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  1. Fodder4U

    Doubloon Transfer to World of Tanks

    There are no doubloon transfers to other WG titles nor ability to transfer gold from other titles to WOWS
  2. Fodder4U

    Testing New Game Content

    Keep in mind the "community" is not just us here on the NA server. Each server has different play styles and all must be considered also all the data is not made public as well. I am not just talking about the current version but all versions past and future.
  3. Aww why can't we have this when it is warmer out so I can hop on my bike and ride down from Dallas? March is a flakey month weatherwise here but I will try to make it. I drove down to the Lexington let's battle event and had a blast meeting a lot of you.
  4. My truck needs a new master cylinder. Damn WOWS!!!
  5. Fodder4U

    "Soon" Has Left the Arsenal

    Or it could mean it is now "Later"
  6. FTFY
  7. Been rather busy with RL stuff and so much content and botes to test lol. I am trying to be more available.
  8. Fodder4U

    Why don't we have a global map like WoT?

    Been begging for clan wars with a global map ie WOT style for 3 years. Sub Octavian mentioned something about it in an interview about 2ish years ago and nothing has been mentioned since. I personally do not care for CB but lived for CW in WOT. What we have now in CB is like WOT Strongholds which is grindy and random MM. Nothing felt better than going to war with a rival clan and kicking them off the map. Also it made for some great alliances and epic multiple clan WARS.
  9. ^^ This I was one too and really miss my Salem Witch
  10. Fodder4U

    For Doable balance tweaks ASAP

    I agree. I would like to have the old way back to focus a squadron since there are more than 1 CVs in a match. If I am in a ship that is more susceptible to TBs than DBs and there are 2 CVs trying to attack me with one each I would like to focus everything on that TB squadron no matter what side of my ship they are on.
  11. Have to change tactics and not rush to caps right off the bat. Stick with some cruisers for a bit and go together.
  12. Fodder4U

    Loosing stars despite top fraging?

    Kills do not net a lot of XP. % damage to ships and caps are big factors as well. You kill 4 ships at 10% health it will not net you much vs the ship who does 80% of the damage to the same amount of ships and takes a cap.
  13. Fodder4U

    Fav food while playing WOWS

    Tacos, cuz you can eat with one hand and well they are tacos.
  14. Fodder4U

    Div with Supertest ships?

    Different testers, different rules. A good portion can div FYI, just not in same test ships so don't go crazy with support tickets.