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  1. RN BB zombie heal. *nods*
  2. Very well thought out, well written; its obvious that a lot of time and effort went into this post. At first read I'd say most of your proposed stats look pretty good, though the HP pool at tier VII and up may be a bit light. I wouldn't get my hopes up on WG adding a third shell type into the game though, as much as I would love to see the SAP rounds modeled in game (my Roma would love it too!). Overall very solid work. Have an upvote!
  3. So does "personal" oil match your clan contribution? For example I have been in only one clan since the oil thing started; so will my personal oil match my clan contribution? Or is it calculated differently somehow?
  4. These Things Happen

    I find that there is typically an inverse relationship between the quality of my play and the quality of the team I am placed on.
  5. When SCs become too predictable

    Super Container? What are those... I think they are a myth, its been so long since I've gotten one.
  6. ¿ Is it fun to play with Kronshtadt?

    It's... different. It is kinda fun to drive, but what I am finding right now is that being the latest thing means that any time I am spotted my PT count immediately jumps to 5+. Everyone wants a shot at the new kid, and if focused the thing just melts. If you can find isolated or distracted enemies you can pretty much have your way with them. I was trading very favorably with a Musashi at 6.5k earlier when a randy Z-46 torped me from behind. Haven't used the HE much, but may have to try that since at longer ranges precise shots are just... well... laughable. The flip side is the close range overpens are rage-inducing. Had a lousy game earlier, scored 22 hits; 2 were regular pens, 12 were overpens and the rest shattered or bounced; only 28k before focused and sunk. Oye. After 15 or so games I still am trying to figure out how best to play the Kron. Being too aggressive early is definitely no bueno. Sniping from the back is also a no-go due to the dispersion. Mid-range I find that CLs just keep me on fire the entire game. Thinking that this will have to be a slow play ship - patience early then aggressive late. I've been trying to be forward enough to support my DDs with radar and gunfire, and without a friendly island to radar through I get my face punched in pretty often. Gonna have to think on it a bit more. Also, captain is at 15pts, the last 4 points could be very important.
  7. Got my Kronstadt!

    Got mine yesterday, and after the first few battles I may shelve it until they are more common. Being the new kid on the block, as soon as you are spotted the PT counter goes to 5+. Basically if I don't play ultra conservative in it right now I get deleted pretty early. However if you can stay alive until later in the game when things start to spread out you can really wreck face in certain situations.
  8. No email here. Wonder if you have to do something in game to trigger it. Not that I care much, I would just sell the alley oop camos anyhow... just wondering why it only went out to some and not all.
  9. How do I contest Pink?

    If it is only 2 games you could have played it off in less time than it took to log onto the forums and post... Just be careful and move on. Its no big deal.
  10. Usually for me it is the clock. I work a night shift schedule and more or less stick to it on my off days, so my play time is usually later at night. Once the server player count gets below about 3500 the quality of the matches gets excessively poor. One or two of those types of games and I get too frustrated to continue. Sometimes I will set a goal at the start of a session; complete a mission/challenge, finish the grind on a ship, get all 3 daily containers, etc. and will log out when I finish. Last night I logged out in frustration after being unable to carry hard enough in my Montana to get a win despite 3 very good games, including a 209k dmg/4 kill effort in which our CV was afk for the entire match. tl;dr I guess it depends lol
  11. Dear Asashio Players

    Regular torps have the triangle icon; DWT that can hit you are triangles with a bar across the top; DWT that can't hit you are small circles. I too have seen DD captains launch DWT at other DDs when contesting caps and have always assumed it was a psychological ploy. Definitely a waste given the long reload for most torps. Asashio's guns aren't terrible for an IJN DD; if you know what you are doing and have any kind of advantage I think you can use them to great effect. But after a lot of the CC videos showing Asashio racking up stupid amounts of damage, a lot of poor/mediocre players bought it thinking they would get the same results. Nothing more pathetic than watching a friendly Asashio head for the map edge at the start of the game and stay there til the end, all while contributing nothing.
  12. Earned Kidd via the crate missions, haven't had a chance to take her out yet. Only going to have a 10-pt captain in her to start, sadly. Looking through earlier comments, I saw someone said SE adds 8*400 HP, but if I'm not mistaken I think SE only adds 350/tier? I hear really good things about Kidd, but DDs are easily my weakest class so the learning curve could be a challenge. Looking forward to taking her for a spin soon though, and will definitely refer back to this thread as I gain points in her captain.
  13. At Donskoi

    I only have a dozen games in the Donskoi so far, but I like the ship - for me it is much more enjoyable than previous CL in the line. Positioning and angling are critical; I frequently find myself getting impatient with parked BBs and over extending, which typically ends badly for me lol. She is a good fire starter though, and the armor can be surprisingly trollish if you angle well. AP on reds who give you a broadside can strip away HP in a hurry too, and with the good Russian velocity the guns are pretty easy to use. Island humping doesn't work as well though due to the low/flat arcs. My feeling is that the later in the match Donskoi survives the more it will shine, so its important to stay patient in the early part of a match in order to stick around and stack up fires and other damage (need to take my own advice). The torps are more of a surprise/suicide weapon, so I usually just pretend they aren't there most of the time. Bottom line for me is that I enjoy the ship enough that I can't justify spending FXP to jump to Moskva; YMMV.
  14. Already have Yammy with a 19-pt captain, so don't see any point in grinding for Mushy. Not entirely convinced the Kron is worth 750k, but the folks playing the Kron seem to be enjoying them. I don't need a magical unicorn ship if it is FUN, so I may give Kron a whirl... We'll see. Having knee surgery this week, so will have some time to kill...
  15. Excellent news. Thanks!