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  1. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    I make a few errors(especially that snipe attempt in the first video- close range AA from 3 cvs lol), but I think I show off most of the tricks to evading and mitigating AA fire pretty well. There weren't T10's queueing as much now, so this doesn't show off performance against those ships as much, but you can kind of extrapolate from when I'm taking fire from multiple ships what that is like.
  2. Aetreus

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    YY needs to be pretty broadside to avoid AP pen, 25 degree angle minus a bit due to shell arc.
  3. Eh, I mean these weapons were procured in pretty big quantities and long 533mm torps were a core part of the ASW weaponry of the USN postwar destroyers. It's not really ahistorical to fire ASW torpedoes out of these tubes(obvs you would have to make it an in-match switch, being forced to use Mk 35 against ships would be miserable). You can make kind of guesses because she definitely isn't really wearing 1936 equipment. Not with those radars, and B-2-U is late-postwar gear. 46-K quads are kind of 1941 design, 1943-44 service, but V-11 is distinctly later, and didn't really start appearing on Soviet ships until the late 40's and early 50's.
  4. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    Replays probably work, but you'd need to be using the same test client version to view them so it isn't super reliable. I'll see if I can run a video.
  5. The Mark 35, Mark 30, SET-53 are all tube-launched. Minimal refits to give them the equipment to fire ASW torps. Ships that are in-timeframe to get them are T10 destroyers excepting Shimakaze, possibly Khabarovsk(pinning down Khabarovsk's depicted service date is tricky). Some of the T9 destroyers like Fletcher, Jutland, Chung Mu, and I think T8 Hsienyang. The 19" throwers were fairly low-profile as well, I think they replaced the K-guns. All of this is pre-FRAMM, pre-1960.
  6. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    I think that the biggest issue is that AA nonlinearity makes previously weak AA ships and likely low-tier ships a bit too good at AA, which will expose stock and T4-6 CV's to more AA than appropriate as a starting point and with their HP/speed. Making destroyers and ships with poor AA a bit less of a HP piñata for carriers is good. Making a B-hull Fletcher into half of a Montana is probably taking things a little bit too far. WG should also dial in the big AA guns a little. 6" AA is a serious advantage ATM as it usually kills in 1-2 fewer bursts than 5" AA in addition to the extra kilometer of range. Same goes for stuff like the 3"/50RF, the extra damage is huge(halves number of bursts to kill) and I suspect that the nonlinear system doesn't apply to it.
  7. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    And? It's entirely possible that if you threw someone totally new to CV into a Lexington and put them in a T10 game right now, they would get exactly the same sort of result. Especially if they were in a situation where powerful AA ships like Worcester were as common as they are here. Yamato/Zao are the only weak AA T10's here. This is pretty much the equivalent of saying that BB AP is overpowered because if you sit perfectly broadside and don't dodge, a Montana can zap you. Zilla basically sails straight on into walls of flak bursts and unsurprisingly his planes all die. In the current CV meta if you sailed your planes into a Worc and he DFAA'd, your planes would all die in exactly the same way, except there would be no skill mechanic to stop it other than avoiding him. AA can be baited and dodged as long as it's not a huge cluster of ships(and there is a certain element of luck). AA guns place their burst a few seconds ahead of your course- so you can repeatedly zig-zag into gaps to the side and use boost to push their salvo ahead of you when you have a clear space. I've gotten attacks against Worcester in T8 CV and had the same thing done to me, it's not that hard once you have the hang of it. Balancing AA around how the average player performs with only a few days of experience will make CV overpowered. This is exactly what got us into the bind we're in now where CV is still crazy strong even after repeated massive AA buffs and reductions in CV firepower.
  8. Historic guise in terms of T9-T10 ships involves throwers for 19" ASW torps like the Mark 34(which would go around 30-40 kts ingame) and 21" ASW torps like Mark 35 or even 37. That would end most subs pretty nicely if they get within 1-2km to trigger their guidance systems. Similar weapons were available to the UK and USSR- Mark 20 and 30, SET-53. There's also much more potent ASW rocket systems like RBU-2500 at the edge of the timeframe. Germans will have to search deep within the archives to find something useful. I guess Japan and Italy will have to either beg off the USN or accept they didn't do this sort of development in timeframe.
  9. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    You can already do this but the coefficients involved aren't very well tuned right now.
  10. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    There's too many placeholder assets and naming inconsistencies for that to be the case. Fixing that sort of stuff up would take us into 2019 easily with the need to QC everything. There's not even any evidence that WG has finalized the odd CV tiers as well. Again, it's really a practice and skill things. I honestly thing AA should be pushed up a notch from here, it's still too possible for a skilled CV to attack uptiered powerful AA ships. Possibly WG should change how much nonlinearity is in the AA system- it might be a bit too much ATM.
  11. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    The economy bugs were fixed by day 2-3. The bigger issue is that we have sound bugs and I think slowdown bugs as well. There's also an occasional carrier state bug that's still creeping around.
  12. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    It's not really a stock/upgrade thing, though stock planes make it a lot harder. I've fought Midways that couldn't do it and Shokaku's that reliably could. The point is that ATM everyone is relatively new to carriers, so any balancing decisions should be aware of the reality that what is an exceptional performance now will become very average in the future.
  13. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    I think we need to be very careful about how AA and CV firepower is balanced. I found it relatively easy to punch my strikes past even powerful AA ships and enemy carriers once I'd practiced how to do it, and I've seen other CV drivers do the same against me.
  14. I'd second this, primarily because we shouldn't have the large cruiser playstyle locked entirely behind premium ships. I don't think there's anyone other than the USN which designed enough 10-12" gunned cruisers to make a line branch out of.
  15. Aetreus

    CV Rework Feedback

    Honestly I've been able to push through it without too much of a hard time. The main thing is how punishing it is especially with the low HP on the stock planes. 2-3 bursts and your planes are done.