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  1. worldeaters

    Smolensk Breaks Game for Me

    Its the flavor of the month. It will get balanced by power creep, and or pulled from the armory. At which case it will be balanced by time. Seen this happen with every new OP ship to hit the game. You see this same up roar every time the newest overpowered ship comes out. No, I don't have one. Yes it's OP.....for now.
  2. worldeaters

    Can the Friesland do this??

    Yes, I totally agree with this guy and OP. Don't buy it! Its no fun what so ever and a huge waist of FXP and cash! Please, please dont buy it.
  3. worldeaters

    My thoughts on Friesland

    That's one of the main reasons I bought it. Cause I feel it will be competitive in rank. I don't want to face a bunch of these in mine next tier 9 rank season. So let's just agree with him and maybe few will buy it. I am gonna stop talking it up and agree with those that say it sucks.
  4. worldeaters

    Friesland or not?

    Bought it with crash. Love it! So much fun! At least for me. I dont miss having torps when playing it. The guns are far less situational. Plays like a smaller CL with lower concealment. The guns are sooooo much fun to use! literally that all game.
  5. worldeaters

    The Bayard

    It will eat cit's pretty easily. But not enough to "balance" the ship. It's speed and wazd hacks are it's armor. It's the only tier 8 I own that I dont care what tier MM puts me in. It truly feels like your playing a tier 8.8/9. Maybe even 9.5 in tier 8 matches. If it is played to its strengths, that is. With its speed and reload booster, Its great for supporting your capping DD at the beginning of the match. I would say it's broken in the right hands. But not noob friendly.
  6. worldeaters

    When You Get A Ship In A Supercontainer But...

    Congratulations! I really like the Krispy Kream. It reminds me of a low tier Kutizov with no smoke. Run IFHE with her and have some fun.
  7. worldeaters

    What are your opinions on Kremlin?

    Currently.....its broken. And its gonna be a long time before WG "fixes" thier new favorite line. Look at WOT, for an example. Most Russian tanks stay broken for long periods of time, before they get an "adjustment".
  8. worldeaters

    This rank season is a disaster

    Had a rental on my team in a Yami last night. He said prior to the match's start that he was up to tier 8, so "he was good"........died shortly there after sailing broadside to the enemy. I was going to say in chat that the tier 8 plays nothing like the tier 10. But I don't have the time to type out how to play a rental 10 and play the game too. Rentals will always be a terrible idea in any kind of competitive play mode. People should not be "competing" with something they have never used before.
  9. worldeaters

    Rank Battle Issues – No One Wants to Talk About

    The rentals was a stupid idea! WG and contributes needs stop making excuses about why and how it's supposed to have been good for everyone. It's not good for everyone! It sucks! Please don't do it again! 1 more reason I refuse to spend anymore money on this game. As much as I would love to buy the Lenin. I can't bring my self too do it.
  10. worldeaters

    Even I have had enough.

    I hear ya. I hardly play anymore and have totally lost the "need" to spend any money on the game as well. I really want the Alaska. But I cant bring my self to spend the cash on a game I hardly touch now.
  11. worldeaters

    Game control over win loss percentage

    If you start getting losing battles.....quite playing for the day. Take a break and come back in a day or two. If I get 2-3 loses in a row I stop, cause for me that is an indicator I am going on a losing spree.
  12. worldeaters

    PSA: On crates, in case we needed reminding again.

    Well that would kinda suck for me. Though I don't have the greatest RNG luck with drops, so I am sure that won't happen.
  13. worldeaters

    PSA: On crates, in case we needed reminding again.

    I bought 5 hoping for special signals. Coal would be ok too. Not really a CV player, so not interested in one to drop.
  14. USS Washington is about the only thing I'll open my wallet for. Still on the fence about Alaska. Otherwise I have too many premiums as or is.
  15. worldeaters

    How to De Moines?

    I use Famu's suggestion on how to play her. Area denial. I get close as possible to islands in areas that I am going to contest and blast away at anything that gets in my line of fire. HE on everything head on or angled(DDs all HE). AP on broadside or slightly angled targets. Move up using islands as cover when the opportunity arises. I try and keep the nose pointed in a way that will bounces as many shots as possible. I run Radar and Hydro to maximize the effects in this role. I also play Salem exactly the same.