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  1. 1An0maly1

    0.8.5 AA DPS change

    CV's dealt with crap for 3 years, go cry somewhere else
  2. turn off AA and use smoke if the rockets decide to camp you. there, congrats I solved it for you. pro tip, stay near AA edit: AA not radar
  3. dude you were an average player before the rework and your an average player after. you really think you'll suddenly be god without CV's?
  4. So remove torpedo planes, and then nerf CV's again? Sounds more like spite then strategy
  5. 1An0maly1

    Slingshot distance

    7-8 for Midway depending on target speed. Audacious needs like 9-11 depending on target speed. If you go hard brakes knock off 1.2 km
  6. Buying tier IX's with cash was already over the pay2win line. This blasts right through it.
  7. 1An0maly1

    There are no hard counters to CVs

    I would point out that CV's don't have particularly high alpha. Honestly CV's are more like attrition machines then anything else these days, they keep team health pools ticking down (both teams). There are decent counters to CV's but the reality is that other then the dive bomb glitch or really good AP bombs a full strike squadron isn't exactly gonna dev strike anyone.
  8. 1An0maly1

    Ok I really don't like Audacious

    yah but theres so much RNG with the level bombing. Not to mention that level bombing is super vulnerable to hard counters, aka, not being a battleship and not maneuvering. otherwise it sucks.
  9. 1An0maly1

    Un-nerf Gravity

    Seriously the Audacious bomb drop speed is ludicrously slow.
  10. I've only confirmed it with Implacable (so all you CV players check your planes). When yawing a plane with the mouse the rudder points in the opposite direction it should. A yaw to the right causes the rudder to point left.
  11. 1An0maly1

    Raise the Yamato?

    I don't understand how that makes sense. I mean any iron ore mined post nuclear testing wouldn't really be exposed either. And with Fukushima dumping into the Pacific all this time wouldn't it be moot?
  12. 1An0maly1

    Raise the Yamato?

    Didn't the ammo rack touch off? Not much wreck to be recovered
  13. Literally every tier 9 and 10 bb should have an above the waterline citadel. There is no reason to believe ships of that displacement could stay afloat with only the meager buoyancy provided by their small citadels, which is the entire point of the citadel design.
  14. 1An0maly1

    Radar is Overpowered

    As a player who evenly plays DD's CA's and BB's but is best at DD's. If you took radar out dd's would be phenomenally broken.