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  1. This. Playing on a PC with mouse and keyboard allowed you to aim at a certain pixel on your screen if you want, on consoles it is near impossible to get that type of accuracy.
  2. I liked it. Is it the best T7 cruiser? No, but it isn't the worst either. Plus T7 MM is manageable for pretty much any T7 boat
  3. [edited], the classless clan?

    Instead of complaining here and violating the forum rules (name and shame) how about submitting a support ticket with replay?
  4. Division size

    This Also you can have more than 3 in division for Operations.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    Though I doubt this will be a popular suggestion, but I wouldn't mind it if they set it up that the ship with the active radar can see the enemy ship within it's radar range and everyone else on the team only see the ship on their mini-map. Kinda like during a cyclone when you are over 8k away from a ship a friendly is spotting.
  6. Looks like one of the bathtub boats
  7. Even forumites can't carry

    Just finished this battle
  8. Here is the link for July's missions and discounts: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/july-missions-2018/
  9. Another vote for range mod
  10. Better Ship

    Both are good but IMO the Republique is the better T10 so I would pick Richie.
  11. At least the OP waited until AFTER release to create a thread about their opinion on the ship. I think it is silly when I see threads on ships that are a work in progress claiming they are OP or UP based on paper stats or CC vids. Usually adjustments get made during this process and the ship changes but all these posts and vids are out there that people look at thinking that is how the ship currently is.
  12. It's going to be whatever ship YOU are good at playing.
  13. Unfortunately that happens all too often no matter what tiers you play
  14. If they brought this to NA we should call it the PC (Pokeboat Club)
  15. update0.7.5.1

    Open the game launcher and click on settings then the Support tab. Click the Check button to check the game integrity and it should force the update