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  1. that is not my file.
  2. today's skin is Fuso - Kancolle Fuso revised let's see
  3. need more good image for skins.
  4. today's skin is Hood - Azur Lane Hood let's see
  5. i'm talking about this
  6. no one asked at this thread. if someone write post at this thread. alarm e-mail comes to me.
  7. i have opened my skins for modpack request long time. but, no one ask to me for skins. now, time to close the gate.
  8. so You have no plan for adding my skins at your mod?
  9. paint job not done yet.
  10. i have a plan for HMS Hood - Azur Lane Hood. next pay day. i will buy Hood,and Complete skins. [normal, historical, shipwreck]
  11. The skins are much bigger now - total modpack data to download is abour 5GB now. It will use aout 20GB disk space after unpacking and installing there are lot's of skins!
  12. very hard working. i must wake up 4:00am every days... so tired..