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  1. Tanky Cruiser?

    While not tanky in the conventional sense, Zao is tremendously agile with very effective armor. It tanks by virtue of being absolutely nightmarish to try and hit at range.
  2. Yamato is not that scary

    Must be facing crap montana's then. I'm honestly not convinced secondaries are all that great. Sure they are good, but Monty has four more barrels, far more accuracy, and 16" guns. End of the day the pea shooters on bismark and tirpitz aren't going to even that out, especially not a 30k+ health differential.
  3. Yamato is not that scary

    literally every tirpitz player and bismark player brags about taking down a tier X bb, glossing over the amount of times they get mutilated in exchange. It gets annoying, I easily put down twenty bismark/tirpitz's to each that sinks my Republique/Yamato/Kurfurst, and those that do kill me are really just laying down the finishing blow.
  4. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    In case it has not been pointed out. People have been praising and complaining about this since literally the first months of Closed Beta (I was there on day one of it). There are crapbb players who bum rush and die, there are amazing bb players who bum rush and wipe the floor. There are idiots in bb's in the back that can't hit the broadside of a barn, and there are snipers that can quad citadel a full speed midway at 30 km with a yamato using the float plane (I did this one, felt glorious.) I can make a similar list for dd's (I'm a dd main), failing to contest caps, failing to screen away torpedoes and dd's, failing to smoke, etc... These complaints have been here since forever, and will be here forever. It's no better nor worse then it was three years ago.
  5. G. Kurfurst vs. Moskva

    Personally having a Republique and a GK I think they are both interesting brawlers. All things held equal I think a Republique is superior to the GK in a brawl. Fully kitted both will pump out 24 shells in one minute (fascinating even though Republique has fewer barrels). The Republique's armor is absolutely bizarrely strong on the broadside. Perhaps they did that so it could fire the rear turret safely when attacking forwards and showing side. The outer shell is 32 mm. The main armor belt is 400 mm behind that, at the same time it is some of the most steeply angled battleship armor in the game. Backing that plate is 70 mm of supporting plate (which is also very angled). And then the citadel shell that ranges from 30 mm to 50 mm. Assuming the back plate of the main armor belt contributes (don't see why not), you have to go through between 532 to 552 mm of armor to get to her juicy citadel, not including all the crazy angles. Contrast this to the Yamato at 410 mm for the citadel, 440 or so if you hit the lower portion of the citadel armor (the torpedo bulge covers a bit of it). The citadel also sits very low, not as stupidly low as the conqueror and not as low as kurfurst, but low enough. It may not be possible to citadel a kurfurst at close range, but it is goofy hard to get through a Republique's armor to her citadel. It is possible but you need the enemy player to be really bad. Republique's secondaries are also extremely good and unlike kurfurst her AA is nothing to sneeze at either. Both ships will be doing partial damage to each other until one sinks. I think the Republique's rate of fire, 17" barrels, rate of fire, and goofy turret protection will carry her. That being said, the Republique is garbage against dd's. Bad dispersion, few shells, low weight of fire. If I were going into a brawl with cruisers and battleships I'd take Republique all day, if there are dd's? I'd rather take Kurfurst with her hydro and the twelve barrels of doom.
  6. Excellent mid range gunnery
  7. It is closer in size to a mini sub and there has been a lot of speculation that this was an intentional false leak. Since Russians don't tend to be this incompetent. That being said. Ground based midcourse defense is fairly awful.
  8. Occured in clan wars this past Sunday. All the islands appeared invisible in zoomed out and binocular view. The trees however were still visisble (so basically floating trees where islands would be). Yes it was possible to see spotted enemy ships through the invisible islands although it did not allow line of sight for spotting. Enemy team did not appear to suffer from the same issue. One of our clan members reported that the trees themselves were invisible as well making the entire map a minefield of beaching for him.
  9. Is the Zao still a beast?

    All of my thoughts for the Zao are basically on this thread:
  10. One Shot Iowa Kill with Missouri

    Nice! Those feel great especially plunging citadels. My best was my Yamato quad citadelling a Midway at full speed from 28.5 km (used spotting plane). It is tremendously satisfying.
  11. What about them? First off I'm not the one trying to play guardian of the thread here. Secondly, I have 6% higher win rate then you. The gap between us is wide enough to drive a Kurfurst through.
  12. A third of your ships are premiums, you don't have a tier X. And your stats are mediocre, ironically your max frags at 8 comes from the Roma at a respectable 5.. You can buy ships but not skill. You of anyone don't get to tell people who gets an opinion and who does not.
  13. Zao alternative.

    It was mine and I absolutely agree with it getting Ibuki torps. Not even a real upgrade but they would come useful more often then the 8km. Zao is as I mentioned in the previous thread best played by players that can utilize multiple different playstyles.
  14. Atago Secondaries

    I'm not a secondary spec, but my secondary gunner on the Atago just detonated a Gearing. He is getting a promotion.