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  1. Trade Secrets -TOP SECRET

    I think sharing of things you learned during play is good for the player base as a whole. If we did not share then the vast majority of us would take much longer to go from vegetable to a competent player.
  2. On the test server they had the boxes with more chances to get coal. I would also assume there is going to be other ways of buying coal for real money. Since this is about making money and all the ships but the Salem are, or were actually purchasable one way or another. I would also assume it will be handed out in some other manners to entice spending. I am not a consistent player, but I am figuring a year to get Salem. Once all the ways to get coal have been revealed.
  3. Let it sit in port for a while. My Tirpitz was 40+ for the longest and got constant potato teams, until the curse lifted. Finally got it into the 50's. Atago on the other hand(40+%)......i cant get a win in it no matter how long I've kept it. So may be your curse will lift on that ship over time or.....maybe not.
  4. Mikasa

    I take her out in PvP every once in a great while. I quite enjoy the old gun gal.
  5. Use that for both grinds of Baltimore and Cleveland. Got both Seattle and Buffalo in 3 days that way. Seattle is my favorite of the 2 so far. Buffalo turns like a container ship in stock form.
  6. One who plays solo

    54% solo here. Though I play low tiers when I find “teams” not being nice to me. I also mostly stay away from weekend play.
  7. I have 18 BB's, 18 CL/CA's, and 11 DD's. 47 in all. Rares include: Ark B, Fujin, MK, Imp. Nik., Belfast, and Gremy.
  8. Cherry Blossom.....How to 5 Star it.

    Balti's focusing with AP on the cruisers shelling the marines, works as well. Done it this way several times this morning.
  9. Arsenal Launch Feedback

    Well I got all 3 containers for the day and not one lump of coal in any. So its gonna take some serious time to collect enough for the ships worth anything. Even got a worthless "super" container, with speed boost consumables. Joy.
  10. I can take the ramming from an opponent. I use this tactic as a last ditch effort only. Its the stupid CV that does a torp run on me as an enemy BB and I are punching it out close up. That really grinds my gears. Leave us alone and let us have our fun.
  11. T10 CV vs Musashi

    Ironic how a German CV is so good at attacking German BBs. I usual try and stick close to AA supporting cruisers. Though this brings you closer to theirs and HE spam. Luckily she has so much health.
  12. Indianapolis needs some help

    My problem with Indy, is those huge shell magnets on her back. They seem to take shells no matter the angle and have no protection. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched a single stray shell go through there and get massive damage. And Indy takes it in the back even if your trying to sail away. Again, no matter the angle a shell will pen that area.
  13. I always loved how its Known as the "standard" system. Though most of the world does not use it. Merica F yeah! Cool Mod though and may be my first, since I struggle with the whole metric system.