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    Maybe we should add Veterans, Experts and Recruits to the ships - the Recruits can upgrade to Experts slowly or take Gold to upgrade, and Experts can be upgraded to Veterans for silver with a diminishing returns chance starting at 10% and dropping for each 10 Veterans in the crew...

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  1. slayer6

    Maritime Museum Closing.

    There are some indications that the Diamantina will be sunk as an artificial reef in order to attract tourist divers off one of the smaller towns on the QLD coast. The alternative is that the ship will be scrapped for its Low-Background steel. Given how the successive Labor governments have managed to keep QLD in a state of constant debt, it’s very likely one of those options will happen. The other problem is that the spot of land where the museum is situated, is now supreme real-estate that the city has been eyeing for over twenty years...
  2. I couldn't resist coming back to this post I made years ago... The Siegfried might not be tier 10, but at tier 9 it's a pretty close estimation, especially since it is practically an O-Class battlecruiser...
  3. slayer6

    Pre-Dread Battleship vs WWII Cruiser

    If we assume original FCS for each ship then it might be more in favor of the CA, but if their FCS is for the same year - ie, 1939, then I'd be more inclined to say the PBB...