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  1. What will WG do now?

    TBH this is not "new" news. Heck I think she made the allegations shortly after the movie came out.
  2. Branching out advice?

    Another vote for German BBs here. Very fun line in all to grind. If you want a second line, the RU cruisers are a hoot too.
  3. Rename Supercontiners

    How about "Still much better than the old daily missions" containers
  4. Yeah my HIV commander is 19 points and just got a second 19 point commander in anticipation for the new line. LOL well I guess I will have a spare after I get Jacques-Jean Honoré.
  5. Blacklist ?

    Blacklisting a player prevents them from sending private messages to you while in port. That is all it does.
  6. Watched the new vid and I am sure one of the biggest reasons he didn't get many credits was his potential damage was only 800k. Curious on what the income would have been for same game but with 2mil+ potential damage.
  7. OP you had other reports against you as one div cannot cause a chat ban (trust me I have tried lol).
  8. Campaign Question

    If you like BBs then try German line, it is pretty user friendly and cruisers the RU and IJN lines are pretty friendly as well.
  9. I could post up screenshots from yesterday with 1.4mil, and a few 1.2mil games. Does it happen every game? No, but if you can do 100k+ damage and a few kills then odds are you will take home 1 mil credits.
  10. Hats off to those who rank out. I have tried in the past and just do not have the patience for it.
  11. Noob Missouris

    And next will be the n00b Musashi threads
  12. Strange message mission

    Sometimes old missions pop up long after you complete them. Disregard it as it is a bug. This can happen with current uncompleted missions disappearing too. Just restart the client and they will come back up.
  13. And when the team does not do as you order are you going continue to do what you did in this match? 20180105_005854_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  14. 75k xp mission bugged

    Did you even bother to read this thread before posting? The quote above is from page 3 of this topic. Even Tucci posted about the issue and time when the update will drop with a fix.