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  1. SneakHayabusa Plays a mix of battleships (excellent), cruisers (excellent) and destroyers (excellent) Deals a large amount of damage Very often finishes damaged enemies Rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Akizuki
  2. They stated in the video if I recall that yes, you can opt out of seeing them like ARP and such.
  3. Wow. . . 8k for those camos? Guess I won't be buying any and will just mod them on my side instead if possible.
  4. Is the server down at the moment?

    Just hope they remember to post the notice before starting maintenance next time rather than sneaking it in after the servers are taken down.
  5. Already stated. Notice was only posted 15min after servers had gone down and subsequently after this topic was made.
  6. Love how that gets posted "after" they take the servers down. I checked as soon as the game went down and there was no notice for 5-10min. A lil heads up would've been nice. Got kicked right as the victory screen was about to come up.
  7. HSF Question.

    Apparently you just get extra copies of them.
  8. HSF Question.

    Problem with that logic is that FXP can be used on more than Commander training, which may be one of the worst ways to use it imo. Whereas Commander XP is honestly insanely easy to get and just not hard to lvl a commander to 10 anyways. Heck, they could sell them as 1-point and it may take a day to get them to 10pts.
  9. HSF Question.

    Same here.
  10. HSF Question.

    The captains really should've had "maybe" a bundle of just the 4 that didn't come with Harekaze/Spee and no fluff, and individuals with no fluff
  11. HSF Question.

    Good to know. Now know they're not worth buying sadly
  12. HSF Question.

  13. HSF Question.

    I know I won't buy them considering how little they should be sold for
  14. For the High School Fleet fans...

    Would've bought the new captains if they weren't $21 each. Stupid move by WG imo to make 10pt commanders cost so much, when I have too many 10pt commanders that were free just laying around. An option to buy them without all the crap "fluff" would be nice but asking too much from WG. Bundle Math:
  15. Has happened to me maybe twice a week since a few patches ago. sometimes even logs me out while loading into a battle.