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    How to play izumo?

    I'm working on the Izumo grind myself and find the following helps: - At the start of the match, keep yourself at half movement speed for the first 2 mins while the teams get in position. The reason for this is that once Izumo is committed to an area, you can't easily escape without completing a massive turn (exposing broadside for 30 seconds) - Don't go anywhere near DDs. Torps will wreck you (your guns are quite good so hang back in the 15-18km range) - Keep your bow facing opponents - it isnt worth exposing broadside to use frequently use the 3rd turret - Never flank the enemy (as mentioned in my first point, you can't easily escape if you get focused by the enemy team)
  2. As LowSpeed has said - do not brawl in Amagi. You want to stay in the 18-15km range as your guns have good accuracy and hit hard. There is no advantage to moving in closer as you'll get torn up by torps and secondaries.