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  1. I don't own a Belfast but I don't have a problem with premium ships like her being in ranked; however, I do wish the MM would balance the number of radar cruisers so that they are equal per team. I've been in matches where one team has no radar cruisers and the other has two or three. Each time, the team with the radar cruiser advantage usually wins.
  2. The USN BB line has a special place in my heart. That is the line I worked through to get my first and currently only, tier X ship, BB-67 Montana. Unfortunately, I had to sell the Iowa and have yet to buy her back, even though I enjoyed taking her out in both co-op and random.
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    Coop battle just now

    As you are relatively new to WoWs, at least if the battle count of 280 is correct, here is a simple rule when you hit the battle button if you are playing PvE co-op or scenario operations or PvP random or ranked... unless you are platooned up with others, don't expect the other random pubs on your team to work as a team. Yes. WoWs is supposed to be a team-based game but getting a bunch of random people to cooperate and play as a team happens only occasionally. You'll have some games where people are communicating and coordinating with another, but most of the time, it is every man and woman for himself or herself.
  5. It's really a shame that WG tends to continue to nerf PVE content and game modes like co-op and scenarios in the guise of calling it "balancing." It's a PR spin and I get it, but let's call it what it really is. I play all the game modes when I get the opportunity, and they have all their different playstyles. Co-op is like a fast-paced arcade shooter compared to the chess match of higher tier random matches. Ranked offers a different PvP playstyle than the typical random games, and clan battles another PvP playstyle. Then there are the scenario operations. So much promise when WG first introduced them. But instead of WG working to improve on them and introducing more, we have seen operations that have been pulled and put on the shelf, wondering when they would or if they would return. Cherry Blossom, Dynamo, Hermes, and Ultimate Frontier have not been in the rotation or available for a while now. Having more game modes and options for players to choose from is better than having less in my opinion. At some point, people are going to get bored with less and less content and move on to other games.
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    I feel team play isn't a thing in coop.

    To be honest, the only real way to get consistent team play in Co-Op, Randoms, or Operation Scenarios is to division up with other people. That's not to say you won't have games where your team works together to get the win, but it just doesn't happen a lot in Co-Op.
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    How do I report a trolling teamkiller?

    Here you go: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/category/17321/#category_17322
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    How do I report a trolling teamkiller?

    I understand that it is frustrating when you get teamkilled in a match, but just FYI, Wargaming has a policy about no naming and shaming on the forums. I recommend editing your post so you don't get a warning or a strike from the mods. Just better to send in a support ticket and move on to the next match because posting it in the forums doesn't really do anything.
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