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  1. worldeaters

    How to De Moines?

    I use Famu's suggestion on how to play her. Area denial. I get close as possible to islands in areas that I am going to contest and blast away at anything that gets in my line of fire. HE on everything head on or angled(DDs all HE). AP on broadside or slightly angled targets. Move up using islands as cover when the opportunity arises. I try and keep the nose pointed in a way that will bounces as many shots as possible. I run Radar and Hydro to maximize the effects in this role. I also play Salem exactly the same.
  2. worldeaters

    PSA - Free Captain Respec's Expire < 24 Hours

    I did the exact same thing.
  3. worldeaters

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    My 25% win rate with the DOY told me to stay away from this boat.
  4. worldeaters

    Missing the Kronshtadt

    I enjoy her. She has a more dynamic type of game play, compared to the Musashi. And is much more forgiving of mistakes then most cruisers at that tier. Still trying to figure out the guns though. Her armor seems to hold up better when kiting away angled, then face in angled. I need more games in her, but so far I think she is a fun ship. I do not regret the FXP I used on her.
  5. I chose the second option. Not gonna grind or pay for a ship like this again. Ruined my win rate getting DOY. Never again.
  6. worldeaters

    1st SC of 2019 ... Just a FYI on Choices

    Got the same SC yesterday. Time before that was 50 papa papa flags.
  7. worldeaters

    Z-39 Smoke & Hydro

    Multiple times. I laugh when they smoke up in front of her.
  8. worldeaters

    KRON,,,, or MUSH?

    Get both. Both are fun. Alaska will be around for a bit.
  9. worldeaters


    I did it mainly with Arizona and Spee. Spee was the best tool for this ranked in my opinion. She is good at trashing cruisers and hammering BBs. Not to mention her heal and hydro are very helpful to keeping her in the match. And on the off chance there was no BBs, she acted like a true "pocket battleship". Giving what ever team that had one an advantage.
  10. worldeaters

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Finished 70+ yesterday. Mostly CO-OP with a little random and ranked mixed in. Got Salem as planned, with some steel and coal left for next "gotta have" boat. Love the event! I hope there is more like this.
  11. worldeaters

    Is Atlanta worth $41 in 2019

    Its a mini Worcester. Love mine! But yes, she is fragile. You must pay attention to the flow of battle and know when to relocate. Her best situation is when she has island cover to shoot over and is close in to caps to contest them. All the Dakka makes her so much fun to play.
  12. worldeaters

    Do any of you have a "Cursed" Ship?

    Nearly all my British premiums.
  13. worldeaters

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    I knocked out all tiers below 8 in co-op and got the Salem last night with coupon. Now its time for the steel tiers.
  14. I got one in a Santa box. Thought is was garbage.....then I played it. Its actually quite fun to play. I play it like my Kutuzov and use the same Captain(standard Russian light cruiser build). I use islands or teammates as its smoke or WASD like mad.
  15. worldeaters

    ARP Ships are rewarding Coal not Steel

    I never thought I would get any use out of all those tier 7 premium ARP ships..........till this patch. 1000 coal each!