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  1. Peeps just gonna report. I have gotten reported while playing test boats. No rhyme or reason for it.
  2. World of Torpedos

    Love his How to vids. So entertaining lol. Also another vote for Ducky sounds on torp hits
  3. Very nice game! Though I do not play DDs often, I will never hesitate to play the Fletcher when I feel like playing a DD. It just does everything good and is a fun boat to play.
  4. I guess another temporary solution could be that divmates have to be 1 tier lower than the CV. That would address 2 issues. No one could abuse the MM by having the CV be low tier as well.
  5. Kill a DD in smoke = reported and accused of hacking this morning. ST h@x best h@x. IMO it would be nice to have 22 total that you can use for either.
  6. I approve of this message. Too many times you see try hard divs with a Midway and 2 AA boats which can greatly affect the outcome of the match. Yes they can sync drop but it is not a guarantee to be in same match or same team. Keep in mind that as Pope stated, this is a temp solution proposal until a CV rework.
  7. But WTR is WT not WG. It is a third party who is picking specific stats to calculate their WTR.
  8. PSA: Do not post when Angry

    Or when there is a cold front coming and have to take pain meds. Though playing on pain meds is entertaining for your div mates "here goes Fodder yoloing in again".
  9. April Fools Event Leaked

    Good times. Not affiliated with him but here is Jingles view of original Spacebotes
  10. It is, but you do not see it happening often. Certain forumites would have you believe there was an epidemic whenever they have an issue with something.
  11. This ^ I agree too that if it does not jeopardize the win there should be no issue.
  12. I just took out my Scharn and did it first try (playing solo). Not seeing how this mission is any real challenge. Just don't go too aggressive.