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  1. Fodder4U

    First T10 Ship

    Closed Beta it was the Yamato (buddy and I played 30 hours straight to get it and were among the first ones along with Tedster to have it). Yammy was ok back then but was still bugged. The broken turret armor and 343 damage rolls kinda drove ya nuts. Open beta which then went live it was the Senjo/Zao. Again got it within a few days. Loved the Zao. Back when open water stealth firing was a thing it would drive Yamatos absolutely nuts and cause so much rage in chat with the constant fires and not being able to see the ship. So much fun hehehe.
  2. I would say thanks but have been getting 404 error trying to login to main page since yesterday. Cleared my browser and still getting their 404 error page with pretty submarine
  3. That time I dev struck an omaha in my BB. Then the other time I did the same thing or maybe it was the third. All I know it was 1 of the 160 times I dev struck an omaha.
  4. Any CV I do well in is OP. But good points Lert.
  5. Fodder4U

    "G" key is now reserved?

    Too many complaints of weird stuff happening when typing GG in chat?
  6. Fodder4U

    Soviet power

    I assume sharks with fricken laser beams come out of the barrels.
  7. Fodder4U

    Best looking cruiser = Hindy

    155 Mogami IMO
  8. Yeah that must be it as you don't see that stuff happening in randoms. IMO the only thing I would change is when a player goes orange they get a 24 hour game ban then they come back pink and have to do the required amount of coops. But that is just me.
  9. Have not noticed any of this and think current system is fine. They do it enough they get a coop timeout.
  10. Fodder4U

    19 Point Captains - On the Rise

    I stopped counting after 20. I think I have less than 40 but too lazy to count lol. And yes OP they do start to multiply rather quickly.
  11. Fodder4U

    Montana or République?

    I have more fun and do better in the Repub
  12. How about working on the contacts list. Online contacts sort to top. FYI I am almost positive it is a different team that works on ships vs other game mechanics and features so less premium ships do not equate to man power added to other things.
  13. Fodder4U

    Credit Earning Thoughts (HELP)

    Is the Kron still available? It prints credits as good as if not better than MO.