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  1. Fodder4U

    team damage to reset capping team mates

    push them out of cap
  2. Fodder4U

    Black Friday "B Ships" Purchase ? Opinions

    Wonder if they will do the doubloon missions on the regular ships so they end up being free like last year.
  3. Fodder4U

    Aslain's users

    Hmm, I just downloaded it and it took about 45 seconds to DL. Took longer to install than to DL. You sure you are not having issues with ISP or on slow internet?
  4. Fodder4U

    Can't Log In

    Ticket sent with WGCheck report attached. I tried deleting the preferences file and still does the same thing. I think there is something going on with the connection to the server though I have no issues with my internet.
  5. Fodder4U

    Can't Log In

    Have not played in almost 3 weeks and my game is doing something similar. I launch the game and sometimes it will login and start. When I am in my port and try to select a ship the game goes back to the login screen. I checked game integrity and it went through its paces but still having same issue.
  6. Yo Fodder how you going mate. Still playin ?

    1. Fodder4U


      Doing good and how about you? Still playing

    2. Tolos


      doin pretty well. the boy is 3 years old now, buying a new house next month so its all peachy atm. Was gonna pop on floaty boats at the weekend maybe. if I do would be great to catch up again. 

    3. Fodder4U


      I work weekends until 10pm central (4am your time) but am up late so if you are around in the morning I will be available.

  7. Valley rush worked that ONE time on Lakeville.....
  8. Fodder4U

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    This is Abbie my 11yr old 110 lb chocolate lab. Her full name is Abigail Coco Chanel Xena Beals (yes my mom and sister had some input for her name).
  9. Fodder4U

    Problems with Match Maker

    They have 1 more radar boat, that is the only thing I see as an advantage that is MM related but not enough to come to the forum and complain about.
  10. What we did in RELIC is give gold to the offender if someone complained to us about a member. Just sayin..
  11. Forgot which campaign it was but one had a credits earned mission. If you own a MO just spam it over and over again and you will get all the stars needed VERY quickly.
  12. I lost almost 30 karma testing the asashio, and I know CV players get reported often for just playing CVs even when they do well. It happens.
  13. Fodder4U

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Better yet, If the reward ship (say Colbert) is a French one, then make it so we only have to reset the French lines and regrind them to get it. Ohio would require the US lines be reset and completed again etc etc. But all this is a waste of time now since they made this announcement and it is slated for this coming update WG will not change their minds at this point and we are all blowing hot air.
  14. Fodder4U

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Having to regrind 6 lines for a ship is WAY too much. If it was 3 lines I would be on board with it but 6, no way. 10k bonus is a nice gesture if we have 5 tier 10s but not enough. How about 10k bonus for every 5 tier 10s we own? If someone has 15 tier 10s give them 30k bonus.
  15. Which "cash" CVs are you referring to? None of the premiums were removed.