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  1. SneakHayabusa

    Kitikaze - ho hum - a new level of skill required

    I personally have seen less Kitakaze and Harugumo compared to Yesterday. Just deal with it as it will subside. Similar to day 1 Tirpitz came out. Hours of just 12v12 all Tirpitz games.
  2. SneakHayabusa

    Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    The only ship I feel is fine at T8 personally is Akizuki. Easily can handle T10 games(unless the russian-bias DD is out to get you). Otherwise, the amount of T10 games as a T8 is ridiculous. What happened to the good days where T8 was where everyone wanted to be and T10 was like a fun luxury now and then?
  3. SneakHayabusa

    Kitikaze - ho hum - a new level of skill required

    Is this considered a good game (best I've had in Kitakaze so far)? Overall, enjoying the line as much as Akizuki(had 1.4mil saved on her) so this won't likely be average for many. I spend too much time in my Akizuki to not know how to use this
  4. SneakHayabusa

    Who Wins This Fight?

    Gremy likely wins due to over-saturation of the bow as the red reverses into the torps. That's my guess.
  5. SneakHayabusa

    Update 0.7.6 Bug Report

    Random bug I've never had before this update. Ship just runs away from the camera and UI completely freezes except a few elements. Can still control the ship and fire but can't aim or see the ship if it leaves the FoV since I can't even move the camera. Keeps happening with or without mods, and restarting mid-battle only causes it to show back up in the same battle. Can't even play anymore.
  6. SneakHayabusa

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    It generally is the fault of the gui/flash folder that causes these enchant mods to break on updates, so I used to just remove that folder until updated. Not gonna test atm because currently trying to fix some other bug that popped up for me after today's update.