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  1. PiousJeems

    Forum Contest - Warships Rewind

    I began nearing the end of my grind to reach the Daring. Memorable moment when spotting and defending with my British DD Jarvis. Due to my gameplay and spotting revived more than one accolade. Gradually learning how to play a DD.
  2. Hello to anyone searching for a clan.  TSG4 is a semi competitive Clan based upon military structure and command.  We are a family of friends.

    Check us out at TSG4.org 


    Recruiting Emblem.png

  3. PiousJeems

    Update 0.8.8 - Bugs Report

    Your not alone with this.
  4. PiousJeems

    And the sky shall turn blood red....

    After the update yesterday this began to pop up infrequently as I would drop in battle. Not always but happens at least five times thus far. Killing my eyes. I ran the check WOW forums suggested. Still appeared. I reset my graphics. So if it continues I will uninstall and then reinstall tonight.