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  1. Fodder4U

    Thanks WG for the Benham buff.

    First beta weekend had friendly rams for full damage (imagine half the teams being dead in first 2 minutes to TKs) never had prem ammo.
  2. Fodder4U

    Armory has turned into the premium shop.

    Also the Armory allows me to use my existing doubs to buy Tone where the Prem Shop doesn't.
  3. Fodder4U

    New soviet cvs good addition for game

    .03 out of 10 for me.
  4. Almost all the FR BBs are my favs. Love the speed and fire power. Repub is my go to ship for solo pubbing.
  5. Fodder4U

    Please fix Carriers

    I am not a CV player and totally agree with this.
  6. Fodder4U

    Discord code

    I don't see a spot in discord to put the code in
  7. Fodder4U

    So wargaming Russian CVs when o.O

    My guess would be when they figure out how to justify putting Foxbats on them.
  8. Fodder4U

    Trouble with new underwater world

    Maybe it will open the the door to expand hydro/sonar functionality or have a new display option to show water depths.
  9. I would be fine with the play it once and no refund policy if they would put these ships on the PT server for us to try first. Also above you mentioned they said the MO would be the only prem T9 ship. That is not true. They said they would not sell any tier 9s or higher period. They said T9s would only be available (at that time) for FXP to prevent new inexperienced players from buying into high tiers.
  10. Ahhh the good ol' days when the Zao rained on Yamatos with impunity and made them rage sooo hard.
  11. Fodder4U

    Elite ships

    No. What it does is make any XP you earn on that ship convertible to Free XP if you choose to spend doubloons to convert it.
  12. Fodder4U

    Update on 21 point Commanders

    Once you get a hand full of them in your most played ships they multiply rather quickly.
  13. Fodder4U

    End of battle reports

    Same here, maybe 1 out of 10 will load.