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  1. 2Floods1Ship

    Submarines cancelled?

    How many surface ships were sunk by carriers within 30 km of range? Plenty of fleet submarines were designed with that intention, to be a part of a gun duel battle. But you are right, that never transpired. On the other hand, battleships were designed to fight and gun each other to death. How many times did that actually occur in the Pacific theatre? Twice. Which is a rather insignificant number compared to CV kills of ships. The moral is that just because something did or did not happen in real life doesn’t necessarily tie to compelling gameplay.
  2. 2Floods1Ship

    Italian Cruiser - Torp Build

    Radio location is exceptional for hunting destroyers which is something these ships are purpose made for. The things Venezia does to destroyers should be illegal. Had a Gearing get cocky cause he thought he could tank a salvo at 4 km then broadside for the torpedoes. I KO’d him. It was hilarious
  3. 2Floods1Ship

    AIMBOTS Iin the game

    In what map do you spawn close enough to the enemy to have a shot lined up at 16 km in a minute?
  4. 2Floods1Ship

    Your first T10 ship

    And the first time you hear the guns thunder. I have a speaker system with sub. The reverb is like a freaking thunderstorm.
  5. 2Floods1Ship

    Your first T10 ship

    Zao myself and it’s wonderful. Play stealth build to start and then switch to maximum rudder shift when you get he legendary. 2.9 second rudder shift is faster then tier X destroyers unless they are silly enough to drop stealth for turning. With a rudder shift that fast at 15 km a battleship’s shells are airborne long enough that you can turn sideways to dodge and then turn back to your original course and have crabbed sideways out of the shell pattern. That’s hilarious. It makes the zao absurdly difficult to hit if done right and the guns are crazy accurate.
  6. 2Floods1Ship

    Are any more Unique Upgrades Coming out?

    Legendaries are great. Phenomenal end game content that really makes the end tier player base have to pick and choose. I wish there were more.
  7. 2Floods1Ship

    Best destroyer?

    Daring, Grozovoi, Khabarovsk, Haruguumo, even Z-52 with AP and the right angles can all tear apart a Gearing. Gearing's main strength is in having no apparent weaknesses, the downside is it doesnt have much in distinguishing strengths.
  8. 2Floods1Ship

    Best destroyer?

    I disagree. To a CV driving 150 knot planes the difference between 52 knots and 37 knots is nill. Best DD's are Grozovoi and Daring.
  9. 2Floods1Ship

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    The jury is still out for me tbh. It could be but that detection is nasty, and once your reload consumable is up you are to a large degree neutered. Your turret traverse is slow and the ship long. You don’t have healing nor smoke and there aren’t any detection goodies like hydro. On the other hand as you said, that speed, my lord that speed. Those guns and the reload booster, the firepower is overwhelming and the ability to get in the enemy’s face in a split second. I cannot say that Kleber (who fun fact gets autocorrected to Kleenex) is going to win any sort of extrended duel (I suspect she won’t), but she will win a lot of 10 second knock out KO’s. But for now she’s too new. I haven’t quite wrapped my head around her yet but am excited to try.
  10. 2Floods1Ship

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    I respectfully disagree. Firstly the number of shim players that can make respectful use of those torpedoes and it’s role as a torp boat is MAYBE 1 in 20. The only thing rarer are players that can make good use of those guns. And even then those guns tend to do their work at the medium to long ranges of destroyer dueling, the gunnery puts me more in mind of the grozovoi then of Daring. If you are in the top 1% of Shim players you can totally make those guns work magic, but in the close in sub 6 km range of the fur ball, ships with more HP, healing will our last the guns, and the still low reload will be a problem. I cannot see recommending Shim to anyone that hasn’t already played and mastered other good destroyers. It’s a high floor high ceiling skill ship. And a lot of people assume because they can’t make her work she’s just not good and it’s unfortunate. People see the 3 torpedo racks and assume insta-OP.
  11. 2Floods1Ship

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    Is the motto of the knife fight. There’s a wonderful satisfaction in taking the fight close enough to see the whites of their eyes.
  12. 2Floods1Ship

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    That’s nice, I win every 1 v 1 on shim from Daring, Grozovoi, Z-52, Friesland, any ship that has guns. Planning on torps to win a knife fight against experienced players is a very very bad move. Torps are area denial, anything more is luck. Everyone has torp kills against dd’s, but it’s rare to see them be effective with good players in the fur ball
  13. 2Floods1Ship

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

  14. 2Floods1Ship

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    Eh, detection isn’t so important if you can keep it under 6.2, 6.4 is workable but any more is a problem. Fletcher is spectacular. Tier for tier one of the best ships in game. The problem with Gearing is that tier 9 to 10 is. Big jump in most lines and Gearing is not a big jump from Fletch. The things that made Fletch great in life make it great in game.
  15. 2Floods1Ship

    Best DD line for knife fighting?

    Shimakaze in a knife fight? I’ll be honest when I see a shimakaze in a cap fight I automatically assume they are dead. The problem with shimakaze’s is the player assumes 15 torpedoes make them god. That’s not the case and 95 of 100 shimakaze’s cant. torpedoes decide very few knife fights. And any knife fighter worth their salt is going to maneuver to avoid them. It’s not hard. Friesland will slaughter DD’s in a knife fight. 22k hp is a nice mean in tier X. A Friesland can cut through that in twenty seconds. And your torpedoes won’t do anything to a 5 km hydro equipped ship. End of story. A daring can take a Gearing, Fletcher, Shim, or Harugumo and walk away with majority health left over.