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  1. Patsky

    Prinz campaign

    Thanks alot! I didn't know that
  2. Patsky

    Prinz campaign

    I'm in the last stretch with the Normandie, and I'm not the best with it....I will keep grinding but might not be able to get the last permacamo...anyway...
  3. Patsky

    How should I learn to play DDs

    I'm still experiencing which class and which nation I prefer to play...mostly Russian DDs, Inj CA and French/English BB, I enjoy both for different reasons....I'm quite exited by the Russian bbs
  4. Patsky

    Canadian Ships?

    We had some cruisers too, Rainbow (Apollo class), Aurora (Arethusa Class), Niobe (Diadem Class), Uganda (Crown Colony Class), Ontario (Minotaur Class). But Canada mostly built Corvettes and Frigates, and the weapons on these are so light, it makes them irrelevant in game, even if we had tons of them...
  5. yup... 5 crates and nothing... flags and camos...
  6. This coupon is a curse! . On one side, I don't really need premium ships, the only one I will surely buy is the dreadnought. On the other side, it's 30% off... I actually want eventually, the Canadian camo for my Haida and maybe some premium time? I don't know think there is a cart, so I have to buy both separate? The packs with premium and doubloons aren't on sale!
  7. Patsky

    How should I learn to play DDs

    I've been enjoying Russian DDs in the last days. I'm at tier 3 now (Derzkie?) And I easily can get 3 or 4 kills against bots without putting my teammates in harm's way, which means using those torpedoes efficiently unlike others who launch whenever they want without taking a look at the map first. I guess bots are eventually predictable... Now I need to watch other videos of how to sneak in and use smoke properly! I might try some low tier random battles
  8. Patsky

    Stan Lee is dead, aged 95.

    Wow... That's quite a shock... May he rest in peace...
  9. Patsky

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    It does help when you get focussed to pop smoke and run away, but if you try to sneak in, you'll be late to the fight, it would be viable if the bots would actually retreat when they were too much under fire...but well... They are bots! Their modo is more like seek and destroy...(or be destroyed in their case) 🤣
  10. Patsky

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    I do enjoy playing coops right now, I'm not very good PvP player, so I've been told. I try to do my best, but at one point, being flamed by people hiding behind their computers fed me up. I do try to train on PvE, specially with DD, but when you try to avoid being spotted and the rest of the players just rush the bots, you end up having some spots points and sometime captures, while the others just shoot the hell down on the bots.. I do try PvP from time to time, and sometime I do good, and sometime, when I do bad, people stays polite! But after a long day of work, you want to blow some steam of, and one smarthat just ruin it all, So I mostly stay on the coop side... Bots aren't too bad, but when I play a little game before going to work, and I end up alone with 7 bots, that's when you see that they behave poorly... DD's just go for the cap, pull the smoke and continue forward, to get wrecked by the Cruisers. They often shoot each other's in the same team... Not a glorious moment..
  11. Patsky

    How should I learn to play DDs

    Just started to play DD as well...seems like a good time with the RN coming in... Tried the PA line, mostly in coop mode so I don't piss off too much people and had mixed results... After checking some videos, I decided to try German, which are mostly located between IJN and USN? Most videos I've seen are older and don't include RN or PA... Even RUS are somewhat sided a bit I think the best way is to try them all and figure out which one I like, but I would prefer something more balanced... Not bad at gunning, but decent torpedoes as well.... The problem at lower tier is I find they all basically play the same?
  12. Patsky


    Thanks Radar!