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  1. today's skin is Zuiho - Kancolle Zuiho let's see
  2. New Notice If you want add 'my skins' on your mod pack. sand massage to me. at Skin Bottom Sound. but, i do not allow edit my skin.
  3. Today's skin is V170 Girls Frontline - DSR-50 Let's see
  4. today's skin is Dresden Girls front line WA2000 upgrade hull only let's see
  5. gun file has changed. but, i have no plan for new gun skin yet.
  6. Fully upgrade hull? i envy it.
  7. today's skin is Karlsruhe - Black Gold Saw hull B let's see
  8. i don't have richelieu. it has 2 hulls, so i can't confirm 'hull B' interesting. but not now.
  9. today's another skin is Jervis - Kancolle Jervis let's see
  10. today's skin is Fubuki - Kancolle Fubuki let's see
  11. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/18357-skin-bottom-sound-wows-skin-share-discussion/?page=121&tab=comments#comment-3940977 i didn't give him 'bad' Icon. but, someone don't like his mind.
  12. I have no Facebook ID And I have no plan for making ID