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  1. Uncle_Lou

    Victorious camo appearance?

    Thank you for the image! I haven't played in several days, so haven't had a chance to earn that achievement.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has or can link an image of the Victorious camo available in the Great 8 crates. I have not been able to find an image of it on the wiki, in the shop, or on the forums. TIA!
  3. Appreciate the comps; that game was a bit frustrating as I thought it was very winnable, but we couldn't quite pull it together. Can't help wondering if I should have abandoned A sooner to support B/C, but I didn't like leaving 2 DDs plus on that flank uncontested. I feel like I am such a mediocre DD player that to have big games like these turn into losses makes me die a little inside 🙂
  4. Uncle_Lou

    RN Destroyers

    I really enjoy the Lightning, but am iffy on the IX-X DDs given the smaller caliber of the main guns. I'm not convinced the improved AP will offset the weakness of the HE, and suspect an IFHE build will be popular despite its high cost in skill points. The heal will give them longevity, which they may need in order to accumulate damage. Guess we will see though.
  5. Earlier tonight... Believe this was my best ever game driving a DD. Had another loss later where I did 115k, also with the Z-52. Was that kind of night - fragged early with little damage, team wins; play my aft off and the team derps. Ah well... Here is to continued improvement.
  6. Uncle_Lou

    Analyze my stats

    Just wanted to say I find this thread interesting. I utilize my stats as well to gauge improvement, though likely to a lesser degree than the OP; I look more for trends and as long as a stat or stats are trending in the direction I want to I figure I am improving even if incrementally. I'm not enough of a statistician to take the time to sit down and look at the numbers and try to figure out what they all mean. I never would have thought to have someone review my stats to look for indicators of areas of opportunity... I kinda thought that people would just assume I was fishing for complements (or asking for a bashing, as the case may be). I still consider myself to be fairly average and not quite at a level where I can carry a match if needed; but am constantly trying to improve.
  7. Having recently reached the Shima, through the first dozen-ish games I do feel like it needs a little something where the torps are concerned - and I am using the 12km torps. I will be the first to admit that DDs are not generally my strong suit, so it is likely that I need some more time to work out how to play Shima. I tend to focus on spotting a lot, trying to abuse the low detection range; and often get as much damage from my guns as from torps in a game (which usually isn't much - I think my best game thus far is only 3-4 torp hits). I'm certainly not about to quit over it, but it has been a bit of a frustrating start. I don't think reducing the IJN torpedo detection by .1-.2km would cause the sky to fall and it might make them a bit more comfortable to play as the torpedo boats the Wiki claims they are. Just my $.02, but like I said I'm not the best DD player by far.
  8. Uncle_Lou

    For all the losers, you're not alone

    My career WR is 54%. Past 7 days, its been 45%. Tonight it was a little worse than that. My Shima tonight? 14% WR. Granted, I just recently got Shima, but good lord I wanted to uninstall because the games were so damn frustrating. Nothing I did seemed to have an impact on the outcome, good or bad. The one win I got in the Shima I got deleted early and had only done maybe 2k damage. Makes me glad I have to work all weekend.
  9. Uncle_Lou

    What is the Point of Bridges?

    I would guess they are modeled in game as a nod to reality. Not that the armor was terribly effective. Prince of Wales took a 15" shell from Bismarck through the bridge during the Battle of the Denmark Strait which killed most of the bridge crew without exploding. During his final battle, Bismarck's heavily armored conning tower (below and forward of the Admiral's bridge) was ripped open by a hit from a 16" shell from Rodney which I would assume vaporized the crew inside. If this were a sim, bridge hits would be devastating to the effectiveness of a fighting ship. I am actually glad they did not model bridge hits in the game, other than the overpen/HP damage we see now.
  10. When this happens to me it is because I lost awareness of the minimap, and either my teammates all turned around or got dead while I wasn't looking. It is easy to blame the team, but really its my own fault for getting tunnel vision. Or assuming I am on the strong flank and the team will push as one... cuz that actually happens. Sometimes. Never.
  11. Uncle_Lou

    G Cesare?

    I love me some GC! I don't play the ship so much anymore because I always end up feeling a little dirty when I do. I have more Krakens in GC by far than in any other ship. I'm not sure I would call her broken or OP but she is a very strong ship. With the right captain she can be scary to face. I generally play her more like a heavy cruiser - I bully DDs and CLs as much as possible early game and once their support is gone I will take on the BBs. In 159 games in Cesare I have managed to compile a 66% WR and over 73k average damage. The only situation in which GC really struggles is if uptiered in a CV game. She can hold her own against tier 4 and 5 CVs due to her maneuverability and will even shoot down a few planes. A tier 6 or 7 CV with a halfway competent captain will absolutely ruin your day though. I find the AP to be good enough that I rarely use HE... maybe on severely angled BBs or higher tier BBs. If you are getting a lot of overpens on same tier cruisers my best guess is check your aim point. Tier 4 and 5 cruisers are Dev Strike fodder for GC if your aim is correct, and in my experience its pretty rare for RNG to totally screw you over with bad dispersion. If you haven't already, I would take a look at replays to see where your shots are hitting the enemy ships and correct as necessary until you start finding citadels.
  12. I generally find with Roma that the good RNG will last for only a portion of a match. I had a recent tier 10 match where I scored 5 citadels in my first 3 salvos and 5 minutes into the game had just over 60k in damage done. Think I finished the match at just under 100k and was one of the last to be sunk in a loss. After the first few salvos it was mostly overpens and ricochets; the game situation forced me into taking suboptimal shots and when combined with the wonky dispersion it didn't go well.
  13. Force them to fight on your terms, not theirs. Deny their vision control and shoot them. Hope your teammates are smart enough to focus them when the opportunity is there.
  14. Since people seem to gravitate towards current A cap anyhow, what about something along these lines? Could adjust the spawns one way or another; either closer to A/B or closer to C depending on where you wanted the action to be. If I were going to set the map up this way I think I'd get rid of the J row and 10 column and add one row and column to the top and left side so that the caps were centered up a little more. Okinawa as it is kinda stinks, but I think Shatter is hands down the worst map in the game currently. I didn't even know this site was out there... Kind of interesting to fool around with the maps like this.
  15. Uncle_Lou

    Average Joe First Impressions on British DD's

    There is a full line coming; the missions are just teasers of sorts, giving people a chance to get a jump start on the line.