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  1. False_Fable

    Random dominated by poor players.

    Random players don't owe anyone anything. They can buy an Alaska and sail in circles shooting birds, if they want. This is why we have other battle modes.
  2. Is the image a complete list of the available 10-point COs-for-credits? Will Polish, Italian, Commonwealth, and Pan-American ship owners have options? It seems odd that some countries might get to start at 10 while others have to start at 3 points.
  3. False_Fable

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    I'm encouraged to see a Pan Asian 10-point captain there. I hope WG also offers 10-point COs for the other "minor" factions (Poland, Pan-America, Commonwealth, and Italy). There's no reason that a player who bought Błyskawica or Nueve de Julio should be forced to start at 3 points.
  4. False_Fable

    Important milestone with Clemson

    The man has attained gaming nirvana. He's completely divorced from The Grind. I wish I could be that content with a single boat.
  5. False_Fable

    Increase research XP

    Mudd is right. You'll drive yourself nuts if you demand anything of other players.
  6. False_Fable

    Increase research XP

    Yeah, the company handing out free rental tier 10s, selling tier 9 premiums, and offering xp boosters is not going to do this.
  7. False_Fable

    Guidance regarding Mid to higher tier game play

    As a "meh" player with just over 300 games, I can tell you the advice above is spot-on. I went to 7+ briefly and got spanked pretty well. Even if you're some immediate WOWS savant with unparalleled talent, you need the CAPT skills.
  8. You needed it. There were some good Stoic points in there. You are literally getting upset that people you have never met are deriving a benefit that is intended to support a game that you like.
  9. And what's up with WG releasing premium ships for lines that I don't even play! Seriously tho, there's nothing wrong with this promotion - it just doesn't involve us.
  10. False_Fable

    Where Do I Log A Major Complaint ??

    No, I mean how did turning pink hurt you. You turn pink, you play it off, and you're back to normal. You probably got some small credit and XP penalty, but that's a drop in the bucket. We all get those, even when we're just trading paint with teammates.
  11. False_Fable

    Where Do I Log A Major Complaint ??

    Why? How were you harmed?
  12. False_Fable


    I'm not aggravated. I'm offering help too, just of a different kind. We're all AWESOME. But congrats on understanding, I guess?
  13. False_Fable


    It's trying to talk to us! If you came here for help, Step #1 would be to have enough respect for people to communicate clearly. Unless maybe English is not your first language? In that case, I recommend trying a forum in the language of your choice.