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  1. The reality is that without CV's, your naval power projection is a [edited]joke. Subs can do crap-all against MPA and even heliborne ASW. AAW warships are not all that much better due to the horizon(there are ways around this, but they involve, surprise surprise, aircraft). So if you don't have fighters to control or at least contest the air, your naval force can't do anything outside of your own waters. Which is okay, I guess, if you don't have ambitions outside of that. If you're the USA or China, you want something more than a navy to defend your own holdings.
  2. It has 1.9 sigma so even at ranges where it's base dispersion isn't that much better or slightly worse than conventional lines, it can still hit crap. Iowa/Montana have 1.9 and can hit pretty consistently. Bad dispersion is relative- just because it has less than other lines doesn't mean it's not better at 15km than others at 20km.
  3. Aetreus

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    Doesn't want a line that is paper-> Asks for line that will be paper for every ship starting at Tiers VII or VIII(depending how much you like the Admiral and Mackensen classes).
  4. Aetreus

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    I wouldn't count the VMF out too much on that front. Certainly the post '45 VMF was on a huge building spree and ships like Stalingrad, Moskva, and Kremlin(silly name, probably would have gotten a republic's name) had a very real shot of being built. Probably moreso than any IJN CL past Mogami, the IJN not being a believer in the 6" armed cruiser.
  5. Aetreus

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    Implying IJN CL wouldn't be 40-60% paper as well. You basically have Agano, Oyodo, Mogami(155) and that's it. And Agano/Oyodo have such similar firepower it's hard to see how they don't land in the same tier.
  6. Aetreus

    Venezia secondaries are interesting

    Why? They're not very damaging guns, require IFHE to deal damage to any ship in their tier range, and there aren't actually that many guns and firing rate. If you want a secondary CA, there's Moskva. She has 6.5km base range, and 8 Grozovoi guns stuck on her centerline.
  7. Aetreus

    Russian Cruiser Line Split Ideas

    I already proposed something like this. I'd say to keep the 180mm cruisers in their own line, add a few more between Kirov and Donskoi, and give the VIII and IX ones 1/5 HE pen so they can handle standard BB plating. The alternate line would then have a new IX and X cruiser with 152mm guns. There's designs for high-ROF DP guns so it would be as easy as Minotaur/Worcester to make ships with them.
  8. I think people complaining about the 25mm gun are going a little bit too far. It wasn't a good gun but at the same time it isn't as bad as its reputation. The sustained RoF is low but on the flip side firing opportunities for AA guns were always short. More to the point comparing it to the 40mm Bofors is really unfair as that was almost inarguably the best AA weapon in the world at the time and also significantly newer. Most nations did not have access to similarly capable weapons, or even weapons that compared to the 25mm fully. The RN relied for the vast majority of the war on the 40mm pom-pom, which is worse in basically every way than the 25mm, with a slow rate of fire, miserably short range, and available only on heavy multiple mounts which limited the numbers that could be fitted especially on small warships. Only late in the war did they start fitting Bofors mounts to new ships and sometimes refitting them to existing ships. The KM and MN started the war with semi-automatic 37mm guns as their main heavy AA weaponry. The MN was kicked out of the war, and a few of their ships got USN refits later on. The KM eventually refitted limited numbers of Bofors mounts, but only late in the war and only on a few ships in limited numbers. The 37mm guns were fitted only very late(1944-1945) and again only on some ships. The RM and VMF had probably the best AA guns as weapons at the outset of hostilities, the 37mm/54 M1932 and 37mm/67 70-K. The issue was that these weapons had poor mountings, especially the RM gun was very difficult to mount in any significant numbers. The single 37mm gun mounts that were most common during the war were also pretty poor, and the VMF wasn't exactly a huge combatant navy during the period. Also, special mention to the USN 28mm, which was like the extra-[edited] version of the 40mm pom-pom. At least that threw a heavy shell to make up for the weighty mount, the 28mm was just bad all-round and the US was smart to find the Bofors, invest the resources to mass produce it, and never look back. Basically, the 25mm was automatic, it had longer range than 20mm guns, it was light enough to be fitted anywhere on a ship, and the Japanese could and did produce it in huge numbers and stick it on everything that floated. In WWII, that's actually a huge step above the AA of most nations especially before 1944-45.
  9. Historicity has nothing to do with good design. Good design deals with making game modes that are fun to play and reasonably fair, along with maps that don't allow for cheese and balancing choices so they're actually interesting. "More content" is all the other game can really offer, I've never really seen the faintest inklings of good design in there. Like, as much as WoWS has a problem with the content mill being how they keep player numbers up, the other game has it infinitely worse. Designing your game around those of others is a sure way to fail. WoWS has its own identity and is reasonably competent in executing it. I won't pretend it's without flaws but I think it's genuinely pretty good. HP mechanics are way better than module mechanics, which is why despite technically being a module mechanics game, WoWS uses HP as its primary survivability mechanic. It's easier to balance around, as outcomes are less variable, and it's more engaging to play with as that same predictability makes it possible to plan how much damage you're likely to take. Module-based survivability results in stochastic outcomes which while realistic are hard to plan around at the individual level and even small details can have big influence in balancing. It's a mechanic that maybe is suitable for an operational or tactics game, but not to a single-vehicle action game.
  10. I wouldn't play the other game's ships and tanks if this game didn't exist. It's just legit bad over there, on planes a non-HP model works but on tanks and ships it's frankly miserable. And they couldn't design their way out of a paper bag and seem like the only thing they know how to do is introduce more and more content at higher levels to try and keep the influencer's going.
  11. Aetreus

    Puerto Rico Dispersion

    Generally, the accuracy figure of merit is dispersion at range / sigma. For Alaska, it's 84 meters @ 15km, for PR it's 95 meters at the same range. This isn't quite true due to the clamping making having a small dispersion with lower sigma better than a large dispersion and a high sigma, but it's mostly correct.
  12. Aetreus

    Venezia, F11 WG

    I suspect that the issue is at VII, likely they had a hard time making a ship fit into that tier and it was easier to drop the other ships down and build a fantasy Tier X than to fill the gap. There is nothing to stop Brindisi with 4 rpm from being a tier X ship.
  13. IFHE Burger isn't that crazy, 80mm armor pen does cover a fairly decent selection of ships. VMF battleships, but also high-tier IJN battleships and certain sections of KM battleships have plating that falls between 50 and 80mm.
  14. Aetreus

    My thoughts on Italian Cruisers

    Myoko gets a cool 500 bonus HE damage and 3% fire chance for being an IJN ship, on top of her 10 guns. None of the other CA's get a comparable boost to their HE shell damage, Myoko would need a 12 second reload if she had 2800 HE damage to keep her DPM.
  15. Okay, so you keep getting hung up on rounding. There is no rounding in the game. The value ingame is actually stored as a floating-point number. The value given in the port UI is generated by the UI itself, to give you the value of the thickest whole-mm plate the round will pen. It's not really floored or rounded, because for instance 22mm pen on a shell will correctly give 21mm as the thickest plate the shell can pen. What the Wiki should say is that shells normally have 1/6 or 1/4 pen rounded to the nearest whole number, but that this isn't necessarily true(there is nothing to say that WG might one day give us another ship with a totally arbitrary HE pen value). IFHE multiplies this by 1.3, no rounding applied, and the round pens every plate thinner than the result. This is mostly the same as always round up, but if WG changes it so that equaling the HE pen results in a pen(which they've considered) it will no longer be. Or if they introduce fractional mm plates, but hopefully that doesn't happen.