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  1. Friday night down?

    I am having the same issue. :(
  2. Belfast

    As far as I know, its not going to be sold again in the NA server like the Kutuzov, Gremy, and Imperator Nikolai I. Santa boxes seem to be your only recourse.

    I picked up the Duke of Yuck and I am grateful that it was earned via play and that I successfully fought the temptation to actually buy the boat. The rate of fire nerf when compared to the KGV seems excessive given that the rear turret firing angles are bad enough you rarely want to use it under fire. The AA improvements are extremely vulnerable to HE fire and will rarely last past the first 5 minutes of the game. Frankly, at this point of time she is going to be a port queen. I hope that when the campaign ends and the stats stabilize she will get enough buffs to make her attractive for day to day use.
  4. I played five games with the Murmanks today and I had my rudder/engine damaged 4 different times in those matches. It was a pretty rare occurrence prior to so I am not sure if I should get my tinfoil hat but it feels more fragile in terms of module damage.