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    World of Warships is freezing everytime i play it

    Where it concerns a home wi-fi setup, 5G refers to the frequency (5Ghz) of a wi-fi connection. As opposed to the other standard 2G (2.4 Ghz). There is a strong misconception with home networking marketing wank largely due to the completely different marketing wank being applied to Cell phones. These standards are NOT the same. There has been a big push from home network providers due to the saturation of the 2.4Ghz frequency range from virtually every device from wireless speakers to toasters. There is a bandwidth boost going to 5Ghz frequency, but unfortunately the range suffers. The higher the frequency the more power you have to use to transmit. Due to FCC regulations home devices aren't allowed beyond a certain power without a specific license. I only bring all this up so you have the correct info and not waste people's time chasing down a solution for a problem that doesn't exist.