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  1. False_Fable

    Guidance regarding Mid to higher tier game play

    As a "meh" player with just over 300 games, I can tell you the advice above is spot-on. I went to 7+ briefly and got spanked pretty well. Even if you're some immediate WOWS savant with unparalleled talent, you need the CAPT skills.
  2. You needed it. There were some good Stoic points in there. You are literally getting upset that people you have never met are deriving a benefit that is intended to support a game that you like.
  3. And what's up with WG releasing premium ships for lines that I don't even play! Seriously tho, there's nothing wrong with this promotion - it just doesn't involve us.
  4. False_Fable

    Where Do I Log A Major Complaint ??

    No, I mean how did turning pink hurt you. You turn pink, you play it off, and you're back to normal. You probably got some small credit and XP penalty, but that's a drop in the bucket. We all get those, even when we're just trading paint with teammates.
  5. False_Fable

    Where Do I Log A Major Complaint ??

    Why? How were you harmed?
  6. False_Fable


    I'm not aggravated. I'm offering help too, just of a different kind. We're all AWESOME. But congrats on understanding, I guess?
  7. False_Fable


    It's trying to talk to us! If you came here for help, Step #1 would be to have enough respect for people to communicate clearly. Unless maybe English is not your first language? In that case, I recommend trying a forum in the language of your choice.
  8. False_Fable

    Signal flags are not resources

    Yeah, this is obnoxious. A straight-up 33% reduction in flags and camo received.
  9. False_Fable

    Wrong Answers Only: 13

    You can tell that this is a Montana because of the turning radius implied by the oil slick.
  10. False_Fable

    Destroyers are really hard to play for me

    Russian DDs may be a better option, as they are gunboats and play more like light cruisers.
  11. False_Fable

    Premium Ship Purchases Should Be Qualified

    Players should drop the expectation that players of a certain tier have a certain level of competence, regardless of whether the ship is a premium. He could get the North Carolina in under 500 battles and still be stupid.
  12. False_Fable

    Summer Sale Day 11: KII

    Is this the last ship of the sale? Or will there be one tomorrow? I'm not sure if "through July 27th" means that the sale ends on Friday AM with the Kii, or if there will be a new ship on the 27th.
  13. False_Fable

    Summer Sale Day 11: KII

    More than that, the sale has made me afraid to buy anything at all. Why pay full price today if the ship you want could be on sale tomorrow?