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  1. Seems like Texas has become a door prize for the first 1,000,000 who enter. So many giveaways and missions not to mention it has been given to those who have not played in a long time as an incentive to fire up the game again too.
  2. Fodder4U

    Top XP in the game on the losing side

    Those are the losses to actually be proud of your performance and screen shot worthy when it happens.
  3. Fodder4U

    Sync Dropping

    Oh look, it is this thread again.... As wombat said usually clan members will focus other clanmates, usually for bragging rights.
  4. https://www.rosettastone.com/lp/ppc/sale/?cid=se-br-gg-sale&iv_=__iv_p_1_a_15481_g_5235515175_c_357987216692_k_rosetta stone_m_e_w_kwd-35245020_n_g_d_c_v__l__t__r_1t1_x__y__f__o__z__i__j__s__e__h_9026821_ii__vi__&gclid=CjwKCAjw6vvoBRBtEiwAZq-T1cGTiI605NM94zqi8cF_-VNzLtNnU7cimoeyJ4FjVCK0ReuyrxJNrxoC4NgQAvD_BwE Would love to hear her speaking English with the Russian accent
  5. Fodder4U

    Old CBT replay

    Before the TB nerf back then you could drop torps almost on top of ships and they would arm in time to hit you. There was almost no escaping a good CV player back then before TB arming nerf.
  6. Noticed the same except I am usually the one being carried to a win having died early lol.
  7. Fodder4U

    These Two Words Will Say It All "I'm Done"

    I guess I am the weird one. Having come to WOWS from WOT this game is NOT grindy at all compared to WOT (the WOT I played 4+ years ago). Only one commander to train vs a crew in WOT. Prem ships that can train any commander from that same nation unlike WOT where only a premium tank of the same class can train a crew member from that class thus requiring multiple premiums of different classes in the same nationality. XP and credits are earned much faster in WOWS vs WOT. WOWS is far less toxic than the WOT I played too.
  8. Fodder4U

    I hope subs come with radar/hydro & smoke

    And 10 knot top speed submerged.
  9. Fodder4U

    What so gunboaty about the ijn gunboat line?

    Higher rate of fire the higher tier you get
  10. Fodder4U

    FIX CV'S

    Yep it cracks me up seeing people complaining about CV spotting yet I guess they forgot how before they could spot almost the entire map all at the same time from various squadrons oh and attack multiple ships at the same time too.
  11. Fodder4U

    FIX CV'S

    You need bigger and bolder print to show them you are super serious.
  12. Fodder4U

    Work in Progress Ships

    Pretty much this. You will see WG staff playing them too and there is one other group I am not at liberty to mention also playing them.
  13. Fodder4U

    Who have you seen in game

    I saw my boss @Gneisenau013 earlier today and he did his best @Pigeon_of_War impersonation and TKed me. At least I got det flags from it. I was told to submit a ticket but restrained myself. Sad thing was I just bought the GA and it was my first game in it lol.
  14. Which I think might be why they are trying tier 8s so more clans and players can participate. The reason for less rewards IMO is to motivate people to get more tier 10s in order to participate in tier 10 CBs for better rewards. Of course if they added a global map (like WOT had/has?) with doubloon rewards that would be the biggest motivator for people to grind to tier 10s.
  15. Oh look, it is this thread..... Again