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  1. Uncle_Lou

    Does Anyone Like Playing the Roma Regularly?

    156 battles, 62% WR and just shy of 77k average damage with Roma, but I don't take her out much anymore. Every now and then I'll get a bug to play her and run a few games in her and then put her away. The accuracy issues are well known and can be mostly overcome with patience and persistence though its not always easy to remain so. I had a recent game where I landed a quadruple cit salvo on a Buffalo at around 19km with just the front guns, then had only a single overpen on a broadside BB at 6km a few moments later. The hit on the Buffalo left her with about 2500 HP, which took a further 4 salvos to kill. The more frustrating thing in the current meta IMO is her awful and short ranged AA. Against a t8 CV you will shoot down the odd plane or two but not enough to deter the CV driver; t10 CVs will just crap on you at will.
  2. Uncle_Lou

    Best ship for resources right now?

    Thunderer gets my vote. I feel dirty driving that ship sometimes, its so easy to rack up big damage numbers. The HE is nasty, but the AP will absolutely ruin people's day. The best part is that a lot of players don't seem to expect you to load AP and will show you their side, thinking they will get away with maybe a fire or two. When that AP hits for multiple citadels... glorious. I have Georgia as well, and while she can be fun I have not had the consistency with her that I get from Thunderer.
  3. This is going to sound rude, but I swear it is not intended to be... But when I read the OP, it sounds like he took his ship out of the fight and then endangered the friendly CV by leading 2 enemy DDs and the enemy CV's planes directly to it... All because the friendly CV wouldn't play the way he wanted it to? Or did I misunderstand something...
  4. Uncle_Lou

    Disappearing Shells Bug...WG fix this.

    Have not encountered this one yet. I did have several instances of well-aimed shells falling short for no good reason during my session tonight. Caused me to miss some beautiful broadsides. Very annoying. I'd expect disappearing shells to be annoying too.
  5. Uncle_Lou

    Commander skills for Thunderer

    I find a lot of enemy players don't expect Thunderer to switch to AP, too. I mean, the HE is great but good lord that AP is brutal. I haven't had it for long, but I do run it with EL and lighting them on fire then switching to AP in ~12 seconds will often catch them turning out and broadside. With Thunderer's dispersion catching an enemy broadside with AP is often severely damaging, if not outright fatal. I'm not a great player by any stretch, but this ship is stupid easy to rack up damage in.
  6. Uncle_Lou

    Odin 11.6 km 2ndaries

    Without Manual Fire Control for Secondaries, the dispersion on Odin's secondaries at 11.6km is over 500m. Good luck scoring hits. With MFCS it gets down to around 205-210m IIRC. Mass can get down quite a bit lower with MFCS. So yes, Odin's secondaries are good if you really go full spec on them. If you don't sink the 4 points into MFCS though its just a random light show that might score a few hits by accident. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to play Odin. I am not yet convinced that a full secondary build is best, though it can be good for the memes.
  7. Uncle_Lou

    Nerf the Holland AA now!

    My Halland must be broken then, because I take strikes from carriers in it all the time. Sure, they lose some planes but they are always able to press home the attack. All I can do is engage my AA and try to dodge, hope the CV makes a mistake on his drop. Might be entertaining if the DD air detection change goes through tho.
  8. Uncle_Lou

    Odin..should I just save the $14

    Think you may have quoted the wrong post; I've had Odin for a bit already... At any rate, I don't think you can get a medium pizza from a chain in my area for $14.
  9. Uncle_Lou

    Need Some Cit Tips

    Petro could be an excellent candidate if you have it. I scored 11 cits against a Yammy in 2 forward-gun-only salvoes with Petro. Of course that was at suicide range, where the dispersion was basically zero. Given her ridiculous AP though it shouldn't be too hard to rack up cits in Petro. Kron or Stalingrad maybe, if you have either of them. Kind of an odd one, but I found Mikoyan in co-op to be a cit farming machine (I won't take that ship into randoms though, ever).
  10. Uncle_Lou

    Odin..should I just save the $14

    I am trying really hard to like Odin; there are a lot of things to like about the ship. The problem I have been running into is that since everybody knows the HP pool is tier 5 levels the ship gets focused any time it is spotted. Tier 9/10 HE spammers will ruin your day in a hurry too, as will CV drivers. If you can manage your HP so that you are still around late game you will do much better, as the 1v1 opportunities are more frequent. Preserving your HP is the most challenging thing I've found with Odin. YMMV of course.
  11. Uncle_Lou


    Am I doing it wrong, or is the Petropavlovsk not all that great? Yes, the AP is ridiculous up close but I feel like this ship is super vulnerable to HE and takes a crapton of HE pen damage... I feel like I have to play super conservatively for the first half of the match or get smoked, and even then it seems hard to contribute meaningfully.
  12. Uncle_Lou

    My Thoughts on Odin...

    After several more games in Odin, I think she is going to sit in port for a while. Not sure what it is, but any time I am detected in Odin my PT immediately goes to 4+ and the HE just rains down and this ship just melts if you have more than one HE spammer shooting at you. She doesn't have the health pool to stick around with the HE heavy meta, and I have not been able to keep her into 1v1 situations. Think I'm gonna let the novelty wear off for a while before I take her out again. Way too frustrating right now.
  13. Uncle_Lou

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    I had a feeling you were burnt out; I was hesitant to even ask about Z-35 given how much you put on yourself to do these reviews. But I appreciate all that you do! Thanks for the comments about Z-35, that more or less confirms what I thought about her... I will likely give her a pass. Thanks again!!
  14. Uncle_Lou

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    +1 Thanks as always, Miss Mouse! I will echo the complaints about Roma's guns. The dispersion is just too wonky to make her a fun ship to play. Took her out for the first time in a while last night with very mixed results. Had a quadruple-cit salvo on a broadside Buffalo at around 19km, but in the same game got full 9-gun salvo resulting in 3 overpens on a broadside BB at around 6km. Edit: The 4x cit salvo on the Buffalo left her with about 2500 HP, which took me another 4 salvoes to remove. Shame they made such a huge mistake with Impero/AL Littorio and did not take steps to correct it. I know you have a lot on your plate, but was wondering if you have Z-35 in your pipeline? Been on the fence about it and waiting on your review to see if it's worth the buy or not. Has some odd features that I'm not sure will synergize well. Thanks again!
  15. Uncle_Lou

    Ships you never see anymore

    I feel like Gascogne shares Roma's gun issues but with a much less workable turret arrangement. I enjoyed her enough for a while, but I think I just moved on to better ships... it wasn't really a conscious decision to shelve her.