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  1. What's your average damage?

    46.3k, avg tier 6.3, 44% cruisers/ 38% BBs/ 17% DDs My first thousand or so games were pretty bad. Still learning/improving; the damage numbers are continually going up.
  2. I think I'd rather see WG take a full pass at rebalancing detection ranges for all ships across the board than adjust CE. Give detection ranges a bit more consistency and reduce for example the BBs that can get down to 11km. I don't think CE is mandatory, but its awfully damn useful in just about any ship. Taking it may not necessarily be optimal, but it is certainly useful regardless of build. I do find it comical that WoWS captains can learn how to make a 35000 ton hunk of smoke spewing floating steel less noticeable. Never realized that David Copperfield was in the navy...
  3. Scharnhorst for me. The "Ugly Sisters" (lol?) have always been favorites of mine for the gorgeous lines. Roma is pretty sexy. Prinz Eugen is also a looker. If I had to pick one though, it would be Scharn or Gneis in their original 3x3 configuration. Even the as-laid straight stem I find very pretty; though the clipper bow makes them look like racecars with attitude.
  4. Aigle fan club thread

    Its been a pleasant surprise for me as well in the first half dozen games; averaging 48.6k damage through 7 played. Definitely a guns-first DD; I have had only minor success with the torps, but as was said they hurt a lot when they connect. If I could change anything I would bring it down about .2km to 6.6 on the conceal and give the torps another 3-5kts of speed OR .5-1km of range. Not needed really, but I think those two small things would make it a wee bit more comfortable to play. A turning radius reduction would be very welcome, but I'm not sure how to balance it.
  5. East coast player here, and I find that generally after about 2am my time that the games become severely lopsided blowouts virtually every game. It stops being fun when that happens, so after a couple games like that I usually take the hint and find something else to do.
  6. Just Got Stat "Shamed"

    I was stat shamed for the first time ever in a game just recently... Took my Monarch out; don't have a ton of games in it yet, still figuring out some of the nuances. Match was on North. A friendly 2-Missouri division went from our south side spawn straight to D cap and dragged about 6 ships with them. They proceeded to sit there for the entire match. I died fairly early trying to delay the enemies pushing from the A/B side and wound up doing only I think 40k or so damage. When I died I was focused by at least 5 ships including a Yamato. I was a bit frustrated by the blob of green at D and said so in chat and one of the Mo drivers immediately started in on my manhood, my mother, and my stats - which admittedly are not great in the Monarch. I just lol'd back in chat because I'm not about to let some [edited] get to me. Looked up his stats after the game and his stats are slightly better than mine overall with about twice the number of games played; in the specific game we were in it was (obviously) a loss and I finished 3rd... he came in around 8th. So... yeah. Pretty special. Personally I care about my stats only as a way to measure my performance against myself. As long as my stats are trending up I feel like I am improving... Or as long as I am improving my stats should trend up. They aren't great; I am pretty average and will happily admit it. Shame away if it makes you feel better...
  7. Frosty Fir nausea

    Take note WG - I would be a heck of a lot more willing to pay for camos that actually LOOK like they might camouflage a ship. So tired of all the bright neon garbage. Frosty Fir is horrendous, but the bonuses are decent. Still have 700 or so from Santa crates...
  8. @xovian Not a bad thought - one I will have to test out in game. Up til now I typically just push whatever cap I spawn closest to, unless there are obvious reasons not to. May have to give thought to pushing only a side cap even if I spawn in the center. Thanks!
  9. FPS issue

    I suspect a memory leak as well. Start of session game runs nice and smooth, as the play session gets longer the performance gets steadily worse. At one point tonight I shut down the client and restarted it. There was some improvement, but not back to the original point. I can provide system specs if need be, but it will have to be later as I am off to bed. Hoping it gets isolated and corrected ASAP.
  10. I wish I could figure out why I am struggling so much with the Z-46 when so many people say its a great bote. Admittedly, DD is my weakest class played; I'm actually debating going back down some of the lines to earlier ships to practice. I had a 57% WR in Z-23 with 32.6k average damage. Not eye-popping numbers to be sure, but probably consistent with server average. So far in 19 games in Z-46 I am at 42% and 25.4k. I'm sure there are things I cannot control that are affecting my performance; it seems like radar just gets chained all game long at t9 and if I even approach a cap I get focused and erased quickly. I've had way more teams than I would have expected where the friendly BBs never get within 10km of the cap circle. I also expect that DD drivers at top tier are typically above average in their ships of choice. And while my torpedo hit rate is not significantly less than in the Z-23, it seems like every time I launch a set of torps the target just does a 180 and sails away oblivious to my fish. Hoping she will "click" for me soon because she certainly is a sexy beast!
  11. MM these days

    I'm sure these are a factor, but it sure seems like this dates back to prior to the start of the event. Guess we will have to see what it looks like after the event wraps.
  12. MM these days

    Not sure if this has been brought up recently, but it seems to have gotten quite bad of late (at least the times I play). Load into a match, especially at higher tiers and the teams will consist of 5 BBs, 5 DDs, and 2 Cruisers. Sometimes one BB or Cruiser will be replaced by a CV, but you get the idea. Rarely do matches have more than 2 Cruisers in them. My assumption is that this is largely due to the tendency for Cruisers to be deleted, especially at higher tiers and no one wants to play them. Personally I think Cruiser play can be some of the most fun, so I find myself wondering if perhaps it is time for WG to consider capping the number of ships per type per team in a match. Pretty sure this is not a new idea, and obviously the numbers could be tweaked, but for example 3-4 BBs, 3 DDs, CV stays at 2. I can't imagine server pop ever gets low enough that something like this would seriously impact matchmaking times. Am I way off base or missing something here?
  13. In no particular order: All friendly DDs die early Lemming trains to one side Plan is called to cap X/Y; I go to one or the other then notice on the minimap that entire team is at Z Teams that flat out refuse to shoot at enemy DDs, regardless of range Top tier/most powerful BB goes flank speed to either map edge or the rear I see CVs (seriously, no words can explain my loathing)
  14. I used Cleveland for Part 5 and got it done on the first try, despite overextending and being focused down within the first 5 minutes. Team won, and I had 5 fires for 19k damage.
  15. Tips for torps?

    I do try to get as close as possible, factoring in my detection range, spotter aircraft, radar, etc before launching torps. If my target appears to be going fairly straight and at constant speed I will usually split my salvos, one ahead of and one behind the predictor line. I have launched salvos at choke points or areas I know ships are likely to pass through, though results are largely luck in those cases. It may be that being at tier 9 there are simply more players who are cognizant at some level that torpedoes may be on the way and are very adept at changing speed and/or direction frequently. There may be more players running Vigilance as well. It just seems like every time I have a "perfect" shot lined up and launch, the enemy immediately changes course. Its as if they are getting an alert that I've fired... I know it doesn't work that way, but it is frustrating nonetheless. Especially after having good success with Fubuki, Akatsuki, and Kagero. My tier 9 torpedo hit rates are down a few points to ~5% ish, and my average damage is WAY down vs previous tiers. Small sample size yet, so I'm hoping I've just hit a string of bad luck/good players. Appreciate all the tips!