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  1. ElmarB

    Rewards for killing Pirate

    Just a quick "still waiting" from me. I got my reward for a pirate captain but nothing for the three pirate crew that also went to Davey Jones' Locker.
  2. ElmarB

    Enough with the gimmicks

    The most current and striking example of a gimmick that we don't need is the ROF consumable for FR cruisers being added. Instead of adding it to RN DD to temporarily boost their firepower (with the appropriate balancing changes, ofc) seeing as the RN had a bit of a fetish for rate of fire ever since Trafalgar, it got added to a fine set of cruisers that are already a delight to play.
  3. NOT ANOTHER TIER 8 USN BB IN THE PREMIUM SHOP!!! Sorry, but really, that's where I stand. And if you really, absolutely have to have another US BB in the game, can it it be USS Johnston please?