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  1. OP do you realize there are 2 different teams of Devs working on ships and maps so there is no one OR the other request needed. It's not like it is one group and each update they work on one or the other.
  2. Enable replays, submit a ticket with replay to support next time you see it happen and done. No need to complain on forums about it.
  3. What I personally find annoying is that I own every tier 10 ship already so why is it even putting rental ships in my port to begin with?
  4. Ditto
  5. Yep first thing I thought of after watching the clip was back to WOT. So many back then trying valley rushes on Lakeville because it worked that ONE time.
  6. The OPs question was in regards to muting a specific player's radio messages, not all.
  7. 100% this. What I try and do is watch my targets for a minute while having torps aimed at them and observe the torp lead indicator and see if I can discern a pattern with the target's movements. If I am in a DD with 2 launchers I will fire one set exactly where the lead indicator is directing and the second set behind the target as when a ship turns it loses speed (like when they go to dodge the first set as it goes by). If I have 3 launchers I will do the same and save the 3rd set and fire them after they have attempted to dodge both previous ones and begin to continue their previous course.
  8. Unfortunately as others have pointed out, no you cannot mute the radio messages. Maybe some day the devs will make it so that when you ignore someone that will include radio messages as well.
  9. Higher yes, faster no. Since I am bad@cv I ground out both lines all the way to 10s in CO-OP. The battles are much faster mostly due to sui-bots.
  10. On one server I am the CO of PEWP (Practicing Everyday Warfare Poorly) and on another I am the CO of DORKS (Dark Order of Renegade Kriegsmarine Ships) I like colorful and goofy clan names and tags
  11. Mind bottling isn't it?
  12. Ships ruin the game (and OP how is this a Forum Issue?) Nuff said. As the holidays approach we will see an uptick in players online too.
  13. I wouldn't mind being able to field 2 BBs but I don't think there should be a limit on cruisers or DDs. Though I am having a lot of fun with current meta too and have had some great fun already including duking it out with you guys.
  14. I would like to thank the CC's and Wiki Editors too. Those ST peeps well I dunno, they seem like trouble.