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  1. I am more shocked at seeing more than 2 purples in the match than anything else. Whenever I fire up MMM it is usually me being the only purple on either team and maybe 2-3 greens and the rest reds on both teams.
  2. Fodder4U

    ASLAIN mod pack safe to install?

    It's been doing that for years nothing new.
  3. Fodder4U

    ASLAIN mod pack safe to install?

    It is fine it just trips Windows security. I just install anyways and have been since he start WOT mods
  4. Fodder4U

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    @LittleWhiteMouse I looked and don't see a review on the Brandenburg. Have you done one yet or plan to?
  5. Fodder4U

    How Often have you seen EVERY ship destroyed?

    It's rare but it happens. Just glad in open beta they introduced points to the matches otherwise it would have ended in a draw. IIRC the average draw rate in open beta with no points system was 20% or close to it.
  6. Fodder4U

    Rank Go To Ships

    Scharn for Bronze all day long.
  7. Fodder4U

    Favorite Warships memory.. GO!!!!

    Bastion mode..... My Yamato getting rammed by iChase's Warspite in open beta.
  8. Fodder4U

    CV's Need to go.

    Would rather have current tech tree CVs minus the super ones than have subs. Just sayin
  9. Fodder4U

    Port Selection

  10. Fodder4U

    Port Selection

  11. Fodder4U

    6 Players with 2k in one game

    Very good spread of XP there. I bet there were many 1k-1200+ XPs on the other team as well.
  12. Not happy seeing Super Ships when playing my T9s. At T10 not much of a big deal except for stupid Super CVs.
  13. Recommend ships you can play in operations and ranked. I pretty much only play those now a days except for the odd daily double in randoms.
  14. More t8 and T9 operations please