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  1. very hard working. i must wake up 4:00am every days... so tired..
  2. i don't have a plan. until unryu come out to tech tree.
  3. are you ok?

    you looks very tired.

    1. VikingRDD


      Ugh.., Does it really looks like tha?
      Yes I'm exhausted and have big troubles in real lif. But I'll manage don't worry!

      I'll have much more free time so I will soon add your skins to the modpack

  4. today's skin is Katori - Kancolle Kashima let's see
  5. today's skin is Kagero - Kancolle Yukikaze ver 2 let's see
  6. i need to move my Topics to Graphical Modifications ?
  7. my ship tree growing slowly. i have a Courbet now. until i have 'Enough Doubloons and Credits' for research it and Upgrade it and Buy it. i have no plan for any requests with 2 hull dds files.
  8. i have a plans for remaking Old skins. [ex: Yukikaze, Yamato, Haruna, Kongo, Katori, Mogami and lots of them.] but, i can't promise, when its done.
  9. today's 2nd skin is Shimakaze - Kancolle Shimakaze Revised version. let' see
  10. today's skin is Asashio - Kancolle Asashio let' see
  11. today's skin is Tashkent- Kancolle Tashkent let's see
  12. what the shibafu [edited]!! i halt Essex skin plan right now.
  13. i already done E4 Waiting E5