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  1. Aetreus

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    The issue I have isn't that they're paper ships, but that they're uninteresting and low-effort paper ships. I suspect that Kansas/Minnesota are actually both SD1920 but with two uninspired and both wrong guns to differentiate them. Getting a Tillman like Vermont is also goofy because the Tillmans are so polarized towards firepower, and that polarization has been allowed to color the whole line. People talk about the stats improving in testing and I certainly hope they do, but what people aren't getting is that the awful stats they've gotten are reflective of the issues the ships pose to balance and that likely some aspect of that will always hover over them. They all have extremely high salvo weight for their tier. It's simply not possible to give them good gun handling or fire rate without making them a nightmare to deal with, they have to be relatively weak in both. The low speed is also a carry-on from that, you can't have high salvo weight with good speed or they will dominate simply by closing in. Basically you have ships which are over-gunned, which results in a bunch of balance compromises to reign in that firepower, which is going to result in ships that aren't fun to play, given that gun handling and speed are the main places you can soft-nerf a ship. This was why I've always opposed schemes involving ships like these, because they always represented ships that would either be OP or unfun and possibly both. WG is normally better at building lines that aren't going to be unbalancable so IDK why they biffed it so hard with these ships.
  2. Aetreus

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    As much as I hate the line we've gotten, I hate this concept even more, particularly because it comes up so much. A line of clones is bad. We don't need an entire line of ships that are near-identical to the ships next to them in the tech tree. Adding a bunch of gimmicks that in the case of USN premium BB's, just serve to make them overpowered, does not fix anything. A line split should have ships that are different from the existing ships, and at least these ships actually do that instead of being "what if the USN line but again?" Like would you be interested in "What if the IJN DD line but again"? Even with the split there's probably enough sub-classes to make that happen.
  3. Aetreus

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    I mean I would be even more seriously opposed to a line of the BB's not already in the USN line, as it would inevitably be a line of clones. There are plenty of interesting USN paper ships, just not these ones.
  4. Aetreus

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    It wouldn't be out of the question but I would expect a long wait. This is almost as uninspired as having a line of clones.
  5. I mean before this she was pretty much just stupidly OP and an example of why players should never be trusted to design ships. You had a ship that was pretty much "better Kleber" with similar speed, more gun firepower, and torpedoes useful at long ranges, all in one platform.
  6. Aetreus

    ST 0.9.6, new ships

    Why would you want any of these ships? Juneau is just Flint but with worse gun arcs and no torpedoes. Northampton is Indianapolis with less armor. Fargo and Oregon city are Cleveland and Baltimore but with the superstructure moved around. Pensacola with torps is the only mildly interesting ship here, but I fail to see how adding torpedoes to Pensacola offers the ship any utility.
  7. Aetreus

    GRAF ZEPPELIN Ta 152 C-1 with Rockets?

    I mean, WG had to go through the effort to model and put the J5N on Hakuryu, so I think they might actually have something about them. They could easily have kept the Myrt/Wakusei setup that Hakuryu had previously but didn't for some reason.
  8. Aetreus

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    Download ID's aren't some sort of conspiracy. This is where Windows wants applications to put all their configuration data, saves, anything they expect to modify during use. These folders are hidden by default because normally what applications will put in there is not user-comprehensible data. Program files is visible down to history and convention, but Windows really doesn't want an application to be mucking around there and by default it requires elevation to access. There's good security reasons for that too. You need elevation to install things. See above, if a program is going to install itself to program files, which it should to get the protections that folder provides, it has to gain elevation in order to install there. By the way, do you have "always notify" for UAC set? You can sometimes install things without getting a UAC elevation prompt without it, but you don't really have security without that setting.
  9. Aetreus

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    How is this supposed to impress me? Neither of those is really security or surveillance related, and the real issue I have is with what you've said anyways. If you want to be taken seriously don't say things that make it clear you shouldn't be.
  10. Aetreus

    A painful reminder that WGC's to come ...

    As a user you're free to decide whatever you want, but you're not free to demand that others accept your terms for doing business. Frankly, wth do you do that is so secretive and if you're concerned about it why do you run the game? You realize that the game has a constant link with WG's servers and could easily vacuum up lots of data had it the slightest inclination. For that matter so could the current launcher. Actually I'd bet good money that the game client actually does report your system specs as part of normal telemetry and identifying itself to the server. If you really want to know what is in the spooky encrypted file, figure out how to break into it. It's running on a system you control and it's basically impossible for WG to secure the contents of it against your knowledge. The data in it lives in memory at some stage and with some work should be entirely visible to you. Probably stubs for interoperability between the game and WGC. Deploying a single image of the game to all clients regardless of launcher/WGC is the right to ensure that people's installs are as similar as possible. Frankly, you come off as a tech-ignorant individual who is paranoid about all the spooky stuff they see digging around in files they frankly have no business trying to understand. Every once in awhile people make this huge blowup about telemetry despite basically all commercial software having telemetry and with few exceptions it being for entirely innocuous purposes.
  11. Aetreus

    CV rockets need a nerf

    Yes, they were. Rockets need a stable approach to get the reticle down, that means that a DD has a few seconds to alter their course. OFC carrier players know to predict DD turning but the point stands. Sure, but squads do recall. And again, 10 seconds to turn around and strike again is not practical even then. Midway has a normal speed of 173 kts and a speed at full brakes of 143 kts. That translates to ingame speeds of 365 and 440 m/s respectively. If we say the Midway has a turning radius of 2km and requires 2km of run-up before an attack, the soonest possible time required for a 180 degree turn and 2km run-up is 17.7 seconds. Practically it's likely to be more as you need more than 2km of run-up for a reliable attack and the DD is unlikely to give you a perfect 180 into attack. No it isn't. It's a non-argument, it has no real weight on the points at issue and is purely to try and attack the other participant and to embiggen your ego. EDIT: I tested this in a training room, against a static target with TT rockets I was able to do it in essentially 17 seconds from first shot to second. I could probably have dropped that slightly via better boost usage, my guess is that the turning radius is tighter than my guess. The rocket settle time is longer though, settle indicator was at 2.28km during brake and 2.6km at normal speed.
  12. Yeah, one of the things that WoWS and almost any game, including most hardcore sims, ignore is the amount of time it actually takes for crews to react to a changing battlefield. Anything happening in a warship requires that the spotters notice something, then convey it up the chain to the command staff, who have to evaluate this as important and pass on orders to the crew responsible for actually changing course/targets/etc, whereupon the hard factors that WoWS does actually represent to some degree start mattering. Navies trained as much as possible in an effort to make all of this take less time, but ultimately there is only so much that can be done to coordinate the actions of hundreds of people quickly.
  13. Realistically, your battleship would be highly vulnerable to cruiser AP and even small-caliber HE. Most battleships designed for WWII carried no armor outside of their machinery, magazines, and turrets, making them easily damaged by any weapon carried afloat. Massed 8" and 5" fire could quickly render a battleship incapable of returning fire, its upperworks and hull ablaze and forced to revert to turret control which was to aloft directors. Battleships depended on their ability to outrange smaller guns and their own secondaries to destroy or dissuade ships that approached within effective range. Practically the utility of the battleship was declining by WWII, advances in fire control and gun/shell design meant that it was less and less possible to hold cruisers and destroyers outside of range.
  14. There's really no need for it to be tied at all to the consumable. Just have it be essentially a third weapons type bound to the 3/4 key. Probably you would need to put a very restrictive max vision range and health on the planes to stop them from being effective as a scout, though even if it could scout I'd bet it wouldn't be very effective to take your ship out of the fight at length and leave it uncontrollable.
  15. Aetreus

    Bagration/Ochakov question

    The AP is really good. But I would say that this is in many ways all Bagration really has. The turret arcs are atrocious. The ship is pretty easy to damage overall, the and the DPM output of both HE and AP is fairly low so you are depending on those AP cits to make it up. It does have heal to keep it in the fight somewhat longer but it lacks the utility of radar and is visible at long range. The agility is leaden, but the ship is not fast.