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  1. Fodder4U

    Do well in CV = INSTANT Neg-Karma

    Did you submit a ticket or PM @Hapa_Fodder here about it?
  2. Fodder4U

    Asymmetric Battle Discussion Thread.

    I like the idea and to me it reminds me of the Salem Witch and Phantom Fortress events years ago (though they could be a big buggy at the time). I would like to see it added at some point as a game mode mixed in with Randoms like Encounter mode. If they could do it where a player can opt out that would be best as not everyone may like it. I think also Bastion needs to be revisited and tweaked and mixed in too.
  3. Fodder4U

    Do WG listen to Supertesters and CCs

    Like Happa and my arguments on who is the REAL Fodder?
  4. Fodder4U

    Hypocrisy of the elite teams

    Interesting, I do not recall us having a CV in any of the CB matches I played in.... Just sayin. Did you run into a Kraken team that had one?
  5. Fodder4U

    Tier 6 CB

    I have enjoyed it very much but do not want to see it every season. Maybe every 4th or 5th season to mix it up. What I like too is that T6 CVs do not influence a battle as much as a T10 one can. You don't HAVE to run a T6 CV to do well.
  6. Fodder4U

    Cant, research next ship

    No you're not wrong. OP is just confused.
  7. Poll is biased. I do not see Easter Island CG line.
  8. Fodder4U

    DD Line?

    Another vote for EU DDs. Yes no smoke, but man are they fun to play.
  9. Fodder4U

    Secrets of Riga

    @Ace_04 I had a rough time with it. The guns no matter what shell type you loaded are so inconsistent. First few battles I averaged 110k damage then I was getting lucky to get 60k. Yes you can bow tank a bit but you are not really doing much to influence the battle. I ended up free XPing the last 40k just to get out of it.
  10. Fodder4U

    Hey WG where are my carrier jets?

    They did. Were pretty quick too. Don't remember if they were removed during OBT or after release.
  11. I ask them 50 questions and while they are typing I shoot them with my test ship.
  12. Fodder4U

    Clarification regarding research points?

    Have to have a win in each with the symbol. Just go into COOP and win a battle in each. The marked tiers pay different amounts of RP adding up to a total of 10k.
  13. Fodder4U

    Nation-specific event missions: not the best idea

    I don't see a problem with it and the Bis would have farmed more potential had he just played normal and lived longer. Not a good example to use.
  14. Fodder4U

    What's your home port?

    I bounce between Ocean and Twitch Prime ports.
  15. Fodder4U

    Some goodies for Twitch prime users

    Had Twitch linked already. Linked Amazon and logged out of game then back in and got everything just fine.