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  1. Uncle_Lou

    PSA: Free Stuff

    Yeah, I realized after I posted that I was probably actually late to the party... but I had only just seen it and figured I wasn't the only one :)
  2. Uncle_Lou

    PSA: Free Stuff

    There is also near the end of the 10.5 Patch news story a free day of premium hidden in the "Other Changes and Improvement" section, if anyone missed it.
  3. Uncle_Lou

    New ships (Dev Blog)

    I will likely end up with Rochester, if for no other reason than it's the city I was born in. The other two look extremely meh.
  4. 50k FXP. Would much rather have had steel or coal, but since all I had to do to earn it is log in I can't really complain.
  5. Uncle_Lou

    Albemarle Hate is Unjustified, Mostly.

    Albemarle as a total package is pretty disappointing. Drake and Goliath are actually quite good IMO, though the reload is a bit painful. But RN cruisers all share in that they must avoidance tank, rather than mitigation tank. The superheal can't help you if you get dev struck, and even though it repairs up to 50% of citadel damage if you eat a triple cit you will still be sitting on 5-7k health for the rest of the match. IFA is probably one of the best skills for these cruisers because it should help you avoid more incoming. If you are lucky you will get one mistake per match in these ships. I couldn't FXP past Albemarle fast enough. YMMV.
  6. Uncle_Lou

    Ranked Broken?

    My guess is that you are ahead of the curve for qualifying. May take another day or three before you get more people who have qualified for silver. Either that or the server barfed everyone out right before you logged in.
  7. This seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. I haven't seen this in any of the matches I played tonight; in fact in several games the pirates were very active and topped their team score-wise and with multiple kills. If it is happening, I don't think it is typical or happening often.
  9. Uncle_Lou

    The Pirate Boats make it not fair!

    I don't really mind these types of events all that much, just a little something different to spice up the game. Actually nuked a pirate earlier tonight. Though to be honest I'd rather they be on my team than red; people seem to lose their mind gunning for the pirates rather than playing the objective. But its only a few games here and there, so it doesn't ruin my session at all. Only thing that makes me curious though; are Pirates supposed to be in divisions? I saw several tonight that were in divisions, often 2 pirates plus a third non-pirate player. Kind of assumed it was within the rules since I saw several, but I don't recall seeing divisions in this type of event previously.
  10. Mods, if this needs to be moved feel free because I have no clue which forum is best. Is there a reason why I get the Cookie Policy warning now every single time a new forum page loads? I have clicked 'OK' I don't even know how many times now, yet it still pops up every time I click on a thread or forum. There have been no configuration changes on my end, so I don't know where this is suddenly coming from.
  11. Will second Notser; he is a pretty good player stats wise but is pretty easy going, and his streams are usually very chill. RL stuff has made his streams a bit more hit and miss lately, but hopefully he is getting back into the swing. I really like SeaRaptor00; he is super laid back, doesn't take himself very seriously and generally keeps things pretty real on stream. I find most of his content to have value, be it entertainment or informational. I check out PotatoQuality now and then, but he is (IIRC) a super unicum player and sometimes that is reflected in his opinions and attitude. Having said that I have learned some things watching his streams/YT videos.
  12. Uncle_Lou

    PTS 0.10.5

    Will wait and see how removal of team damage plays out, but I will echo what was said above: PLEASE reconsider removal of the warning for allied torpedoes. They may not hurt me, but I don't really want to unintentionally grief a friendly just because I didn't know they were coming. (unless it was blatant, then whatever)
  13. How is that going for you? I had debated trying Florida; I find the guns are quite accurate but the armor is practically non-existent.
  14. Just wondering what people are running in the current Bronze (t6/7) sprint. I have some thoughts, but am not sure what is going to perform well for me. TIA
  15. Uncle_Lou

    Lets talk Columbo

    I'm not sure what Colombo you are playing. The version I have played has IIRC 1.5 Sigma paired with about 245m dispersion. So yes, with 16 rifles odds are something is going to hit but its literally a shotgun. The dispersion/accuracy is absolute garbage. TBH tier for tier I'd rather drive Lepanto, I think Colombo is a lemon. Not sure how you can say Colombo LITERALLY has the best accuracy of all tier X bbs with a straight face.