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  1. MysticalAges

    Cruiser damage in Ranked is way off for me

    I ranked out using the Perth. Excellent ship for this specific use. I was smacking DD's with over 2K per salvo, citadel's to broadside cruisers for 7K using AP and even feeding one or two into BB's. Creeping smoke, and spotter plane + hydro. Torps with 8K range that hit for a modest amount. The ship has it all.
  2. MysticalAges

    How hard to impliment Tier=Tier MM Opt In

    I agree 100% on this statement. Moreover, I support the original thought of making MM do queue opt-in / opt-out for same tier. I have 4 or 5 T10's...been around the block a few times you can say. So I speak from experience when I say, the T6-T8 Delta is extreme. I have seen Alabama's 1 shot BB's at T6, although funny to see, not funny to be on the receiving end. An alternative solution was would be +1/-1 on T6 - T10 MysticalAges