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  1. daVinci761st

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    Normally, I enjoy participating and helping test out on the Player Test Servers, but 0.7.10 has been an act of futility. Trying to meet the criteria for the rewards have been agonizing. There are not enough people on the server playing ranked battles so wait times in queue are over usually 5 to 10 minutes. I've enjoyed playing the Halloween battles what little I have been able to do, but again, low server population sometimes makes the wait times pushing over 5 minutes. Then after all that, I can play one time and the World of Warships client will hang or crash after the battle. I've also experienced the transaction error when I've been in a division in both ranked and operations battle modes. Compared to previous PTS versions, 0.7.10 has been very buggy and unstable. And I would suggest to WG, if you want more people to participate on the PTS, you could sweeten the pot as far as rewards to some degree.
  2. daVinci761st

    0.7.10. Public Test Bug Reports

    I have also had this same bug after the Halloween Battle is over. I also have had a bug where sometimes it will not display the post-battle report and just hangs. Other times it will not display the post-battle report and it will take you back to port. You can still access the post-battle reports from the notifications icon, but at least 50% of the time when you exit out of them, the World of Warships client will hang or crash. Another bug I'm getting is the transaction error when trying to select a ship. I have to exit the WoWs game client and restart the game. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. So far 0.7.10 PTS has been very buggy for me this go around compared to the other PTS versions.
  3. daVinci761st

    The music thread

  4. daVinci761st

    Tier 8 Battleship Analysis

    Very nicely done @glacier_de . Plus one and I subbed to your channel.
  5. daVinci761st

    If subs are introdduced - what will you do?

    I don't know if it is a good idea for WG to introduce submarines into the game at this current time or not. It doesn't seem like a good idea to me based on the fact that the player base appears to be very divided on it and there are other issues that the player base would like to be addressed to improve gameplay. That being said, what will I do if and when submarines are introduced into WoWs? I'll still play. I'll adapt my tactics to counter enemy subs and help friendly subs. I'll probably even play them for the Halloween event. Where it goes from there, we'll just have to wait and see.
  6. daVinci761st

    Another Event, another example of bad match making.

    I don't disagree that being the low man on the totem pole in a match can lead to frustration. Playing tier 8 can be frustrating as hell when you queue up and 10 out of 10 times you are facing a tier 10s and a few tier 9s. And nobody enjoys being on the losing end of the 12-0 or 10-2 ROFL-stomp. I will say, though, that being up-tiered is not as frustrating in WoWs as it was in WoT. At least in WoWs, I can still damage any ship on the other team and I can still contribute. In WoT, there were a number of times if you were up-tiered, you might not be able to damage most of the tanks on the opposing team, even if you hit the 2 key and readied up the premium ammo. My apologies for getting off on a tangent about the server pop numbers, but my main point is that any changes made to MM that could increase the wait times in queue, while it may make the gaming experience better for a player won't necessarily equate to more players playing the game. For good or bad, people, in general, just hate to wait, and it seems today, that they have even less patience than they used to.
  7. daVinci761st

    Another Event, another example of bad match making.

    Yeah @SyndicatedINC . I don't know why people that suggest MM changes fail to realize that for most players, they are not willing to sacrifice longer battle queue wait times. In other games, and I use MWO as an example, where this has happened, it practically killed the game. If we are serious about offering suggestions to grow the WoWs player pop, longer battle queue wait times is not the way to do it.
  8. daVinci761st

    Another Event, another example of bad match making.

    I can read just fine, But I have been up for 24 hours with school, work and taken care of a sick spouse. Not everybody can spend all day trolling the WoWs forums and being a jack hat like you. You should take your own advice. Look at my edit, which I made 9 minutes before you posted. The fact is, you used RU server numbers to try to imply that NA server numbers are down 50%. My apologies for catching you to try to mislead readers.
  9. daVinci761st

    Another Event, another example of bad match making.

    Yes. I edited my post, but you beat me to the click. The point is that the NA server has not lost 50% of its player base as some are claiming.
  10. daVinci761st

    Another Event, another example of bad match making.

    What site are you using because what https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/na/total shows for the NA server is different than what you have screenshotted in that attached image? I've been playing for 3 years and there are more players on average now than there were back in 2016, which is what the graph clearly shows in the attached image. Granted it is not any significant player growth, but WoWs has not lost 50% of its player base on the NA server as you claim. Edit: You are using the Russian server numbers @awiggin not the NA server numbers
  11. daVinci761st

    Another Event, another example of bad match making.

    I heard the same argument when I played WoT. There are more WoWs players playing on average today than there were 2 years ago. Not every new player DLs and signs up for a WoWs account through Steam.
  12. daVinci761st

    Another Event, another example of bad match making.

    As I stated before, you make some good points, but then you make an off the wall statement about WoWs server population being low during a time, 9am - 10am EST, that falls in the off-peak hours, from 3am-11am EST, at the end of your well-thought-out post to try to back up your point. The Stats.wotapi graph that you linked to clearly shows this. WoWs wasn't available through Steam at launch or for over 2 years so the Steam numbers are always going to look low because most people that play WoWs do not do so through Steam. I've been playing WoWs for 3 years, and the number of people playing today on average are better than they were 2 years ago. See attached screenshot of all time numbers. Could WoWs player numbers be better? Probably. Would changing MM get more people to play? Quite possibly. Depends on how long players would have to wait in queue for MM to put together teams. If it is too long, that could also drive away players from the game. MWO experienced this and their numbers have never recovered from it. All I'm saying is if you want people to take you seriously on the forums, don't make an off-the-wall statement at the end of a well-thought-out post because a lot of players will read that, and automatically discount everything else you stated.
  13. daVinci761st

    Another Event, another example of bad match making.

    While it sounds good in theory, I'm not sure a skill based MM will work as intended in actual practice. I cannot name a single game off the top of my head where it has or does. If you want an example, go look at Pirahna games MWO. They use a tier system based on the number of battles played and W/L ratio. The wait times are horrible and the complaints over the system are just as many as over here. You have some good suggestions on improving MM, like +1/-1 tier MM, matching teams with the same number of divisions, but while you or I might not mind waiting for more than a couple of minutes for MM to put two teams together, the majority of the player base is likely not that patient. BTW, I'm not sure where you are from, but the numbers for the NA server at 9:00 am EST are going to be low. 3 am to 11 am EST Monday through Friday is always going to be the time period of lowest server population in NA; so, if you are trying to use to support your argument, most readers are going to write your post and ideas off with that statement. The majority of the population in NA is at school and work currently in the US, Canada, and Mexico except for those on the West Coast. Peak times for the NA server usually start popping upwards after 4:00 pm EST.
  14. daVinci761st

    vote kick bad gamers

    While good in theory, as the other posters I quoted have stated, a vote kick system would just be too susceptible to being abused. What WG needs to implement is when we mute a player in the in-game chat, that should block ALL messages from said player, including the F-key commands.
  15. daVinci761st

    BB's pushing

    This is true. And agree about Ranked battles. "Saving a star" definitely led to an increase in the number of BB players camping and sniping at the back line gameplay. While being able to "save a star" for finishing first on the team was a good idea in theory, in practice, yeah... not so much.