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  1. daVinci761st


    It's WG Automated Anti-Abuse Sytem. I assuming you got disconnected from the server for the majority of the battle or you didn't move a lot. If you think it is in error, you can send in a ticket, but I wouldn't expect to be compensated for the lost credits and XP. You'll likely get a generic response from WG support on this unless you can provide a replay that shows the automated anti-abuse system was in error in this particular instance. That unsportsman conduct pinkage will be gone after a few battles.... usually 2-3 for your 1st offense. edit: While the lost resources stinks, most us who have played WOWS for long enough have gotten the pinkage at least once or twice. And most don't consider that big of deal. When friendly fire was a thing in the game, it happened quite often with torpedos and players learning to use them.
  2. daVinci761st

    Your ship has been destroyed by a player.

    "RNG giveth and RNG taketh comrad..."
  3. I get your your frustration as someone who plays DDs a lot themselves. But unfortunately, don't hold your breath when it comes to getting a refund because of an implemented game mechanic. When you signed the EULA, there is a section in there about changes to ships and game mechanics. As far as how torpedos worked in WW2, the way DDs get to fire salvo after salvo of torpedos without ever running out in WOWS isn't exactly historically or realistically accurate either. What tier and type DD were you playing? If it was RN that was historically was developed and built prior to 1923, it might not have had sonar, but it most likely would have had hydrophones. I think the first US QB sets arrived in 1931. Main point is, that WOWS is a game based on the history of naval warfare but it doesn't mean it is going to be 100% realistic it in how it applies those mechanics in the game because of the need to try to balance gameplay. Of course, there has been an ongoing debate in how well WG does that. This. Destroyer and cruiser players need to learn to use their DCP on sub pings like BB players do with fires. You don't pop up it with just 1 ping or 1 fire. I'm learning to deal with the new meta with subs, and don't have too much of an issue with them but I do think how often a sub can ping between pings and how visible, how long they become visible after pinging needs to be increased. Speed of the sub should also be factored when they are submerged, but I realize that WG is trying to balance realism and gameplay here.
  4. daVinci761st

    Your ship has been destroyed by a player.

    I don't want to be judgemental here, but from my experience and to my knowledge, most every multiplayer online game has a message telling the player which bot or human player delivered the "death blow" and as others have stated, some even have "kill cams." The only way I know the message can be disabled are via mods like Aslains.
  5. daVinci761st


    Welcome to World of Warships and the community there.
  6. daVinci761st

    Explain this game to a WoT player

    As a previous Word of Tanks player, World of Warships is a wee bit more complex than WG's tanks game. To avoid torps you want to vary your course and speed. Sailing a constant rate of speed in a straight line is a bad idea as it gives an easy "target solution" for enemy players to launch their torpedos at you. I recommend watching this vid. Followed by the second one. Filmsylunchtray also has a video series for new WoWs players as well that is up-to-date
  7. daVinci761st

    Is the New Patch to Blame?

    The thing about statistics is that they require context. Drawing the conclusion that the player base "sucks" because the average win rate is 47%, 48%, or whatever it is today, what context is there? In the pros in baseball, a batting average of .250, or 25%, is considered average. Compare that to American football, in the NFL, the baseline for an average completion percentage for quarterbacks is around 64.8% in today's game, based off 2021 passing stats. And compare that to basketball, in the NBA, the average shooting percentage for making baskets in 2021 was 46.6%. Then there is hockey, where the average shooting percentage for the 2018-19 NHL season was 9.46%.
  8. daVinci761st

    Is the New Patch to Blame?

    The word "pro" indicates someone who approaches the game as a "profession" and yes. I do realize most people do NOT spend hours a day playing ships or play WoWs as a second job or their primary job. I also realize some people just are good at the game without having to spend a lot of time on it. They pick up quickly and adapt to the game changes brought about WG updates quickly when they happen. But there are players who only play WoWs, or WoWs is their main form of entertainment. I have no idea how many hours per day they put in on average, but I imagine it is more than the casual player. My point is that most people that play WoWs are average, casual players. edit: Not necessarily you or people I'm conversing with in this thread, but some people take this game way too seriously...
  9. daVinci761st

    Your PoS Unsporting Conduct....

    What Lert said. @Crap_Game117, there is no way for the automated anti-abuse system to distinguish between a player whose internet or power went out through no fault of their own and a player who is purposefully AFK. Actually, WG's automated anti-abuse system came about because the playerbase were tired of being in matches where there AFK players. That and people trolling other players or trying to throw matches my intentionally damaging and killing teammates. WG introduced the Anti-Abuse System in update 0.7.4 back in April of 2018 and it hasn't changed much since then. I understand sometimes an internet issue or power issue can crop up unexpectedly in the middle of match through no fault of your own. It happens. I've had it happen myself, but when that happens or if I know I'm having internet issues, I just don't try to play online games until they are resolved. Occasionally getting pink for unsportsman like conduct is no big deal. It comes off after 2 or 3 battles. Most every veteran WoWs player has had it happen. It is only if you get it frequently is when the punishments become more severe.
  10. daVinci761st

    Is the New Patch to Blame?

    It would be quite all right if you gave my comment a downvote as that is what the emotes, i guess that is the right word for them, are there for. I just found it funny that it only took less than 60 seconds for someone to do so. I think there is someone that just goes around downvoting comments TBH. I still disagree with you, but you do make good points, good arguments. Over the years, I have seen plenty of those types of players who go all "LeRoy Jenkins" and yolo. But sometimes, a player or players can just have bad games. I think we have also had matches, experienced veterans and inexperienced rookies alike, where most of us have had brain farts and did something asinine. You get on a team where 8 of the 15 have a simualtaneous brain fart, and you get 3 or more of those in a row, and it would seem like the player base does suck. I'm repeating myself here as I stated this in my response to HazeGrayUnderway, but even good and experienced players make mistakes. Sometimes the way a match plays out can leave a player with little options. For instance, a player caught broadside is between a rock and a hardplace where the enemy team has eliminated a flank and said player is caught in a crossfire where no matter what they do, they are going to expose more of their broadsize to one of the enemy groups or the other. I used to cover college and pro football, and even elite athletes make mistakes that can lead to their team losing games.
  11. daVinci761st

    Is the New Patch to Blame?

    LOL... Took less than a minute for my comment to be downvoted. Guess I touched a nerve with someone...
  12. daVinci761st

    Is the New Patch to Blame?

    The player base doesn't suck. The player base is made up of a majority of people who are casual players, who are average. Most playesr cannot spend hours a day on the game because they have obligations such as family, school, work, etc. It is just like any other game virtual or otherwise. Only a small percentage are going to be "pros."
  13. daVinci761st

    Looking for a new game

    Aye. My brother and I played the heck out of this, although we had the non-electronic version. Also remember the commericals
  14. daVinci761st

    Huh? Not complaining but HUH???

    This. If you had unused sub tokens in your wallet when 0.11.10 update dropped, you received 3,000 credits per 1 sub token. It was easy to miss WG's announcement about in the News. Scroll down to US and German Subs in the Tech Tree section https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-01110-japanese-light-cruisers/ Please note: With the release of Update 0.11.10, Submarine Tokens will be converted into Credits at the rate of 1:3,000.
  15. daVinci761st

    Which Sub?

    I've only played the tier 6 subs Cachalot and U-69 and outside of a couple of Co-Op games only in the Wolfpack operation; so, I cannot say which is better for PvP. However, from that experience, I would go with the German U boats. The Cachalot isn't bad, but the U-69 just felt more forgiving with its better concealment and dive capacity as well as having the Reserve Battery Unit consumable (which the Cachalot doesn't get)... saved my wiener schnitzel more than once.