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  1. The spelled 'Intrepid' wrong. That makes my OCD hurt. Also... That's a lot of torpex.
  2. Why call them new resources then? Just reward tokens for the achievements that can then be exchanged for the camos. Keep things simple. Not that I will ever see them...
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    Radio Location just gives a general direction. I'm talking an actual ship location on the minimap. Much more precise than RDF but less precise than the current radar implementation.
  4. Possible Solution to Radar

    I don't play DDs a ton, but while annoying I don't find radar to be completely ruining DD play. You just have to play differently and ask your team to focus down the ships with radar and hope they are willing to play ball. That said, I wouldn't object to seeing radar changed in some way to make DD play a little less uncomfortable. Dunno how feasible it would be coding-wise, but say have the radar locate a ship but not type or heading (i.e. something slightly less informative than minimap spotted); and then only for a few seconds as the radar beam "sweeps" past it. Then there is a short duration where the radar is "looking" elsewhere and the ship fades for a second but is re-located on the next "sweep" It is then up to the players to use their minimap to determine the heading of the unidentified ship; it remains just an unidentified blip until direct spotting occurs. Tweak as necessary, but basically rather than being perma-spotted for the duration of the radar the target ship is illuminated only during each sweep or pulse and the radar user has to actually have some skill to interpret it. It's not just a kind of "I win" button. Just some thoughts.
  5. My gripe isn't about HE damage, I just think the fire chance is too high across the board. I play cruisers and BBs equally, and it is becoming increasingly common to use DCP on 3 fires only to have 3 more set the instant your DCP is on cooldown. It becomes really hard to manage/mitigate fire damage at that rate, even with premium consumables, some survivability captain skills, and good consumable management. Yep, sometimes its my fault for getting into a bad position or being unable to disengage; but if it is late game and you have to contest/push a cap in a BB and you are facing well angled or island humping CLs they will burn you down before you can kill them a significant portion of the time. When driving a cruiser I love getting fires, but would rather be able to punish BBs with AP because you can't heal as much. Driving a BB I try to focus on enemy cruisers first because without them the BBs are pretty helpless. I just think fires and HE spam make it entirely too easy to do well. It requires no real thought or skill, you don't really have to aim for broadsides or vulnerable parts, and is almost entirely RNG based. It is also incredibly frustrating to be on the receiving end of. I think that type of mechanic is unhealthy for the game, and is probably one reason you see so many players failing all the way to tier 10 with no clue how to actually play. I'm not sure what the answer is - any across the board reduction in fire chance would need to be balanced out somehow. Increased explosion damage from HE, across the board reduction in BB health pools, reduction in BB dispersion or concealment... Dunno.
  6. Not Really a Free Game

    Aaand there it is: You have bad stats therefore your point is invalid. Knew it would turn up in this thread at some point.
  7. I think the MBRB would be better off being mounted on a ship that prefers to work in closer to the enemy in order to actually realize the benefit it provides. There are just too many things that can affect your shots at the range the French CAs typically stay at. WASD hacks by the target, they fall off detect just as you start the MBRB, lag, you misjudge an island, etc. That said, a pure brawler might be a little scary with the MBRB in close, so it would need a downside if there isn't one already... +50% chance of a main turret incap or something. But the French? Meh.
  8. Here's my question though - I rarely see French CAs inside of 12-15km except for late game unless they misplay. How much practical benefit will actually be realized using the MBRB? Its not as though you are guaranteed to hit at range during the 15s uptime of the consumable, so how much benefit will you actually see? The alpha strike potential just isn't there... You may get an extra fire or some additional chip damage, but a difference maker? Maybe I'm missing something but it sure doesn't seem like the MBRB provides much of a boost or advantage; especially not for the ships receiving the RoF nerf. I'd prefer to keep the better RoF and pitch the consumable over the side. Please tell me if I've missed something obvious...
  9. Why can't I get red DDs like that when I drive my DDs??
  10. Well how about that. Learn something new every day. Of course now I will never see that particular mission again.
  11. Does it? I wasn't sure if it would or not. At any rate, the battle turned out to be a steamroll by my team; think I only used 1 smoke and 1 speed boost before the game ended.
  12. I got one in Benson - use any consumable 5 times. Stock and without SI I had 2 smoke charges and 2 speed boost charges.
  13. Ships seem very slow lately?

    I can't decide if the ships are actually slower or if I am perceiving them as being slower. Also, just speculation but if they did slow everything down could it have been intentional to make the French speed boost gimmick more appealing? Just a random thought that went through my head.
  14. I wish I would get the teams that all focus enemy DDs when they are detected. Most teams I am on would rather shoot an angled BB 15km away than a DD spotted in open water 6km away. No question it sucks when you are the DD that gets focused, but focusing enemy DDs (especially early) wins games. Not sure that bringing back OWSF really fixes the issue of DDs getting focused when spotted, it just restores the ability for DDs to do gun damage without fear of return damage. TBH I thought that OWSF was pretty irritating to be on the receiving end of; IMO its as annoying as being HE spammed by an island humping CL that your team can't/won't dig out.
  15. How many times have you "died"?

    1902 times sunk in 3225 battles.