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  1. It is closer in size to a mini sub and there has been a lot of speculation that this was an intentional false leak. Since Russians don't tend to be this incompetent. That being said. Ground based midcourse defense is fairly awful.
  2. Occured in clan wars this past Sunday. All the islands appeared invisible in zoomed out and binocular view. The trees however were still visisble (so basically floating trees where islands would be). Yes it was possible to see spotted enemy ships through the invisible islands although it did not allow line of sight for spotting. Enemy team did not appear to suffer from the same issue. One of our clan members reported that the trees themselves were invisible as well making the entire map a minefield of beaching for him.
  3. Is the Zao still a beast?

    All of my thoughts for the Zao are basically on this thread:
  4. One Shot Iowa Kill with Missouri

    Nice! Those feel great especially plunging citadels. My best was my Yamato quad citadelling a Midway at full speed from 28.5 km (used spotting plane). It is tremendously satisfying.
  5. What about them? First off I'm not the one trying to play guardian of the thread here. Secondly, I have 6% higher win rate then you. The gap between us is wide enough to drive a Kurfurst through.
  6. A third of your ships are premiums, you don't have a tier X. And your stats are mediocre, ironically your max frags at 8 comes from the Roma at a respectable 5.. You can buy ships but not skill. You of anyone don't get to tell people who gets an opinion and who does not.
  7. Zao alternative.

    It was mine and I absolutely agree with it getting Ibuki torps. Not even a real upgrade but they would come useful more often then the 8km. Zao is as I mentioned in the previous thread best played by players that can utilize multiple different playstyles.
  8. Atago Secondaries

    I'm not a secondary spec, but my secondary gunner on the Atago just detonated a Gearing. He is getting a promotion.
  9. Nuclear propulsion question

    sterling heat engines use heat to drive the engine which in this case I believe drives the generator. The heat comes from the decomposition of the nuclear isotopes.
  10. Nuclear propulsion question

    I will point out that this is a sterling heat engine driving a generator. Which is great for space travel don't get me wrong. But it is not a nuclear reactor as the public imagines with the big honking cooling towers and turbines.
  11. Nuclear propulsion question

    I'm sure most of you already know but to the casual reader, radiation poisoning impacts cells proportional to their rate of multiplication. The more rapidly cells replicate the more at risk they are to damage. This is why reproductive cells are often affected first and sterility is a major concern and even more importantly bone marrow. The up side (or downside depending on how miserable your life is), is that brain cells are far and away the most resistant to radiation damage. The downside is you are fully aware of the radiation poisoning which depending on your dosage you might very well wish not to be. If you are feeling neurological effects such as dizziness without vomiting, fading consciousness, and headache then you are likely turbo-[edited]
  12. Nuclear propulsion question

    You can use breeder reactors to re use a good amount of it. A good idea is to keep the same uranium in circulation as long as possible. Water ponds are fairly effective stop gap solutions for short and medium term containment but the simple truth is that we need a long term solution. It is also bleeding us of money in that utilities had a contract with the government to have a long term solution. The government, failing to comply with their side of the bargain since the due date of, I want to say '98?, pays them 300-500 million in penalties a year. There are also non-uranium alternatives. The simple truth is that physicists and engineers have designed plants that are far more advanced then those currently in operation. The reason we do not see them isn't really a grand conspiracy so much as all that misinformation we can find like four posts above this. Thorium reactors and pressurized reactors that shut down in the case of a breach are some popular designs out there. And last I heard none of them are very challenging on a technical level, the problems have been hashed out and solved. Although there is starting to be some renewed interest.
  13. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Then enlighten me tornado. Looking back over the past few pages you rarely post more then a sentence or two and almost always piggy backing off of someone else's impressive post. You hang your hat up on the idea that at least you are associated with quality to more or less hide from the fact that the list of people you are better then is frighteningly small. I would repeat what I said again, do you have any original opinion other then what anyone else has said on here or are you just here to regurgitate vitriol and bile to every person who has the balls to join the conversation? Who appointed you the gatekeeper? For someone who thinks themselves a righteous protector of the thread you occupy a space somewhere between leech and bubble gum stuck to a shoe. Anyways I hardly need your permission to post where I like Tornado. Who knows, the addition of another person to piggy back off of can help your already stellar ego.
  14. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    You are a prick aren't you? I mean typically when people debate or have a disagreement they have some talking points. You skip straight to the insults huh. Do you have any original opinions or do you just regurgitate millennial insults? inb4 'r u mad bro'