the way to fire off their salvo, or not give two bull snips and just fire off his or her torps right through you. They then get mad because you didn't move out of the way or yield to give them the shot. But if I am in a BB, I do try to yield to my friendly DDs if they have a good "firing solution" that they have worked hard to get in position for. In the case of the jack hat in my above example, I wanted to slow down and turn to give my friendly DD a clear shot at the enemy BB, but I had 2 enemy DDs on my port side that just didn't make it possible. I even told him to hold off firing his torps because I was behind his target and within range of his torps.