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  1. OP there are tons of videos out there on youtube. If you are struggling in COOP that bad you are doing something wrong. I highly suggest watching some videos on how to play the Aoba.
  2. Happened to us last night too but the divs were 1 different tier from each other.
  3. New first for me

    Not sure if quick commands count as chat, seeing as when you are chat banned you can still use them unfortunately.
  4. New first for me

    You must have as the reports do not count if you have not put anything in chat. That has been confirmed by the Dev team.
  5. I see it like this, how much would a movie ticket and snacks cost you, or going to a bar for 2 hours? How many hours do you play ships? If it costs less to play ships for those hours then don't sweat it.
  6. Got the Warspite and already had it and received 6500 doubloons
  7. So since I have spent in excess of $1000 on this game then according to the OP I should be entitled to my frickin sharks with frickin laser beams finally. Make it so Devs.
  8. Bought the 1 crate for $3 and amongst the goodies was the Acasta personal mission. Just luck?
  9. Who have you seen in game

    thanks for the carry in your yammy @VGLance
  10. GET the Kurfurst, ??

    If you liked the FDG then I would get the GK. GK is my most played 10 but.. I am enjoying the Repub more.
  11. Meh

    People said similar things when the RN BBs came out. You adapt and overcome.
  12. * annoying

    I run maximized borderless in game settings and never have an issue
  13. I'm No Team Killer, Am I?

    I think @Pigeon_of_War spends more time pink than green It happens to all of us. Heck the other night I clipped a DD with a single shell from my BB and turned pink even though he did not die.